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RIORIO    14,882 posts
Will get wins this campaign and my even work its way into city class as it gets up to the 1600m +


  • RIORIO    14,882 posts
    Racing at Bunbury in Race 5 on Sunday..Has stepped up in distance a bit too quickly for my liking, but not a very strong field so may sneak in for a place at probably good e/w odds..If they are paying 3rd place obviously!!! 8 accepted, but if it drops to 7 or less it'd just be worth a small e/w bet.
  • TheSwooperTheSwooper    1,717 posts
    It looked the part Rio. A good training effort by Miller to get Grand Cadeau ready 1st up.
  • RIORIO    14,882 posts
    Yeah I didn't expect that from GC, did it well.......Yes it was in the right position and did continue to run on.. As suggested a bit too much of a step up I think, but not too far off. Certainly not sacked.
  • RIORIO    14,882 posts
    Reckon the 1675 was too much for him last start. Back to the 1400m will be better but not game to back it yet!!??!!?
  • RIORIO    14,882 posts
    In again today....reckon it has blown this campaign and if I could I'd delete the blackbook watch!!!
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