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  • tony   59 seconds ago
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Where is Paul Harvey?

West Australian Racing
? ? ?


  • RodentRodent    4,546 posts
    I was thinking the same thing just the other day. At home counting his money?

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  • spinkingspinking    1,709 posts
    You blokes will get in trouble you know your not allowed to ask questions about the pontif on here

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  • rustyhrustyh    2,249 posts
    ^:)^ ^:)^
  • tofarkennardtofarkennard    141 posts
    Probably retired no fuss/no meida just how he likes it !!

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  • scenic11scenic11    208 posts
    Enjoyed a good break and back soon I hear on the grapevine

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  • spinkingspinking    1,709 posts
     I heard he sold up in MT lawley living down in Mandurah and giving Lindsay Smith a hand . Heavens know why just what I heard

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  • RIORIO    13,740 posts
    scenic11 said:

    Enjoyed a good break and back soon I hear on the grapevine

    geez I hope your right

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  • BobcatBobcat    52 posts
    Thanks guys. Admin can you delete this post please?
  • thefalconthefalcon    15,250 posts
    post or thread, bobcat?
  • paraleticparaletic    2,841 posts
    edited January 9
    Why delete it for? Nothing untoward here. No "bad wishes" only people wanting to see him come back.

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  • spinkingspinking    1,709 posts
    That's a bit different Bobcat you start a thread then want it removed. And what is it your thanking people for?
  • therealkramertherealkramer    6,220 posts
    spinking said:

    That's a bit different Bobcat you start a thread then want it removed. And what is it your thanking people for?

    @Fastmoney strikes again? ;))
  • RIORIO    13,740 posts
    I'll vouch for bobcat on this.

    They have got an answer, which for lots of reasons they don't need to share, so there is no need for the thread anymore....

    They started it, they have asked for it to be shut down......Not for any adverse comments, or for any over zealous Harvey camp notes, as we may have seen in the past ...just no need for it to be here.

    And lets hope the great man is back on a horse soon... Harvey, not Bobcat!!! haha 

    So if @Chris  or @TheDiva can trust my intentions and close the thread that'd be appreciated
  • paraleticparaletic    2,841 posts
    if we deleted the threads that didnt need to be here there would only be 5 threads in total on this whole site, fair dinkum. When PTT goes PC  [-(

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  • spinkingspinking    1,709 posts
    Told you ask a question about the pontiff and the above happens. So now if you don't like the content of a thread you just ask to have it deleted where should I start
  • careycarey    6,068 posts
    Yes I think Rio has it wrong here, in fact it would probably do the opposite!
    I was not going to post on this thread, but, thank you Rio...I now have! >:D<

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  • RIORIO    13,740 posts
    The beauty of opinions.....In this instance I'm comfortable with my stance on it, for my reasons based on what I know........ But I'm usually not, if that helps confuse everyone a bit  more...hahaha
  • hashhash    6,084 posts
    Nothing untoward has been posted here Mr Rio, all looks fine to me and it looks to have created constructive discussion... sounds like you finally landed that job of being his racing manager :P

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  • frenc11frenc11    101 posts
    as one of the best in perth , his return can only be good for racing

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  • paraleticparaletic    2,841 posts
    Would love to see him back riding. Hope he does make a comback. He won me a motza one day riding for mr edwards in the champion fillies. Horse paid 60 or 80/1 cant remember but it was a big night

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  • RIORIO    13,740 posts
    edited January 11
    Your all nice blokes, and I'm just a prick..hahahahahahaha I was just trying to help out an occasional poster who had got the answer he wanted.....And saw no need to keep the thread up...

    Hang on..........Now I re-read it, I think I got the first sentence ass about ;-) Oh well i'll leave it up there as you all don't like the idea of taking stuff down 
    :)) :)) :))

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  • spinkingspinking    1,709 posts
    Your humour knows no bounds Rio

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  • rustyhrustyh    2,249 posts
    edited January 11
    :)] :-j $-) <:-P :-bd \:D/ :>
    Hey Para. I had $2 each way on the Great Man and Eight Til Late that glorious day!
    First ride back from suspension. Big race. 60/1.
    Popped out of the barriers 2 lengths last, scraped the rail at the tail of the field, rounds the turn and pulls off the fence and just goes 'BANG'!!
    =D> =D> ^:)^

  • paraleticparaletic    2,841 posts
    great stroll down memory lane there rustyh . what a win that was 

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  • tonytony    1,679 posts

  • tonytony    1,679 posts
    Booked to ride Mythical Saga at Ascot on Wednesday

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  • rustyhrustyh    2,249 posts
    <:-P :-bd
    Fantastic news Tony. 
    Cheers ol mate.
    The Legend returns. 
    All hail the great man.
    ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^ :> B-) :x <:-P :-bd \m/ :)>-

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  • RodentRodent    4,546 posts
    Eight Till Late trained by Shane Edwards and never raced again after that win. It won the same year Guest Wing won the Perth Cup. Wasn't there some controversy with that Cup? Race day treatment perhaps?
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    6,713 posts
    edited January 12
    It's worth googling ( horse ) Guest Wing and reading all his race starts especially after his win in the 2011 Perth Cup...to start the ball rolling his first two runs after the Cup were on January 29th 2011 when surprisingly turned up at Sandown and ran 9th beaten 10.25 lengths, ridden by Brad Parnham.

    Then out of the blue next run was 13th Febuary 2011 when of all places appeared in the Hobart Cup and finished 12th, beaten 7 lengths , the hoop - Danny Nickolic.

    Won't go into anymore race starts after those 2 runs except to say - incredible! Think Leyland Brothers ( remember them ) and I've been everywhere man!

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  • spinkingspinking    1,709 posts
    Strange or just coincidence the timing of this thread. The pontif has not had a race ride since early march last year this thread appears and wolla he has a ride this coming Wednesday. Good luck ponti

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