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Inter Dominion Grand Final Night GP

Harness & Greyhounds
Fantastic 11 race program for final night.

Good to see TABtouch up with fixed odds for all events.
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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    6,930 posts
    Fancy Ultimate Machete drawing the one again..ya wouldn't read about it!

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  • JellJell    806 posts
    I know nothing about Harness Racing but double figures for Lennytheshark seems massive odds.

    Or is his drawn stacked against him?
  • VillageKidVillageKid    1,140 posts
    The tricky draw and the fact all of his main opposition are drawn inside him Jell but he is still too good to completely leave out of calculations. 
  • JayJayJayJay    4,530 posts
    If Lenny goes straight the breeze?? He will get cover for sure if he times it right and then.....a bit of a forgotten horse I think. Really is the best final on paper for decades.
  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    1,481 posts
    "@GloucesterPark wow!Just had a look at Friday's card for racing in Australia and the card proves it.Keep up the great work especially for us here in the eastern states that luv your product!"

    The above is a tweet from an interstate harness racing fan and is perhaps a timely reminder to the knockers of our racing in WA.

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  • KTQKTQ    114 posts
    Vultan Tin's mother died. There will be no more baby Vultans running around :( 
  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    1,481 posts
    Biggest meeting of the year and still no form comment available on the HRA website.
  • KTQKTQ    114 posts
    but you know if they did have form, it'd say something reeeeally helpful like 'Overlook last 3 runs against tough company. Market may be best guide'.   :>
  • JayJayJayJay    4,530 posts
    Full form guide was up last night straight after the fields were there....give mouse a chance to sharpen his pencil, for goodness sake.
  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    1,481 posts
    JayJay said:

    Full form guide was up last night straight after the fields were there....give mouse a chance to sharpen his pencil, for goodness sake.

    Kalgoorlie already up and usually GP up first thing Wednesday morning.
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    6,930 posts
    edited December 2017
    After two excellent efforts at GP Mary Catherine went to Bunbury and won at $24.30 then backed that up again at $15.60.

    Friday night and back to Gloucester she's $8.50 and $2.40. Has to be a hope again at the good odds.
  • GilgameshGilgamesh    2,814 posts
    My thoughts on the meeting with a caveat that I wrote these after working all day, getting home to sit down to do the form only to get called out and then work all night! So sorry if the English skills are lacking or even worse there are no winners!

    R1: Talktomeyourmajesty looks the leader and is a horse that goes at a decent clip. Originally I thought the race mapped perfect for Marry Catherine but second look has me worried that Therugo pushes through hard on the back of the 2 and she gets trapped 3 wide. She is racing fantastic but I don’t like the risk attached. I’ve settled on something EW Aussie Delight as I think he will sit just off them and C Alford on is a major plus. Elsu gets the right run behind them although I think the better run will be 3 back which is Addfueltofire but I just don’t think he can quicken in this class. Against Therugo, don’t see him getting it how he wants here.
    Tip: 2 Talktomeyourmajesty. Bet: EW No4 Aussie Delight. EQ: 1,2,3,4.

    R2: Thought the speed would come from Skippy Rascal, Mighty Mr Sharky and Wardan Express who I think is the likely leader. Loving how No7 Carter Michael is going, I thought he could be put into it whenever the tempo allowed and go on with it. I wanted to take Simba Bromac on but Bronze Seeker isn’t quick out and Purdon is a typical pretty polite NZ driver so I expect it to get into the moving line, any horse who can sprint the times it has regardless of race class has to be respected.
    Tip: No7 Cater Michael. Bet. No7 Carter Michael 30EW. EQ: 1,3,4,6,7.

    R3: Parisian Partygirl looks the leader to me and I think it can be the winner for visiting reinswoman Hannah Miller. She has shown great speed in the past and went to the line hard held last start. No denying the 1 and 2 will both want to hold up as well, whoever can do it out of the three is clearly the one to beat as they are all going ok. Bettor Bling should enjoy trucking along behind the speed. If I was to take one on it would be Madam Meilland but I keep going back to that first win in WA, looks like it could get a similar trip here, not willing to take any on in the EQ so small % the play.
    Tip: Parisian Partygirl. Bet EW Parisian Partygirl. EQ:1,2,3,9,10.

    R4: Not sure if Bettor Be Supreme crosses or Eden Franco holds it but I am pretty confident that whoever has it early will hand up to Ameretto. That has to make her hard to beat but I’m still not completely convinced by her. I love the thought of Piccadilly Princess coiled up and unleashing over the 2500m, she will do me. I don’t like Alice at the 2500m so I’m going to risk her. Sheer Rocknroll is one of mine and I thought she was better last week than the 3rd the week prior. Sat up nice and close I will take her as the blowout.
    Tip: No10 A Piccadilly Princess. Bet: EW No10 A Piccadilly Princess. EQ: 3,5,10. 100% costs $300, probably way too much but as said earlier I don’t want to leave any more out.

