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AFLW 2017

PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
The Women's AFL competition officially starts next Friday.
The highlighted games will be shown FTA by Channel 7.

FIXTURES (all times are WST)

Fri 3/2 4:45 - Carlton v Collingwood (Ikon Park)
Sat 4/2 2:05 - Adelaide v GWS (Thebarton Oval)
Sat 4/2 4:35 - Western Bulldogs v Fremantle (VU Whitten Oval)
Sun 5/2 2:05 - Melbourne v Brisbane (Casey Fields)

Fri 10/2 4:35 - Western Bulldogs v Adelaide (VU Whitten Oval)
Sat 11/2 2:05 - Carlton v GWS (Ikon Park)
Sat 11/2 4:35 - Collingwood v Melbourne (Olympic Park Oval)
Sun 12/2 4:05 - Fremantle v Brisbane (Fremantle Oval)

Sat 18/2 9:05 - GWS v Fremantle (Blacktown Int. Sportspark)
Sat 18/2 1:35 - Brisbane v Collingwood (South Pine SC)
Sat 18/2 4:35 - Western Bulldogs v Melbourne (VU Whitten Oval)
Sun 19/2 9:05 - Adelaide v Carlton (Thebarton Oval)

Sat 25/2 8:35 - Melbourne v Carlton (Casey Fields)
Sat 25/2 1:35 - Brisbane v GWS (South Pine SC)
Sat 25/2 4:10 - Western Bulldogs v Collingwood (VU Whitten Oval)
Sun 26/2 4:05 - Fremantle v Adelaide (Fremantle Oval)

Fri 3/3 2:05 - GWS v Melbourne (Blacktown Int. Sportspark)
Sat 4/3 8:35 - Carlton v Western Bulldogs (Ikon Park)
Sat 4/3 10:35 - Fremantle v Collingwood (Rushton Park)
Sat 4/3 4:10 - Adelaide v Brisbane (Norwood Oval)

Fri 10/3 3:05 - Fremantle v Carlton (Domain Stadium)
Sat 11/3 8:05 - Brisbane v Western Bulldogs (South Pine SC)
Sat 11/3 3:10 - Adelaide v Melbourne (TIO Stadium)
Sun 12/3 8:05 - Collingwood v GWS (Olympic Park Oval)

Sat 18/3 1:35 - Melbourne v Fremantle (Casey Fields)
Sat 18/3 4:10 - GWS v Western Bulldogs (Manuka Oval)
Sun 19/3 10:35 - Collingwood v Adelaide (Olympic Park Oval)
Sun 19/3 12:35 - Carlton v Brisbane (Ikon Park)

Sat 25/3 - 1st v 2nd
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  • LeglessLegless    5,108 posts
    edited January 2017
    Plenty of FTA coverage for Vic based teams :D

    :-? do channel 7 sponsor the doggies? Plenty of exposure for whoever does ;)
  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    edited January 2017
    Correction, the ones highlighted will be shown FTA on 7 nationally. The other Fremantle games will be shown on 7mate to WA only. The broadcast guide has been updated since my original post.
  • FastmoneyFastmoney    4,912 posts
  • JayJayJayJay    5,057 posts
    Suggestion for the AFL....rather than free entry, why don't the AFL charge 2 buck entry and give it back to the eternally bleeding grass roots country football, rather than charging every country club a "Levy For Football Development" (currently over $1000 per annum at my club), so that alleged Football Development Officers can (very) occasionally suit up with their name tags, tracksuits and supplied vehicles and pretend to deliver "Football Development" by visiting Country Centres blowing up the tyres of parents and kids by spinning **** to them about "getting into the draft".
  • TiversTivers    7,047 posts
    Because it would cost more to man the gates and collect the entry fees than it would generate.
  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    Pretty similar scorelines in the first two games. Around 9,200 turned up to Thebarton Oval to watch the Adelaide v GWS game.

    Carlton 46-11 Collingwood
    Adelaide 48-12 GWS
  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    Western Bulldogs 44-12 Fremantle
  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    Melbourne 10-25 Brisbane

    Over 50,000 attended the four games this weekend. The AFL should be happy, it would almost certainly be more than the number who attended the whole WBBL tournament (59 games) this summer.
  • TiversTivers    7,047 posts
    See how many turning by up a few rounds in
  • paraleticparaletic    3,147 posts
    Must say i would be a bit more of a fan of the aflw if this hadn't been rammed down our throats like we are all being skull farked on a porno scene

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  • SKIDSSKIDS    744 posts
    Farcical competition.

    It's like entering a rocking horse in the Melbourne Cup.

