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  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    10,339 posts
    hash said:


    I hope you all took my tip for it the other week, whatever feature race it contests it'll win, Caulfield Cup is nailed on and if Winx doesn't run it'll win the Cox Plate aswell

    Tell you what, if J Macdonald doesn't appeal his suspensionthe just get on Jameka for the Caulfield Cup
  • jumjum    3,529 posts

    He is not appealing Bomber, I reckon Hartnell Vs Winx Cox Plate is on like Donkey Kong.

    And I will be all over Hartnell


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  • thefalconthefalcon    20,063 posts
    hash mate, be careful in the CC....keep your sheckles in your kick...

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  • therealkramertherealkramer    8,008 posts
    No reason why Hartnell couldn't win both races. Northerly certainly did. The form lines are pretty strong because Jameka destroyed Real Love prior to her 2nd last Sunday and Real Love put in a good Melbourne Cup trial by winning last Friday night in what history has proven is an important lead up race.

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  • tolleshunttolleshunt    82 posts
    7 noms in the Caulfield stakes and 5 are doubley nominated, Could be a match race Bart v Winks, have checked with Melb and if comes to that it will happen, they won't scrap the race ...

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  • rustyhrustyh    2,270 posts
    3 horse race!!
    He or She

    :-bd......Go the Gero legend!......... \m/
  • LuckyLongshotsLuckyLongshots    4,270 posts
    Wow, just wow - $12,000 paid up to 8th and only 3 runners!

    Melbourne owners and trainers should be ashamed!

    1st $360,000, 2nd $108,000, 3rd $54,000, 4th $27,000, 5th $15,000, 6th $12,000, 7th $12,000, 8th $12,000
  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    10,339 posts
    Hahah yeah if you had 5 horses ready for a second trial throw them in that and just let them go around at the back of the other 3. 

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  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,693 posts
    $6,000 to accept, then 15% less for Trainer / Jockey and the Owner only gets $4,200 for going around at the back of the field. I think the overwhelming majority would be best placed elsewhere.
  • TheDivaTheDiva    13,248 posts
    Id run in it just to be in the field and go to the races on such a big day. 

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  • paraleticparaletic    3,750 posts
    different race and different quality of field but always liked how the trainer threw Mourinho into that group race a few years ago and pocketed 100k. It was either run in a trial and cost yourself a few hundred or run last and the owners pocket 4k worst case scenario. Well it ended up winning.
  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    10,339 posts

    $6,000 to accept, then 15% less for Trainer / Jockey and the Owner only gets $4,200 for going around at the back of the field. I think the overwhelming majority would be best placed elsewhere.

    $4200 instead of trialing. I would take that
  • careycarey    6,369 posts
    good effort from whispering brook there.
    thought she was going to get there for a tic.
  • paraleticparaletic    3,750 posts
    Game effort.
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,809 posts
    And Sheidel...what a consistent horse she has been. Gutsy effort again. Does it at both ends. Classy.

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  • silkysilky    344 posts
    Good to see our West Aussie horses mixing it with them over East. BHB, He or She, Real Love, Sheidel, Whispering Brook, Disposition, Rommel and Perfect Reflection to name a few of late.

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  • careycarey    6,369 posts

    And Sheidel...what a consistent horse she has been. Gutsy effort again. Does it at both ends. Classy.

    i just checked results after reading this.
    it's interesting that wa horses overall, are probably going better than i can ever remember them doing over here.
    yet the home grown product is worse than it has ever been(to my eyes at least. because of dumbing down).
    question.......would all those horses be going east in the first place if they had choices back home?

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  • FastmoneyFastmoney    4,912 posts
    A few to HK as well.

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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,809 posts
    edited October 2016
    Sheidel fast approaching one million dollars in prize money. Remarkable effort. Love the way she keeps on finding.

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  • therealkramertherealkramer    8,008 posts
    Fastmoney said:

    A few to HK as well.

    This is the key point. Even if WA could match the Eastern States for prizemoney, it wouldn't stop cashed up HK buyers offering ridiculous money.
  • silkysilky    344 posts
    The younger brigade looks good coming through too. Lucky Street, Vega Magic, Chocolateholic, Liteninmyveins etc along with the good bunch of 3yo's like Daintys Tess, The Celt and Sauls Special etc. Hopefully RWWA can get the programming right going forward to enable these types of horses to be still running around regularly when they get up in the ratings.
  • PCPC    2,221 posts
    edited October 2016
    Since January 2015 the following WA bred and/or trained horses have won Stakes (Group/Listed) races outside WA...


    2015 Group 3 Guvera Stakes (1400m hcp at Flemington)

    2015 Group 3 The Sofitel (Tonanan Stakes) Handicap (1400m hcp at Caulfield)


    2015 Group 3 Zedative Stakes (1200m SWP at Caulfield)

    Watermans Bay

    2015 Group 3 Victoria Handicap (1400m hcp at Caulfield)


    2015 Group 1 South Australian Derby (2500m SW at Morphetville)

    2015 Group 1 South Australian Schweppes (Australasian) Oaks (2000m SW at Morphetville)

    Black Heart Bart

    2016 Group 1 Underwood Stakes (1800m WFA at Caulfield)

    2016 Group 1 Memsie Stakes (1400m WFA at Caulfield)

    2016 Group 1 The Goodwood (1200m SWP at Morphetville)

    2016 Group 3 Victoria Handicap (1400m hcp at Caulfield)

    Real Love

    2016 Group 3 JRA Cup (2040m hcp at Moonee Valley)

    2016 Group 3 Premiers Cup (2200m hcp at Doomben)

    2016 Group 3 Chairman's Handicap (2000m hcp at Doomben)

    2016 Listed Roy Higgins Quality (2600m hcp at Flemington)


    2016 Group 3 Northwood Plume (Cape Grim Beef Steaks) Stakes (1200m SWP at Caulfield)

    2016 Listed Bel Esprit Stakes (1100m hcp at Caulfield)

    Silent Sedition

    2016 Group 3 Schweppervescence Stakes (Auraria Stakes) (1800m SWP at Morphetville)

    2016 Listed Bendigo Guineas (1400m SWP at Bendigo)

    He Or She

    2016 Group 2 Blamey Stakes (1600m SWP at Flemington)

    Total: 19 Stakes (Group/Listed) races won by WA bred and/or trained horses.

