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ColdyColdy    1,598 posts
Did a good job at odds, from a long way back first up. Will be winning a race or 2 very soon i reckon. 


  • ColdyColdy    1,598 posts
    I have been awall  , Just watched the replay of last start as blackbook notifications are not working. Was going to bolt in 500 from home then was not ridden hard to get warm. almost jog trotting ? Injured? Or Dodgy ?.Watch replay 
  • ColdyColdy    1,598 posts

    Massive win from last today at over $16 fixed. Watch the replay of the last .Impressive stuff . Been very patient with this one


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  • jumjum    2,407 posts
    edited September 2018
    Ive backed him in both his wins, was huge yesterday

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  • ColdyColdy    1,598 posts
    Should be Skinnen Tins in tittle Admin .   Will be zooming home at Kal tomorrow

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  • TheDivaTheDiva    11,202 posts
    very plain effort.

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  • jumjum    2,407 posts
    Weak today

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