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  • GrantyGranty    32 posts
    Dustin Johnson $3.60
    Brooks Keopka $151
  • PAULPAUL    2,665 posts

    -4 D.Johnson, Landry*
    -3 Westwood*
    -2 Garcia, Lowry*, Piercy
    -1 Furyk (17), Lee*, Scheffler*, Streelman*, Sullivan, Summerhays, B.Watson*
    EVEN Scott (15)
    +1 Z.Johnson*, Leishman*, Oosthuizen (15)
    +2 Spieth*
    +3 Grace (17), Kaymer*
    +5 Cabrera (17), Day (15), Willett*
    +6 Donald*, Fowler*, A.Price*, Rose (16), C.Smith
    +7 McIlroy*, Mickelson (16), Ogilvy
    +17 Bowditch
  • PAULPAUL    2,665 posts
    edited June 2016

    -5 Lowry (14)
    -3 Landry (13)
    -2 Westwood (15), Garcia (14), D.Johnson (13)
    -1 Grace
    E Piercy
    +1 Day, DeChambeau, Z.Johnson (17), Summerhays (14)
    Other Major Winners/Australians
    +2 Scott (17)
    +3 Schwartzel, Oosthuizen (15)
    +4 Spieth, Furyk (14), Kaymer (13)
    +5 C.Smith (16)
    +6 Koepka*, Cabrera (16)
    +7 Watson, Leishman (17)
    +8 Willett

    Looks like there's a good chance of another first time major winner, who did we think will get the job done?
  • hashhash    7,495 posts
    edited June 2016
    Any golf experts out there?
    I have no idea how it works but If Grace has finished his (final) round and is at 1 under and the other guys are 2,3,5 under does that mean he can't overtake them to win!??
    Would it take the 5 players ahead of him to drop shots and make bogeys to fall under -1 (or even) to lose it and make him the winner?
    I can't understand why he's still paying $10 to win yet there are a few players still to finish their 18 holes that are -2 etc
  • NevershowsurpriseNevershowsurprise    995 posts
    Nobody has finished their final round Hash, some players still yet to finish their 3rd round.
  • PAULPAUL    2,665 posts
    edited June 2016
    Still one round left to go @hash, it's only the end of the 3rd round.
  • hashhash    7,495 posts
    edited June 2016
    Fucckk sake I thought this morning was the final round! I've layed Grace back at 10/1 after backing him at 60/1 for $20....
    He's almost a moral to win it now
    I've now backed Garcia and Westwood, Dustin Johnson is now my best result
  • PAULPAUL    2,665 posts
    3rd round just completed.

    -7 Lowry
    -3 D.Johnson, Landry
    -2 Westwood, Summerhays
    -1 Grace
    E Piercy, Garcia
    +1 Day, DeChambeau, Z.Johnson
  • hashhash    7,495 posts
    edited June 2016
    Only change is Lowry has pulled away from the pack ~X(
  • PAULPAUL    2,665 posts
    edited June 2016
    hash said:

    Dustin Johnson is now my best result

    It all worked out alright for you in the end. A three shot win for Johnson.

    -4 D.Johnson
    -1 Furyk, Piercy, Lowry
    E Garcia, Grace
    +1 Na
    +2 Day, Dufner, Z.Johnson, Summerhays

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  • JordanJordan    1,827 posts
    Great result for DJ well deserved what a 2nd shot up the last Wow !!
  • PAULPAUL    2,665 posts
    edited June 2016
    He had certainly been threatening to win a major for a couple of years now. I had tipped him to win one last year, especially on the US Open courses which are generally longer, so I'm glad he finally got up today.

    Dustin Johnson
    - 5th player to win in the last 100 years after being runner-up the year before
    - 8th straight year with a PGA Tour win and the 9th career PGA Tour title
    - 3rd year in a row he has finished in the top-5 in US Open
    - Finished in the top-7 in 5 of the past 6 majors
  • PAULPAUL    2,665 posts
    PAUL said:

    8th straight year with a PGA Tour win and the 9th career PGA Tour title

    Correction, that wasn't taking into account today's win, now it's 9 straight seasons with a win (note the PGA seasons are now split over two years finishing in September, so whilst he didn't win in the year 2014, he did win in the 2013/14 season in November 2013), he now has 10 career PGA Tour wins.
  • PAULPAUL    2,665 posts