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  • FastmoneyFastmoney    4,912 posts
    edited October 2016
    The Cleaner and Smokin Joey retired today.
  • JayJayJayJay    7,769 posts
    Yep was a top move shifting the cleaner from Mick Burles.
  • thefalconthefalcon    20,063 posts
    ^^^ sure was..greedy b*stards.....
  • bookieloverbookielover    2,627 posts
    Interesting situation with the way that bookmakers are treated here in Victoria as compared to other states.
    A rails bookie who gave it away about 15 years ago to concentrate on his business wanted to come back. So he bought the license of a current bookmaker  working on the rails. 

    Nothing unusual about that, however, the bookmaker who sold, actually kept his bookmaking license and is working in other areas of the city tracks. 
    The fact that bookies are allowed to do this here is remarkable, and would have been unheard of years ago.
    One of the reasons would be the realisation by Racing Victoria that bookmakers are a dying breed and require as much support as they can get, along with the desire to retain as many bookies as possible.

    In this instance, you had a bookmaker who was not enjoying being on the rails where you are obligated to bet punters to lose a minimum of $5,000, who wanted to retain his bookmaking license but not work on the rails. He could have moved off the rails to where he is working now, but when the opportunity came up to sell what is effectively his rails position, he was able to do so under the rules introduced by RV while at the same time allowing him to work elsewhere on the track.

    In the past if a bookie sold his license, that was it. He was gone. Now that has changed, and RV are to be congratulated for allowing the change.

    At Flemington for the carnival, there will be 74 individual bookmakers operating, however the number of bookmaker stands around the track will actually be 114. That is because many of the bookmakers have partnerships and in some cases there are 4 partners in the bookmakers business and they will operate 4 separate stands at various places around the track.

    This was also unheard of in Victoria up until a few years ago, but once again, the rules were relaxed to allow partnerships,  not only that, but to allow each of those partners to operate a stand at the one track.

    Partnership bookmakers are also permitted to operate at other race meetings in the state. So one bookie partner can be at Flemington on cup day, while another goes to Echuca and another to Mildura. This at least ensure a decent bookies ring at courses other than Flemington.

    Contrast that with Queensland, where leading rails bookie, Lindsay Gallagher has given away fielding at Eagle farm, Doomben and Ipswich. He retains his license to field at the Sunshine Coast. The reason, the Queensland Governments decision to reimpose fielding fees on the bookies, which are currently paid for by the Government. 

    Although the decision is not yet finalised, if it goes ahead, then Haydn Flynn Queensland's other leading bookie has said that he will follow Gallagher's lead.
    That would leave 5 bookies left to field at Brisbane's two city tracks. Not only that, but I am reliably informed that a Queensland bookie is trying to get in and take Lindsay's place at the two city tracks and Ipswich, but at this point in time, is being denied the opportunity to do so, without any explanation as to why.

    There have also been estimates that as many as 40 of Queensland's 80 bookies would give it away.What a contrast between the powers that be at the two States.

    Then I read on this site about the appalling treatment of the Perth bookies by Perth Racing at Ascot.

    There are also restrictions in Sydney, which is why Robbie Waterhouse has an agent operating on the rails here in Melbourne, and Warren Woodcock who was a leading Sydney bookie has moved to Melbourne and works here. It is also why I have had a recent request from a Sydney bookie to find out about a license that is for sale here in Melbourne as he also wishes to relocate. 

    Yet, with all that,further evidence of how tough it is for bookies to make a go of it, emerged after the three days of the Caulfield carnival.
    Speaking to a couple of bookies after Saturdays Caulfield Cup meeting and the three days of the carnival, they told me that turnover was down for them by as much as 50% on last year. The Corps have really eaten into their holdings in a big way.

    So to sum up, it's not an easy caper any way you look at it. However, if at least you don't have those in authority fighting against you and undermining you and as is the case in Perth, preventing you from plying your trade so that you can compete with the Corporates and the TAB, you at least have a chance at survival.

    It is patently obvious to me, anyway, that they really don't care about bookies because of the infantile uninformed belief that no bookies means more Tote turnover.

    The figures supplied by the Annual report of Perth racing showing the multi million dollar declines in on and off course tote turnover in the last 4 years, certainly put the lie to that.

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  • LuckyLongshotsLuckyLongshots    4,270 posts
    Wow....The Thunder might be done....just didnt look to wanna be there.
  • hashhash    7,495 posts
    Fell Swoop a good thing beaten? All Hughey had to do was take a sit and camp off Buff (not go toe to toe for the lead with him!) ffs and yes I'm talking through my kick...

    Worrying signs for Chataqua you'd think.
  • LuckyLongshotsLuckyLongshots    4,270 posts
    Yep, I backed Chat and with a money back deal for first 3, thought it was a shoe in....oh well, inside draw and wet track looked to have slowed the thunder!
  • LuckyLongshotsLuckyLongshots    4,270 posts
    edited October 2016
    Bowman, has ridden two favs on the inside and been beaten on both - you'd think he would learn after Race 1

    Bowman won't want to be there in the Cox Plate.
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