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Six remain in the race to be the Ultimate Tipping Champion news

Six remain in the race to be the Ultimate Tipping Champion

Perth Turf Talk | Metropolitan Racing | 2 days ago

After 8 weeks of eliminations we close in on the semi finals where oddly six remain. After some qualifiers failed to enter their selections, six will battle it out with a chance of rebirth this wee...

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User frenc11

frenc11 28 Aug | Posts: 63

don't blame Pins, he's only been in the dock for 5 minutes.but, as u say SS PR is floundering, and even the lifeboats have holes. YES you do. Since he has been on. nearly 2 years, the club is still running at a loss and have dived into the sale proceeds so ...

User VillageKid

VillageKid 28 Aug | Posts: 453

Is it Ross Cooper Riders?

User Ridersonthestorm33

Ridersonthestorm33 28 Aug | Posts: 1599

Very good the photo of Detonator coming back to scale. Just looking at the crowd in the background what's interesting too is the crowd...mostly 40-50 year olds and a few in there 30s..that's the age bracket that racing has lost on course.It hasn't so much lost...

User Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh 28 Aug | Posts: 1750

Gws out in straight sets I'll go the other way, I think they win it. To me they are the best balanced team, good tall backs and running/rebounding small defenders. Good inside mids and outside mids/run amd carry mids. Good tall forwards/small forwards....

User paraletic

paraletic 28 Aug | Posts: 1753

Gws out in straight sets

User tony

tony 28 Aug | Posts: 1354

First week of finals starting Tursday 8thEagles v Bulldogs  Domain Stadium Thursday 6.10pmHawthorn v Cats MCG Friday 7.50Sydney v GWS ANZ Saturday 3.20Adelaide v NM Adelaide Oval Saturday 7.40

User The Diva

The Diva 28 Aug | Posts: 8807

Great send off for pav, well done freo! Put my club to shame.

User Ridersonthestorm33

Ridersonthestorm33 28 Aug | Posts: 1599

You hit the nail on the head @Blacks A Fake. First year taken notice of the NRL and wasn't dissapointed. An even 16 team competition. Was genuinely surprised how good it was .

User Blast07

Blast07 28 Aug | Posts: 6

Thanks Piston! Thats very helpful! Great image too!Does anyone know much about La Trice? Again, considering theres a race named after this mare, this is very little information about her. Cheers everyone!

User Thelatest

Thelatest 28 Aug | Posts: 3

Funny how the same building company that was used to update the members floor etc. and cost us over $6m was then used to do his little pub in Maylands. Sounds again like Sir Ted winning the race book tender again for another few years