    1 Day 13.36
    2 Spieth 11.13
    3 D.Johnson 9.64
    4 McIlroy 9.38
    5 Watson 7.41
    6 Fowler 6.98
    7 Stenson 6.70
    8 Scott 6.70
    9 Willett 6.52
    10 Rose 5.55
    11 Grace 5.39
    12 Garcia 5.31
    582 Woods 0.26
  • PAULPAUL    2,665 posts
    edited July 2016
    What a final day shootout between Stenson and Mickelson. Stenson's score (-20) equals Day's ('15 PGA at Whistling Straits) as the lowest score under par to win a major. The way those two were playing, it was like they were on a different course to everyone else, reminiscent of when Tiger had his big major wins ('97 Masters, 12 shots; '00 US Open at Pebble Beach, 15 shots).

    Mickelson's score of (-17) equalled the second lowest score under par not to win a major. Bob May shot -18 to tie Tiger Woods ('00 PGA at Valhalla) but lost in the playoff. Spieth ('15 PGA at Whistling Straits) and Montgomerie ('95 PGA at Riveria) also shot -17 in majors and didn't win.

  • spinkingspinking    3,776 posts
    stayed up last night and watched the final round , thought I was watching hell boy the movie every time Andrew THE beef Johnston was taking a shot looked very similar on some angles
  • JordanJordan    1,827 posts
    Backed Stenson in last years Open and didnt follow up this year even after telling my mate that i think he is playing very good golf at the moment :( That was some final round between Mickleson and Stenson you cant play much better golf then that was brilliant to watch
  • PAULPAUL    2,665 posts
    edited July 2016
    The final major of the year, PGA Championship from Baltusrol, New Jersey begins tonight.

    OUTRIGHT WINNER (Guide via TABtouch)
    $9 D.Johnson
    $10 Day ('15 winner), McIlroy ('12 & '14 winner)
    $15 Spieth ('15 runner-up), Stenson ('13 & '14 third)
    $21 Mickelson ('05 winner)
    $26 Garcia ('99 & '08 runner-up)
    $29 Scott ('06 third)
    $34 Fowler ('14 third), Rose ('12 third)
    $41 Grace ('15 third), Kuchar, Watson ('10 runner-up)
  • PAULPAUL    2,665 posts
    edited September 2016
    Amazing to think how much prize money there is in golf, if you are good at it. Rory McIlroy won $US11.5 million ($AUS 14.97 million) on the weekend by winning the Tour championship at East Lake Country Club. $1.5M for winning the tournament and $10M for winning the FedExCup.  That win moves him up to 18th in the all-time career PGATour money list.

    (not including FedExCup bonuses)
    1 Tiger Woods $110.0M
    2 Phil Mickleson $81.4M
    3 Vijay Singh $70.5M
    4 Jim Furyk $67.1M
    5 Ernie Els $48.7M
    6 Adam Scott $45.1M
    7 Davis Love III $44.2M
    8 Sergio Garcia $43.6M
    9 Steve Stricker $42.3M
    10 David Toms $41.8M
    Other Australians in Top 100
    16 Jason Day $35.0M
    28 Geoff Ogilvy $29.4M
    29 Stuart Appleby $29.4M
    33 Robert Allenby $27.4M
    53 John Senden $21.2M
    66 Aaron Baddeley $19.0M
    90 Steve Elkington $15.5M
    Others/Hall of Famers  
    102 Greg Norman $14.4M
    143 Tom Watson $11.0M
    260 Jack Nicklaus $5.7M
    327 Lee Trevino $3.4M
    409 Arnold Palmer $1.8M
    414 Gary Player $1.8M
  • PAULPAUL    2,665 posts
    Looks like it is Spieth v Kuchar for The Open championship this year, unless someone else can shoot a really low round tonight, like Branden Grace did yesterday, a 8-under 62 (record lowest round ever in a Major, in relation to total strokes, not strokes under par).

    LEADERBOARD after 54 holes
    -11 Spieth
    -8 Kuchar
    -5 Koepka, Connelly
    -4 Grace, Matsuyama
    -3 D.Johnson, Stenson, Kim, Cabrera-Bello
    -2 Poulter, McIlroy, Fisher, Ramsay
    EVEN Hend, Day
    +1 Leishman
    +3 Dodt, Scott
    +7 Baddeley
    MC Bland, Griffin, Smith, Hall, McCarthy
  • PAULPAUL    2,665 posts
    edited July 2017
    Spieth wins The Open championship, his third major championship, by three strokes.