    The sooner it dies its timely death the better.
  • JayJayJayJay    5,057 posts
    The Glory Women's team is in the GF and draws how many spectators?, the Perth Lynx has Olympic members playing and draw hardly anyone....and this is sub standard rubbish buoyed along by compliant media......players who cant get a gig in other sports have jumped in and got a guernsey utilising the AFL "we will force this down their (the Publics)  throats" whether they like it or not...think rule changes, think expansion into non football areas et al ....and the losing sides score 1 goal each for the whole game....and everyone in the media starts self flagellating.

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  • hashhash    6,353 posts
    edited February 2017
    SKIDS said:

    Farcical competition.

    It's like entering a rocking horse in the Melbourne Cup.

    The sooner it dies its timely death the better.

    FAIR GO... give the ladies a chance to shine and do their thing, it's great for the footy community and the chicks involved.... plus there's a handful of decent looking ones just ashame majority of them are carpet munchers haha

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  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    edited February 2017
    SKIDS said:

    The sooner it dies its timely death the better.

    I can't see the AFL letting that happen and personally I don't see that happening, not in the short-term, especially with the majority of teams based in Melbourne and this season slotted neatly in between the cricket and AFL seasons. However the true litmus test will ultimately come when they try charging people to attend these games as stand-alone events (NB: several games this year aren't free entry as they are double-headers to the men's pre-season games). When that will be? :-??

    It will also be interesting to see how many people turn up to watch Brisbane play at the South Pine Sports Complex (located in the Moreton Bay region). The Lions already have enough trouble getting people to watch the AFL at the 'Gabba as it is.
  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    edited February 2017
    Comparing the crowds from Week 1 to Week 2, 2,500 less turned up to Whitten Oval this time around (7,600) to watch the Bulldogs play Adelaide, with the Bulldogs losing 23-48.
  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    Tivers said:

    See how many turning by up a few rounds in

    No lock-out this week at Ikon Park. 7,800 turned up for the Blues v Giants game, Blues winning 47-34. 6,900 showed up for the second game of the double header, Magpies v Demons, Demons winning 44-25.
  • TiversTivers    7,047 posts
    edited February 2017

    Total crowd numbers

    Round 1 : 50,457

    Round 2 : 32,469

    Round 3 : 26,506

    Round 4 : 18,776

    All still paying entry fee of $0

  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    1,710 posts
    Jan Cooper daughter of WAFL Hall of Famer John Cooper was inducted into the Women"s Hall of Fame this week for her services to Women's Football.

    Like Father like daughter.

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  • JayJayJayJay    5,057 posts
    Didn't know there was a Women's Hall of Fame but if there is a Cooper in it, it has added credibility.
  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    The 2018 AFLW fixtures have been released today. All the games, except for the FRE v COL game at Perth Stadium, will be free entry.

    ROUND 1
    Fri 2/2 - CAR v COL, Ikon Park, 4:40 WST
    Sat 3/2 - MEL v GWS, Casey Fields, 2:05 WST
    Sat 3/2 - ADE v BL, Norwood Oval, 4:15 WST
    Sun 4/2 - WB v FRE, VU Whitten Oval, 1:35 WST
    ROUND 2
    Fri 9/2 - GWS v CAR, Drummoyne Oval, 4:05 WST
    Sat 10/2 - MEL v ADE, Casey Fields, 2:05 WST
    Sat 10/2 - FRE v COL, Perth Stadium, 4:10 WST
    Sun 11/2 - BL v WB, South Pine SC, 1:35 WST
    ROUND 3
    Sat 17/2 - ADE v WB, Norwood Oval, 11:05 WST
    Sat 17/2 - CAR v BL, Ikon Park, 4:40 WST
    Sun 18/2 - COL v GWS, Olympic Park Oval, 1:35 WST
    Sun 18/2 - FRE v MEL, Fremantle Oval, 3:35 WST
    ROUND 4
    Fri 23/2 - WB v CAR, VU Whitten Oval, 4:05 WST
    Sat 24/2 - BL v FRE, South Pine SC, 1:35 WST
    Sat 24/2 - MEL v COL, TIO Traeger Park, 4:10 WST
    Sun 25/2 - GWS v ADE, Blacktown ISP, 1:35 WST
    ROUND 5
    Fri 2/3 - MEL v BL, Casey Fields, 4:05 WST
    Sat 3/3 - FRE v GWS, Fremantle Oval, 2:05 WST
    Sat 3/3 - ADE v CAR, Norwood Oval, 4:10 WST
    Sun 4/3 - COL v WB, Ted Summerton Reserve, 11:35 WST
    ROUND 6
    Fri 9/3 - ADE v FRE, TIO Stadium Darwin, 4:05 WST
    Sat 10/3 - BL v COL, Moreton Bay, 1:35 WST
    Sat 10/3 - GWS v WB, UNSW Canberra Oval, 4:10 WST
    Sun 11/3 - CAR v MEL, Ikon Park, 1:35 WST
    ROUND 7
    Fri 16/3 - GWS v BL, Blacktown ISP, 4:05 WST
    Sat 17/3 - FRE v CAR, Fremantle Oval, 2:05 WST
    Sat 17/3 - WB v MEL, VU Whitten Oval, 4:10 WST
    Sun 18/3 - COL v ADE, Olympic Park Oval, 11:35 WST
    Sat 24/3 - 1st v 2nd