    R5: Plenty of horses with decent form but if Argyle Red races as genuinely as he has at his last two it should be winning. Sokys Bigbullet should be up dictating outside him, needs to find his best form but will get his chance to show it.
    Tip: No1 Argyle Red. No bet. QD:1,2.

    R6: The big dance. I’m not going to pretend to know how it will be run. I am however very confident that Soho Tribecca will be running on at them late, if not over the top of them. As a bet EW he stands out to me. I’ve had something EW Have Faith in me as well, is coming good at the right time.
    Tip: No4 Soho Tribecca. Bet: Money back Soho Tribeca, EW Have Faith In Me. QD:1,2,4,9,10.

    R7: Ultimate Machete is all class, probably no challenger for the lead this week, how far does he win by? Space Junk crosses the 2, hands up to Motu Meteor and we probably don’t see any change until 300m from home. The 10,11,12 look the likely pegs horses so that is the way I will play the novelties.
    Tip: No1 Ultimate Machete. Bet: FF:1/3,4,10,11/3,4,10,11,12/3,4,10,11,12. 100% costs $48. QD:1.

    R8: The Bucket List and Ohoka Punter are two horses who did their best racing in the last round of heats which I like. Not much between them as an on top pick for me. Major Crocker doing no work in the run is the other winning chance for me.
    Tip: No6 The Bucket List. Bet: EW The Bucket List. QD: 6,7,10. 100% cost $30.

    R9: Spent a lot of time on this race. A lot of speed early from 1,2,3,4,5 and 8. In the end I came back to the fact that this is a Kerryn Manning race. I thought she might get past Reaza Grunter early and possibly find the top but if not I still thought just letting it run Stroke Of Luck might just keep going.
    Tip: No4 Stroke Of Luck. Bet: No4 Stroke Of Luck EW.

    R10: Should be one of the better trot races we have seen at GP. Don’t know enough about them to make a prediction but will be cheering for Sunnys Little Whiz.

    R11: For the first time in a long time Americanbootscooter gets to show his best as he looks to get a chance to lead along with a grade drop. I’m just not sure that he is going anywhere near his top, might be time for him to make his way to the US which I am assuming is his final destination. Loved how Costa Del Magnifico was finding the line last week. There are enough run along horses in this race so that he should get a genuine tempo and be able to run over the top of them.
    Tip: No3 Costa Del Magnifico. Bet: EW No3 Costa Del Magnifico.

    Good luck all. Should be a spectacular night of racing.
  • ciscocisco    658 posts
    Great work Gil good luck buddy

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  • MoonrakerMoonraker    23 posts

    Anyone know if Alan Parker is any good at predicting the future??

    He's got Vultan Tin pencilled in for 3rd already :)


  • whos going to be in the death in the final 

    i think tribeca - will laz want the chair at some point? 

    i cant see prentice handing the chair to laz so he is 3 wide for last lap .... or tara hands - no 

    so i cant see laz winning 

    would the bull be best off getting on laz back from the start?
  • given the high % of leaders at GP who win 

    here are my leaders 

    1. talk to me your mattjesty - hard to beat
    2.  not sure yet maybe the pole
    3. dia mia more - hard to beat
    4. amaretto - should win
    5. sokys i think will cross and win
    6. tiger tara - look at bunbury, hes going to be difficult to run down, lazerus wants to handle the bends better one from pegs 
    8. yaya will kead and if no pressure then hes gome - devendra i cant see going at him again
    9.reza prob leads but eljacko is goimg to be way too good for them 
    10. trot ignore
    11. bootscoota leads and will relish it- tanaka if it leads the death horse wins 

  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    6,930 posts
    edited December 2017
    Good questions...the horse who is a silly chance to get behind Tiger Tara but only if the Bull prefers to trail up on the back of Lazarus is Vulcan Tin...at worst he should be three back the pegs behind Chicago Bull, with a slight chance of being leaders back.

    Voaky is outstanding in getting outsiders down to the pegs quickly. The Vulcan is 150/1 but he won't disgrace himself. 2936 metres and a soft run on the pegs he might keep whacking away.

    If Tiger Tara can lead all the way over the marathon journey with the pressure that will come a fair way from home from two of the toughest horses going around it will go down as one of the great leading from barrier to box efforts seen.

    Think he's a major player and a big chance..in saying that if was a bookie would be laying him to kingdom come!
  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    973 posts
    As soon as the dust settles Lewis is off to the breeze with HFIM then hands to Lazarus. Fraught with danger for Purdon having Lewis on his back in the 1 x 1 though.......

  • MarkovinaMarkovina    773 posts
    Heard Todd McCarthy interviewed tonight on the radio - 6PR Sports Show - about half past 7 - didnt give much away - flying in Thursday afternoon . He said Plan A is obviously  to keep the lead - which they think they will - and if not attacked in front  - they think they can win - 2900 metres no problem whatsoever  - the week between runs is perfect - very happy and a bit surprised how well the horse has held up - given its tough NZ Campaign . Asked if he didnt have his own drive - who would he like to be on - nominated Lazarus - where as Prentice last night nominated Chicago Bull

    They mentioned he had  3 other drives for the night - and for what it is worth - reading between the lines - he was quite bullish on Egodan winning the consolation

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  • jumjum    2,342 posts

    Everyone is reading way too much into this.

