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World Cup Qualifiers



  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    9,094 posts
    What a game!!
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    5,266 posts
    Thought the Argies were a chance until France went bang bang BANG in about 20 minutes!!
    Too good frenchies and a great and thankfully open game was seen.
  • paraleticparaletic    3,750 posts
    Messi will always be know for not being able to get it done for the Argies. Unlike diego who won a world cup off his own back. Thats the difference between the two imo. Long live DIEGO!
  • TiversTivers    7,646 posts
    Both out !
  • SKIDSSKIDS    994 posts
    I watched the first 10 minutes of France v Argentina game and had to turn it off.

    I'd rather watch AWFL.... and I can't stand that shit.
  • hashhash    7,178 posts
    End score 4-3 to France.... seems you chose the wrong time to turn it off

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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    5,266 posts
    True that Hash..it was a superb game.

    GO the Ruskies!! :D :D win the penalty shootout didnt blink.

    Espanol dared not to dream and played tame safe football and got their just desserts.Adios.
  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    9,094 posts
    H-BOMBER said:

    Depending on what you beleive

    Given Russia corrupted the US elections, could this corruption extend to a World Cup? $41 seems a good price?

    Was out to 61 but now into 21 after last nights performance.

  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    9,094 posts
    Wow heartbreaking for Japan. The amount of late late goals is unbelievable
  • TiversTivers    7,646 posts
    Had nothing on the thriller in Manila...
  • rooboyrooboy    1,369 posts

  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    5,266 posts
    Fantastic win by Belgium they have the class to win this thing!..awesome first half zzzz's prevented me watching most of the 2nd half but they hung on..reckon they can beat france and really hope they do.
    My smokey to join them in the final is the Cro boys with the Poms to fall short again..their still sometimes a bit underwhelming in attack imo so the going to a penalty shootout option will backfire maybe even as soon as tonite.Hope im wrong but i think the match with Sweden might be boring asf...
    The other game should be a cracker Croatia to win that 3-0 or 3-1 against the bold Ruskies.
  • paraleticparaletic    3,750 posts
    edited July 2018
    Couldnt be happier with the belgium result last night. Not that i have a cent on them, but i cant stand those diving peices of shite from Brazil, a full nation full of flogs. See ya later samba flogs

    6 nations left, all from europe
  • squid69squid69    1,434 posts
    I took $10 odds about the Belgiums pre tournament. That was a big win hurdle they got over last night. Now for the Frenchies!
    Looking forward to the Poms v the Swedes, if they go all the way, Harry Kane gets a knighthood.
    Just a final comment, loved the way the Uruguayans went about it. No rolling, diving, falling over when the wind blows. Even Suarez. Played it hard, just lacked a little more absolute class.

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  • paraleticparaletic    3,750 posts
    England just dont have the intestinal fortitude to get it done. 2nd half and in extra time they were woeful
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    5,266 posts
    Go you Croats!! Really hope they do France which wont be easy but can be achieved.

    Commiserations to the Poms but after they scored an early goal they did not much else..then once Croatia levelled they were dominant and ultimately deserved winners.
  • TiversTivers    7,646 posts
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    5,266 posts
    So...40 minutes in and i see the phukn ref is on the frogs payroll # :-q
    Iffy handball penalty given on review that gives them a 2-1 lead...and prior to that the free kick granted that led to the og should not have been given as that prick Griezmann dived...
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    5,266 posts
    Irrelevant really in the end, deadset carved them up netting 2 goals early in the 2nd half, a lapse by the dh french goalie brought it back to 4-2 but it was a bridge too far.Gallant effort Croatia you punched above your weight bigtime =D>

    The frenchy Mbappe is an absolute superstar =D> highly skilled and lightning quick!
    Probably the player of the tournament for mine.I Begrudgingly congratulate France they were just a bit too good in the 2nd half.

    Oh well thats that cant always get the result we wish for.I enjoyed WC 2018 except all of the diving/acting..
    The coverage was good(getting all the games free to air was a bonus), Lucy Zelic means well and does ok i reckon female sports commentators will always cop shit in a mens game.
  • paraleticparaletic    3,750 posts
    ^:)^ to Tim Cahill, what a champion guy and champion Australian  ^:)^

    "Today’s the day that I’m officially hanging up my boots on my international career with the Socceroos.
    No words can describe what it has meant to represent my country. It took a while to play my first game for Australia, and I promised myself then that I would never miss a beat and would make the most of every opportunity I was given to wear the badge and jersey.
    As a kid all I wanted to do was to represent my country and so many of my most memorable moments as a footballer have come whilst playing for Australia, and I will be forever grateful for that. It's been a dream come true, and I have so many great memories from the last 15 years with the coaches, support staff and the army of Aussie fans behind us.
    My mentality has always been that I would treat every game like it was going to be my last. This has helped me to always fight for my spot in the squad. The jersey is like a medal of honour and the last 4 years especially I've understood that this badge and jersey belongs to Australia and every time I stepped out onto the pitch I was representing 24 million Australians.
    I feel now is the right time to call it a day playing for Australia. I would like to thank my parents for being there from day 1 and for their constant support, and to my wife and kids for making sacrifices to allow me to follow my dreams and to prolong my international career. Looking up into the stands before a match and seeing them there always lifted me to give everything on the pitch. I would also like to thank my friends, coaches, team mates and the fans who have all played a part in my career with Australia. We are so lucky to have such passionate supporters and there is no feeling like walking out on the pitch and seeing (and hearing!) so many in green and gold.
    It’s been a privilege and an honour."

  • paraleticparaletic    3,750 posts

    Greatest moment in Socceroos history thanks to Tim 
  • TiversTivers    7,646 posts
    Ahhhhh..................the days we had some forwards

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  • paraleticparaletic    3,750 posts
    edited July 2018
    some squad in those days .......

  • paraleticparaletic    3,750 posts
    John Aloisi, Michael Beauchamp, Marco Bresciano, Tim Cahill, Scott Chipperfield, Ante Covic, Jason Culina, Brett Emerton, Vince Grella, Zeljko Kalac, Josh Kennedy, Harry Kewell, Stan Lazaridis, Mark Milligan, Craig Moore, Lucas Neill, Tony Popovic, Mark Schwarzer, Josip Skoko, Mile Sterjovski, Archie Thompson, Mark Viduka, Luke Wilkshire. 
  • TiversTivers    7,646 posts
    Drew with croatia from memory - this years finalists !
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