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AFL The 15 metre rule for a mark is a f'kn joke

licklick    170 posts
The AFL rule is;
A Mark is taken if, in the opinion of the field Umpire, a Player catches or takes
control of the football:
(a) within the Playing Surface; and
(b) after it has been Kicked by another Player a distance of
at least
15 metres;

AT LEAST 15 METRES! Please make the effort to measure out 15 metres to appreciate the distance. 

In every AFL game on umpteen times a match (sometimes three and four kicks/marks in a row) marks are paid that barely cover 8,9,10 or 12 metres.

AFL has professional umpires who have no f'kn idea what the distance is. If they did know, and only paid marks that covered a distance of 15 metres you would find the game would open up a bit. Its not rocket surgery.

I know the ovals are mowed back and forth every 10 metres, but at ground level you can't see the mowing, but for goodness sake umpires learn what distance 15 metres is - and adhere to the rule, be gutsy, don't fall for the player showing behaviour that he has marked the ball and is taking his kick.

I've seen some balls travel albeit 7 or so metres in the forward line resulting in an easy shot for goal. 

This sounds stupid, but 15 metres is further than the general footy fan realises.

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