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  • GaryH   15 seconds ago
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Congratulations Nic Natinui

detonatordetonator    1,112 posts
Congratulations to Nic Nat for not bowing to the PC brigade and reading a prepared statement after the disappointment of a tribunal decision not going in his favour.
He vowed not to change his tackling technique when it would have been easy to appease the Michael Christian's of the world that want to change the fabric of the game.
Whether you agree with the decision or not, Nic had the guts to stand firm in his belief in what he did was not against the rules and will continue to do what he has always done.
Shame other players and coaches don't have the same intestinal fortitude as Nic and tell it from the heart rather than hide behind prepared PC statements.
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  • spinkingspinking    1,522 posts
    The days of big men tackling  are numbered in footy. They are seriously turning this once great game into s.... We might have to start watching the womans game  (hell forbid ) because that's the way it is headed

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  • TiversTivers    6,469 posts
    so he's going to give away a push in the back free every time he tackles ?

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  • OnyaChinaOnyaChina    9 posts
    If the AFL is going to dish out overzealous suspensions for “rough conduct” for the sake of player protection what sanctions does Port face, and in particular the club doctor, for allowing Amon to return to the field?

    I 100% agree with the need to protect players but the duty of care doesn’t stop with opposition players.

    Where did the AFL find this Jeff Gleeson bloke? Suggesting that in a split second a player should consider not only which direction an opposition player will turn, how to make tackle contact legally, but also weigh up the degree of weight advantage? Give me a break.

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  • detonatordetonator    1,112 posts
    If you get a player who is strong thru the hips and can stand up in a tackle ala Robert Harvey or Chris Judd, you are allowed as many people as you want to tackle that player to try and bring him to ground. If in the tackle his legs buckle and twist and does an ACL, that is legal.
    Do we limit how many people that can engage in one tackle because of the possible outcome ???
  • RIORIO    13,477 posts
    Tivers said:

    so he's going to give away a push in the back free every time he tackles ?

    Against the swans in Round 1, he laid a very similar tackle and got a free kick right in front of goals!!!!! So maybe it depends on the size of the person he is tackling. If under 6ft and 75kg he gives  free kick away. If over that he gets the free kick!?!?!?!

    Pharquing confusing deciision
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