    -12 Spieth
    -9 Kuchar
    -6 Li
    -5 McIlroy, Cabrera-Bello
    -4 Leishman, Noren, Grace, Koepka, Southgate
    -3 Casey, Kim, Stenson
    Other Australians
    EVEN Scott
    +1 Baddeley, Day
    +3 Dodt
    +4 Hend

    Spieth becomes the third current player to have now won three out of the four majors, gets his first chance to complete the set next month at the PGA championship.

    GRAND SLAM WINNERS (have won all 4 majors)
    Nicklaus, Woods, Hogan, Player, Sarazen

    WINNERS OF 3/4 MAJORS (current players)
    McIlroy (hasn't won The Masters)
    Mickelson (hasn't won US Open)
    Spieth (hasn't won PGA Championship)

    Walter Hagen, Jim Barnes, Lee Trevino, Tommy Armour, Sam Snead, Harold Hilton, Bryon Nelson, Ray Floyd, Tom Watson and Arnold Palmer.
  • detonatordetonator    4,368 posts
    Took the $2.50 Speith at the halfway mark.
    Wouldn't want to sit through a final round like that again. 5 hours of torture. X_X
  • TiversTivers    7,720 posts
    edited November 2018
    Just watched the first windie I've ever seen in professional golf...............
    (shaft snapped mid swing)
  • SandgroperSandgroper    11 posts
    Unsure if this is the most up-to-date thread for my comment, but here goes anyway. Over recent times I've had lots of problems with TabTouch & their golf betting. Like, golfers in top section of play not included in the market, non-payout of winning bets that I've had to chase-up with TabTouch, voiding of bets I've made where their market guru has given very very generous odds,  inconsistent tournament coverage & inconsistent round by round coverage. Today's effort takes the cake. Winning bets on Webb Simpson paid at half value. e.g. $20 should pay, $10 paid. Fixed now after yet another complaint to TabTouch. No reason given yet, they seldom get back to me anyway. Maybe they thought it was a dead-heat! LOL
  • PaddyPaddy    2 posts
    Similar experiences TT golf betting for me Sandgroper. When I have a golf bet now, I try to invest elsewhere. FYI In a lot of cases TT looks to be using the same sports bookie/s that BetEasy do. At least BE allow small punters to get on for less than the min. $1 investment.
  • goosegoose    1,635 posts
    Betfair was the best by many lengths for golf punting am guessing half of Tabtouch would still be milking Jobkeeper probably putting their remaining staff under the pump.
  • thefalconthefalcon    20,037 posts
    hearing his injuries after his latest prang it could be the last we hear of Tiger.
    can now hone the career of his young son, who is by all accounts a up-coming champ.
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,947 posts
    I watched a replay (  recorded it ) of last weekends Genesis Open - Cam Smith theAussie looked a big chance in the final round at one stage - but petered out and finished 3rd or 4th

    However with about 6 holes to go in the final round on the Sunday - so American time im guessing its about 3  or 4 oclock in the afternoon - they interviewed Tiger Woods because he was on course to present the winners trophy . And they interviewed Woods - asked him about his back injury - would he be right for the US Masters in 7 weeks time etc 

    Now im not suggesting anything untoward - however my 1st impression ( and they are allways the best ) when watching him being interviewed - was you have had a hangover the night before - face puffed up - eyes similar . He was in very good spirits when being interviewed - laughing etc 

    Then  he has the prang early next morning - however the cops said in their opinion neither alcohol or drugs were a factor at all 
  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    10,299 posts
    So who is winning the US Masters? Don't mind Morikawa at a price. Saw some vision of Bryson on the range. The bloke will be in traction soon if he keeps that up
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    7,696 posts
    I think i have bet on the golf in my life maybe a handful of times, it's a licence to lose imo, however it is a good sport to watch and you have piqued my interest plus it's been a while so i may have a small dabble lol

    Not a regular watcher though and the last golf i watched properly was last year's much delayed Masters when cheering Cam Smith on when he finished a decent but well beaten 2nd..he doesn't have the x factor to win but i will back him for top 5 @8.50 as he always plays pretty well there.
    Second pick and a big speculator is a young guy who could explode in breakout fashion or just as easily implode the chilean Joaquin Niemann, at 22 he might be too inexperienced Sportsbet has him at rough $61 to win but only 8.50 for top 5 too that's a bit stingy!! So will back him to win only in a hit and hope bet and Smith for top 5 think he is a good chance, pretty hot field at the top though.

    a longish possibly boring spiel from me..nothing new 
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