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$9.00 bale Small Square bales Oaten

PerthTurfTalkPerthTurfTalk    3,054 posts
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Oaten Hay small square bales if purchasing more than 100 bales can discounted please phone for details will be available around the 20th /25th october Can ring to pre order The variety is Williams oats and is replacement for carrolop oat which is more disease resistant.


  • RIORIO    14,882 posts
    Roughly where are you located.. Only want a small number, so would collect in our trailer if close to us.
  • silkssilks    53 posts
    edited October 2016
    Hi We are in popanyinning near pingelly or just 40 ks from wandering  1hour 40 from welshpool
    thank you

  • RIORIO    14,882 posts
    edited October 2016
    Cheers am in Boddington. Willl pm when I sort out how many kms it is. EDIT. Just checked Mr Google and we have to go to South Pingelly about then so will be in contact
  • silkssilks    53 posts
    Hay is ready for sale in shed just email or phone or message  0456717078 or the mentioned phone in the advertisement and we shall get back to you
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