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  • JayJayJayJay    6,660 posts
    Foresure, Forsure.....My Field Marshall's full brother gets under the guard of some. A 1.56.2 winner at Winton going around at $20 plus? Well done Mr Collins. Magic Madiba also a half brother out of super mare Foreal.

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  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,887 posts
    I make my comments before the race - not after the race  - experts after the race - big deal 

    Race 7 is an interesting race - favourite Lucky Galleon - trainer just  doesnt have bad horses - and plenty of part owners suggests they have paid a decent price - and its been backed $1.24 into $1.12

    However i had something on Under the Alta at $8.50 after win boost ( has been heavily backed the place $1.70 into $1.30 ) - has got decent form and gate speed - in a field which has very little depth 

    I know its only a trial but it wasnt super impressive  i just  hope Aiden comes out hard - and if he somehow crosses then holds it 

  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,887 posts
    Yeah great drive by Aiden Campo - even though Ritchie said " Voak goes for a sprint on the leader " - at times youd think it  is Basil calling the Trots 

    Just an observation watching the races last night - re the GP track - and it is much more evident on Tues night with lower grade horses 

    How many races - where a horse is 1by 1 or by 2 at the bell - and it is starting to lose ground - and your in the running line - dont even have to be directly behind it  - then you are history -  you will lose 6-8 lengths because to me from the winning post to the turn into the back straight - that is where that track is diabolical 

    Where as the turn from the end of the back straight to the home straight looks all good - proper cambering 

    They have to do something from the winning post to the start of the back of the back straight - cambering - or extending it somehow - but that is the big problem area with that track
  • JayJayJayJay    6,660 posts
    Driver reported the track was not at its best surface wise last night, and the times reflect that. There was a fair bit going on in that race .......the fave went horrible but he wasn't alone. Not sure about losing 6 to 8 lengths winning post to back straight but pole line was advantageous last night. My little bloke floundered a bit out 3 wide.
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,887 posts
    Jilliby Jake - only had it in small tris - but it is a classic example of the point i was making -- and it  still ran a commendable race - soldiering on as the caller described was an apt description - boy did it do it hard in the last lap- mainly because of the track issue i highlighted  

    Chalk and cheese - the turn past the winning post - compared to the turn at the end of the back straight 

    As for the fave going horrible - well to me it ran like its trial at Byford ( and full credit to whoever for having those videos available - invaluable - take note Victoria - slack barstaards )  2.2.6 - mile rate and yet they jumped out of trees and backed it at $1.24 

    One other observation - because ive got a very keen - well trained eye -hah - that nice filly of Sam Torres - - got an unusual high front leg action  - i wouldnt be surprised back home with the hopples off - that thing Trots . If so maybe an option - down the track a bit - switch it to Trotting - like Geoff Webster did years back with great success with one of his
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,887 posts
    Donaldson Park tonight - and i like one at the odds - 

    I had a decent bet on Under The Alta - and i wanted the win boost on Tab Touch - however they put their markets up by drip feed - every 40 minutes or so they would add an extra race - so it wasnt till about 3pm till all races were up - im not buggerising around with that today for an extra point - stufff them .

    Race 3 is a 3 year old fillies race - and i think a very quiet field - the horse i like - got a few obstacles - sticky gate as they say - outside of the front - hasnt had a run for 4 weeks - and you have a leader/pegs dominated track 

    However i think Roll Em has got a bit of class on these ( id love a genuinely run race )- 

    It had good form prior to its last run at Northam - and in that race if there is ever an eye catching 10th of 10  beaten 48 metres then it is it 

    Inside of the 2nd row ( well in the market ) galloped at release - its given the 2nd last horse 50 metres - tacked on at the bell - weaved its way through the field ( and bear in mind last half 58 flat - not 61 ) and i think it would have run a place - or perhaps even troubled the winner - except for locking wheels 

    TAB.COM  @$17  Win @$3.60 place - ive had a decent helping

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  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,887 posts
    Just for the trivia

    Tonight at Melton they have got a Masters claiming race - with a price spread of 10k to 100k 

    And if youd like the 8 year old Mildura marvel -  Bernie Winkle - then stump up the 100 Grand and he is yours - hah 

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  • JayJayJayJay    6,660 posts
    Steve Mulhall fielded at Collie Cup meet today....can't remember when I last saw a Bookie at Collie, bumper crowd on course, warm day and the race caller got all the horses names right, including the pony trots which were called with his usual enthusiasm. Thumbs up all round.

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  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    2,381 posts
    JayJay when I first started bookmaking at the trots I would field at Collie on a Friday night betting on GP as well. Stayed the night at Collie and then across to Katanning for the Saturday night meeting.

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  • JayJayJayJay    6,660 posts
    Yes, I went to many night meetings at Collie, just a few at Katanning. Bookmakers always present. Remember near freezing to death at a Katanning Cup mid 90's I reckon. Coulson had the favourite and it stood on the mark, ran 4th or something to a Terry Purnell horse and the thing we took down was in the last and still hasn't been found. Long (and quiet) trip home.
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,887 posts
    Just out of interest - is Morgan Woodley still involved in Harness Racing  these days 

    Like the 1st race at Pinj - N Johns has 4 runners - he use to drive one of those trotters - maybe he is suspended - but he would be lucky to have 2-3 drives a week - past 6-9 months 

    Maybe he is doing something else for a living - thats why i asked 
  • JayJayJayJay    6,660 posts
    Concentrating on his flooring business I believe.

