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TucoolTucool    126 posts
edited November -1 West Australian Racing
I hear the old boy has run his last race and is heading for the retirement
Well done old fella :abeer:


  • I thought/heard he was going to Vic for a jumping career
  • thefalconthefalcon    17,012 posts
    if you've heard it piston, it must be gospel.
    you must have a network of spies all over the belmont/ascot area. :shock:
  • ChrisChris    4,443 posts
    A jumping career... never raced past 1600?
  • rot8inrot8in    1,881 posts
    got offered a 50% share in it 3 weeks before it last win...I bet Rons smiling
  • joneseejonesee    715 posts

    A jumping career... never raced past 1600?

    ran about 2500 metres last saturday :!:
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