     My last tip on a trotting thread was Bashful Compton @ around $8 2 years ago.

    Lazarus. When his career is all said and done will be up with the greatest ever. He is a 5 yr old coming into his prime. Won $2.7 MIl. 32 races from 37. Purdon left him home last year for this year. 

    Purdon can do as he likes from 2.

    PLEASE  Just take the $2.50. It will be another 2years before I throw out another winner with this confidence.

    Lazarus just wins


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  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    1,481 posts
    Finals held from the mobile at GP are a contradiction to common belief regarding leaders.

    Jodies Babe sat 1/1, Our Maestro led and ran 2nd
    Young Mister Charles sat on the leader,Sunshine Band led and ran 2nd
    Jofess led and won by a nose in a four way go
    ITMQ came from near last, Mr Feelgood led and ran 8th
    Lenny The Shark faced the breeze, Lovers Delight led and ran 2nd
    Smolda sat on the pace, Run One Over led and ran last

    So only one leader has won from the mobile in six finals held at GP.
  • AbbysAceAbbysAce    193 posts

    As soon as the dust settles Lewis is off to the breeze with HFIM then hands to Lazarus. Fraught with danger for Purdon having Lewis on his back in the 1 x 1 though.......

    I think the other way around. Lazarus to death 2 laps out, followed around by Lewis who will then keep the pressure on, as per the norm in NZ. Purdon always gets the less favoured stablemate to do the donkey work for the more favoured runner. 
  • JayJayJayJay    4,530 posts
    2 group one  Million Dollar races this weekend....one with the field having a combined total of 37 group 1 wins....and the other with a combined total of 7 group 1 wins......one with 5 millionaires running around, the other with 3 millionaires engaged.....one with average stake earnings per runner of  $1.075,000 per horse, the other with $875,000 per horse.
    (Alan Parker's stats, not mine)
    I'll be going to both in a rare foray to Ascot.....wouldn't miss either for quids. If we want to keep the quality of racing at a high standard, no matter what our complaints or misgivings are, the answer is simples....Get to the track....and in Gloucester Parks case, possibly the best field ever assembled.

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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    973 posts
    edited December 2017

    Not a bad bit of debate even if it is Victorian in its bias early on.
  • FastmoneyFastmoney    4,912 posts
  • VillageKidVillageKid    1,140 posts
    Race 1- TalkToMeUrMattJesty
    Race 2- Simba Bromac
    Race 3- Madame Meilland
    Race 4- Eden Franco
    Race 5- Sokys BigBullet
    Race 6- Chicago Bull
    Race 7- Ultimate Machete
    Race 8- The Bucket List
    Race 9- El Jacko
    Race 10- Sunnys Little Whiz
    Race 10- New World Order

    What a magnificent card of pacing has been assembled for tonight. 
    I cant remember a better one certainly at least since the 1980s.
  • JayJayJayJay    4,530 posts
    edited December 2017
    Spot on VK, just loading the car for the trip up....like a kid going to a candy store.  There has been a lot of good work done by all manner of people to put this whole deal together, it truly promises to be a night of knights. Still have no real idea who will win the big dance but I will have a throw at the stumps at the Bull....but Lazarus is the best horse in the race and it would be justice if he won.
  • savethegamesavethegame    824 posts
    Spent more than enough time listening to the ones that live and breath this game,and my own mad little theories over 45yrs following this industry.....what makes this inters far better race at.g.p then anywhere else. is the speed some of these great  horses are going to run this race at between 14m-14.8metres a second.,some of them to fast for g.p regarding the balance aspect. think if it was in straightline over1600 think purdon would run one two...

    Based on not knowing if any of the ifs or whats will happen....
     Chicago bull is a balanced little horse will be able to relate to any speed...will not be involved in early burn, hope one of those drawn   wide will chance there arm.san carlo?...prizemoney 6th -10th is the same 22k.. the most a horse like vultin tin will bring home in a single race in his 90 starts career provided he doesn't finish first five..

    1st chicargo bull 2nd tiger tara 3rd lennythe shark.  4thsan carlo.. can't wait;; good luck to all concerned

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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    973 posts
    There are 3 horses that have won heavyweight G1 titles in the race...Lenny Lazarus & HFIM..
    The Bull has won light heavyweight titles in the WA  & Freo Cups. Add perennial contenderTiger Tara from gate one and that is the first 5 for mine.

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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    973 posts
    Is there any chance Shannon will light the wick on Shandale out of the gate ? He has been forgotten as a serious chance but could turn the race on it's head if he uses his extreme gate speed for a couple of hundred metres. Maybe....maybe not.??

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