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God Has Spoken

DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,329 posts
edited March 2015 Breeding
Just been announced that he will stand at Rivercrest Park this coming season for $1100


  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,623 posts
    For a second when I saw that title I thought it was about Andrew Carter #:-S

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  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,329 posts
    I photographed him this morning at White Hills Farm, prior to his departure for Rivercrest Park for the upcoming breeding season.
    2142 x 1428 - 726K
    1728 x 2592 - 748K
    1949 x 1300 - 465K
    2445 x 1630 - 999K
    1568 x 1046 - 463K
    1646 x 1098 - 511K
    1665 x 1110 - 467K
  • MinesACoronaMinesACorona    178 posts
    What a dud. Full brother a champion.
  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,329 posts

    What a dud. Full brother a champion.

    'Champion' is a big statement at this early stage. His oldest are four, just 35 runners with 20 winners and two stakes winners including a Gr1 winner.  This from crops of two to four years of age of 85 live foals. His fertility is a bit of a concern ranging from 85% down to 66% and his mare numbers were in decline until arrested two years ago. Even though his service fee is $11,000 now, he is doing a very good job at Stud for connections. He does have 13 yearlings in the upcoming MM Sale, but just two have made Day 1. That's an imposing record and probably one of the best starts for a WA Stallion in the last decade, but long way from being a Champion Sire.

    God Has Spoken on the other hand has 76 live foals of two and three years of age. He is getting more mares but of lessor quality at a very low service fee of $2,200. Only the one yearling has been nominated for the MM Sale. He certainly has an uphill battle from here to achieve anything close to his full brother, but he was a quality racehorse and eventually he will taste success.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the Playing God's, but today I saw 40 yearlings and as this year is heavy with new Stallions, I think competition from WA based  buyers looking to grab some Westspeed Platinum bonus money will see a lot of the new boys well patronised. With just two in Day 1, Playing God's average for those who went to him for $4,400 might not realise quite the averages they may have hoped for. He certainly is going to need a decent return and get more yearlings into the premium day for those breeders who paid the $11,000 service fee to get a decent return.

    Not withstanding all of the above, I hope he one day is regarded as a Champion.
  • silkysilky    315 posts
    Nice Saturday winner for GHS - Holy Ghost
  • MinesACoronaMinesACorona    178 posts
    silky said:

    Nice Saturday winner for GHS - Holy Ghost

    Still a fud.
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