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squid69squid69    1,358 posts
edited October 2013 The Blackbook

Follow this one up, she blew the start too, haven't seen the stewards report, ended up at the back, made up very good ground.


  • Raff_2000Raff_2000    802 posts
    edited October 2013
    Very wise idea Squid. Brad P suggested she raced greenly and was 'field shy' at the start, but was more true in her action from the 600 onwards and made up good ground from there on in.

    To say she would have derived great benefit from the run would be an understatement I would have thought. I vaguely remember watching her mum race some 7 or 8 years ago. 'The Westerly Win' was no superstar, but she did win 5 out of 18 career starts and was quite a speedy customer too.

    The horses trainer in Derek Jones is a really nice guy too. Best wishes with the Horse Derek, you deserve any racing success that you have with her ;)

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  • thefalconthefalcon    15,463 posts
    what was that pretty good one derek had some years ago??
  • Raff_2000Raff_2000    802 posts
    Henry De Horse Falc ;)
  • LuckyLongshotsLuckyLongshots    4,259 posts
    Bump....another nice blackbooker that has gone on with it!
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