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  • BetonmeBetonme    195 posts


    Stewards inquired into the reasons for BURGHLEY SHARD NZ (E. Suvaljko) breaking gait racing out of the front straight on the first occasion.  Stewards heard evidence from Drivers G. Hall Jnr (CAMEOS DELIGHT) and E. Suvaljko and after viewing the official patrol film.  Stewards charge Driver G. Hall Jnr under the provisions of R163(1)(a)(iii) for causing interference in that he allowed CAMEOS DELIGHT to shift inwards when insufficiently clear of BURGHLEY SHARD NZ resulting in the above interference.  Driver G. Hall Jnr pleaded not guilty and requested an adjournment with the inquiry to continue at a time and date to be fixed.

    Looked pretty clear cut to me, but Jnr was very busy the previous Pinjarra meeting talking his way out of a couple. 

    Any opinion on Shane Young's drive on beaten $1.10 pop Suing You at Wagin Friday night
  • Ivorytrunkey86Ivorytrunkey86    133 posts
    What could he of done differently?

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  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,887 posts
    Not a bad meeting at GP tonight - 3 to 4 pretty interesting races 

    One ive backed on e/w basis @$10 is The Lightning Strike - not that much depth in that field - and it can do a bit of work in the breeze - make its own luck 

    Very honest horse - racing consistently - so i think $10 is a good price 
  • capguncapgun    18 posts

    Any opinion on Shane Young's drive on beaten $1.10 pop Suing You at Wagin Friday night

    What’s your opinion?

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    Gave up the lead far too easily and could still have got away from the fence straight after..For starters.
  • Gave up the lead far too easily and could still have got away from the fence straight after..For starters.

    He was crossed by a faster beginner and then couldn’t get off the pegs because he would have caused interference to an outside runner in the process. Agree with above, can’t see what he could’ve done differently…

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  • capguncapgun    18 posts

    Gave up the lead far too easily and could still have got away from the fence straight after..For starters.

    Due to the indisputable facts presented by the replay this in incorrect.
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,887 posts
    That race in question at Wagin - the only notable thing - and i forgot to mention it yesterday ( and i didnt profit from the race _) is what a tremendous training performance with the winner of that race Another Vinnie - by Haydn Reeves - that was that horses 1st  win in over 5 years - 2016 

    When  i assessed that race - i thought the $1.10 favourite was a huge risk - i thought it was a huge risk - i thought it was racing  a bit sour - that is my opinion - which im entitled to . Thus i went into multi quinellas in a big way - leaving the 10s on pop out . However i didnt include Another Vinnie - i looked at it - thats where i noticed - last win - 2016 

    Now Another Vinnie it was  a talented horse - but even when it was " winning " it was a problem/awkward horse - i reckon it galloped in running  on 5-6 occasions without interference - it could gallop in running on the drop of a handkerchief - thus i dont think that horse would be easy to train or handle - giving further merit to the training performance

    And of course - Another Vinnie was a very controversial horse - it won multiple races - and then lost them on disqualification - a previous trainer with i think record - over the threshold - approaching 1000 cobalt readings at the time  

    Thus all considered - i think it is a great training performance by H Reeves - and probably one where he got  alot of satisfaction from - and a little  bit of cherry on top of the cake - i notice he is the lessee as well
    edited December 2021
    capgun said:

    Due to the indisputable facts presented by the replay this in incorrect.

    Indisputable. You are kidding.

    I agree to disagree with your assessment
    Interesting to note a certain scribe called for a six month ban for Young and now Website has been shutdown. Perhaps a coincidence?
  • MorganJamesMorganJames    164 posts
    Who's the Scribe??

    I think PackedPedalPanda and Capguns  assessment of the start is quite professional whereas yours Slipper hasnt produced a good case at all
    Still disagree. That horse led with more vigour when it won at Bunbury earlier. Young gave that up before the mobile release point.
  • sonnysonny    838 posts
    Sammys Ideal led last start and gave up the lead. Young in my opinion could have come out and regained the lead .

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    That site is back up again and article on Young remains.
  • ArapahoArapaho    112 posts
    Sonny and Slip,
    By rules at the gallops, Young could of come off and eased the horse to his outside 3 deep as he had the controlling position and wouldn't have caused any interference to any other runner.
    But the rules of harness racing says he would of committed a offence, as you cannot push a horse  3 wide until the 900 metre mark or 4 wide until the 600 metre mark.
    As Young's horse and cart was not clear of the horse to his outside he cannot come off legally.

    Them's the rules.

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    Yes aware of that rule and though the vision wasn't the greatest angle it looked as though he had space to accelerate through. 

    When all is said and done if you backed it at those crazy odds you would have been furious that he handed up the lead so cheaply
  • sonnysonny    838 posts
    As Slipper I know the rule.. Young showed no intent on trying to keep out Sammy. If he did he would have broken up the field and went around  Sammy who would have given him the lead.. If you are driving the 1.10 shot , you dont sit behind.. 

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