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Luke Parker no case to answer

detonatordetonator    1,725 posts
If you think Nic Nat divided opinions and dominated social media etc last week.
It will have nothing on this one. I am absolutely dumbfounded by Christian's decision.
I reckoned 3 weeks minimum. Impey was lucky he didn't end up in a wheelchair after that one.


  • hashhash    6,353 posts
    Cotchin last year in the finals got nothing and it was a similar hit as they keep harping on about so this decision doesn't surprise me
  • detonatordetonator    1,725 posts
    The commentators were quick to compare with Cotchin.
    Cotchin hit was more side on and head and shoulder. Probably more shoulder.
    Impeys hit was flush front on. And he fell straight backwards. Shiel stayed on his feet.
    Lucky he didn'tt get any neck compression damage.
    But the tribunal is lucky dip.
    If the stretcher was called he would have been looking at 6.
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