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Now we have seen the last gsme of cricket at the Wacca,has asnyone heard of the plans for it now,or does it just grt sold off for more high rises?one thing for sure its very pricy Real Estate.


  • jumjum    2,407 posts

    As far as I know the WACA is staying Status Quo, only the big games will be played at the new stadium. Aus Vs West Indies, Sri Lanka and so on, will still be at the WACA.

    Aus vs England, India and South Africa will be at Perth Stadium.

  • TiversTivers    6,816 posts
    The plan was to shrink it down to 15,000 capacity, and use / sell off the land freed up around it - playing matches such as mentioned above there - plus was to become the new home for the WAFC, play WAFL matches there etc
    However...... during the December test they appeared to retreat on that saying all matches would be played at the Stadium now.
    So quite possibly it will be turned in to a football ground primarily, on which Sheffield Sheild matches can be played in summer.
  • TheDivaTheDiva    11,202 posts
    im happy to see the back of it. 
    A stadium where you have a members ticket... but its still a free for all when you get into the ground for a seat?
    taking a lead in a demountable that is a centremetre deep in urine? 
    I went to the last game on Thursday and will be going to teh first Scorchers game at the new stadium next Thursday. I cant wait! 
  • TiversTivers    6,816 posts
    We’ll see.
    I’m sceptical what “members” at the stadium is going to be like, but will find out tomorrow I guess...
  • TheDivaTheDiva    11,202 posts
    what was it like? 
  • TiversTivers    6,816 posts
    See my post in other thread sorry.
    Stadium overall - great.
    Facilities as a member - a downgrade from WACA. Nowhere to congregate for a beer. No atmosphere etc.
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