    Nine WA players were picked up in the recent AFLW draft.
    • Stephanie Cain (Swan Districts to FRE)
    • Evangeline Gooch (East Fremantle to FRE)
    • Jodie White (Coastal Titans to FRE)
    • Ashlee Atkins (East Fremantle to FRE)
    • Emily McGuire (Swan Districts to FRE)
    • Ashleigh Brazill (Swan Districts to COL)
    • Alicia Janz (Swan Districts to FRE)
    • Rheanne Lugg (Swan Districts to ADE)
    • Leah Mascall (Coastal Titans to FRE)

    Five WA players were picked up as rookie draftees.
    • Lisa Webb (Coastal Titans to FRE)
    • Jade de Melo (East Fremantle to FRE)
    • Katie-Jayne Grieve (South Bunbury to CAR)
    • Beatrice Devlyn (South Fremantle to FRE)
    • Tayla McAuliffe (Swan Districts to FRE)

    One WA player was picked up as a free agent.
    • Rachel Ashley (Perth Angels to WB)
  • ManchildManchild    146 posts
    Lucky  its free , if not there will be more on the field  than in the crowd

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  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    A rugby league score in the season opener last night, Carlton beating Collingwood 22-14, with no goals for either side in the second half.


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  • TiversTivers    7,047 posts
    Why does there have to be a women’s AFL for there to be equality ?
    Should we have a national men’s netball league ???
    AFL should have just joined up with the netball and had a team for each club.
    Women’s cricket is getting real good.
    Women’s soccer is world class.
    Women’s netball is amazing
    Women’s AFL......?

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  • paraleticparaletic    3,147 posts
    Sport jammed down our throat like its the next best thing- a total of 5 goals in the entire game last night. I mean please. The Matilda's score equal to that in a game of soccer!! With a goal keeper!!

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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    2,042 posts
    I will NEVER watch one minute of Women's "AFL" its farcical is my impression.Harsh..but fair...

    Agree with most of your points Tivers .. Soccer-yep, Netball-fantastic..not sure even sceptical on the cricket one ill assume you have watched some of this :P
  • TiversTivers    7,047 posts
    The Matilda’s are better to watch than the Socceroos...... outright / no gender allowance.

    The top cricket players are awesome.
    But they have been playing that at a national level for decades.

    Guess you could say the same for AFLW..... give it time.
    But 18 teams x 22 players, with a lot of the best athletes still playing Netball / Basketball (the biggest $$$ one of the lot) / Soccer etc
  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    One out of left field, do you think AFLX could potentially be a better way to have the women's game played on a national level? Less players (the talent therefore not so diluted), smaller grounds (100m) etc. :-??

    AFLX rules

    Note, the Eagles and Dockers will play their AFLX matches on Thursday February 15 in Adelaide (Hindmarsh Stadium).

    Regarding women's cricket, I think T20 (WBBL) is the perfect format. Short enough that it ain't completely boring (considering that the scoring rate in some women's Tests can be less than 2/over), but long enough that the good players can still crack a 100 or take a 5-for.

    Out of interest, looking back at the inaugural season of VFL back in 1897. The opening round scores of that round were as follows:
    • Fitzroy beat Carlton 49-16
    • Collingwood beat St Kilda 41-16
    • Geelong lost to Essendon 24-47
    • South Melbourne lost to Melbourne 27-44
  • TiversTivers    7,047 posts
    Yes, AFL-X a better format for AFLW
  • licklick    172 posts
    It is unwatchable, skills pathetic - and they are labelled "superstars" oh pleeeeese.

    If it's discussed on the Sports Daily Tabradio, immediate switch to Millsy and Bz for me.

    By all means have a comp, but don't ram in it on to us please.

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  • RIORIO    14,025 posts
    have the dockers played yet??
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