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AFL and NRL don't pay TAX!

rustyhrustyh    2,249 posts
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Honestly.....who knew that they paid NO tax?

Add this to the list of shiit thats going on in Australia.

We are just about rooted!
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  • TiversTivers    6,842 posts
    Not a patch on the churches
  • hashhash    6,206 posts
    churches are non profit though I thought... 
  • TiversTivers    6,842 posts
    So is AFL.
    It’s an association.
    Point being no one owns it / profits from it.
    And anyone that does earn from it pays taxes on their earnings.
  • rustyhrustyh    2,249 posts
    :)] 8-|
    Call it what you like but its absolute bullshiit!

  • tonytony    1,736 posts
    A point that should be made is that the AFL have contributed (small) amounts to the infrastructure in SA, Victoria but contributed not one cent to the stadium in Perth
  • TiversTivers    6,842 posts
    AFL pays a sh!tload of tax(es).

    Payroll tax for starters.
    A mountain of GST.

    They don't pay "income tax" because they're an association, and associations aren't taxed (Company's and Individuals are taxed), and also because there is no residual income flowing from it..........all funds are reinvested (so over time with depn on assets acquired etc, "profit" is nil), or paid out (whomever that is to pays tax on it).

    The AFL not contributing to the WA stadium when it did in other states is BS, yes.

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