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Where is Kalgoorlie headed

West Australian Racing
MuldoonMuldoon    134 posts
Looking at the past few meetings and this Sunday a total of 49 horses and only one race that will pay 1.2,3

With Kalgoorlie trots in a holding pattern, are the races heading in a similar way up there.

This weeks meeting a total of 20 trainers - 15 Kalgoorlie based & 5 outside

Local Trainer Peter Fernie has 11 runners (22%), Craig Wright 5 (10%), Brett Matthews & Paul Smythe 4 each (8%), which contributes to 49% of runners at the meeting


  • MuldoonMuldoon    134 posts
    edited May 16
  • TheDivaTheDiva    10,860 posts
    its not many rides to go around for the jocks.
    must be hard to make a living these days with the field sizes. 
  • savethegamesavethegame    703 posts
    At this stage  looks like the last with 11 runners, may struggle as only nine jockeys named to compete at the meeting..in racebook............. P.Hall only rider with full book.
  • paraleticparaletic    2,663 posts
    I think it was R Hill on radio last week said there is no point forking out a plane ticket to go there for only 3 rides so some may soon stay at home. Tell you what if you had an animal, any animal, with four legs send it to Kal make some doe

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  • ChrisChris    3,997 posts
    Bit harsh, the early Sat meetings are always down
  • MuldoonMuldoon    134 posts
    Chris said:

    Bit harsh, the early Sat meetings are always down

    Saturday meetings are gone, we are already into Sunday meetings.
  • paraleticparaletic    2,663 posts
    No thread for todays Kalgoorlie. Says alot really. Struggletown. Be good if you had a couple of horses there tho.
  • RodentRodent    4,407 posts
    Terrible meeting. I should have stayed away.........not a collect all day.
  • ChrisChris    3,997 posts
    Horrible meeting
  • RIORIO    13,477 posts
    44 horses went around and there was prize-money on offer for 70 horses.....And around 20 trainers, nearly half of them with only 1 runner.

    If it keeps going on like that i might be sending a few up there for the second half of their season!!!
  • savethegamesavethegame    703 posts
    It will correct itself slighty ,but as Kalgoorlie has been known as last dance last chance, the attrition rate is high,the follow up horses aren't there plus alot metro trainers can ill afford to lose clients with horses not performing at kalg.....The talk at the moment theres over 300 empty boxes at ascot..

    W.A. from the first of march .2018 till 20th may these been 66 meetings in 81 days..
    Over the winter months there are less meetings all we can hope kalg can benefit  from that  or they will look down the barrel of fortnightly racing then what?,..that would be disastrous   for local trainers to program horses..certain distances &class may only come around once in six weeks to suit, 

    As stated its not worth jockeys flying for less then four rides, as today two horses where scratched no jocks.. say three fields of 12, and other races  with smaller fields will struggle to save the day ....Short term fix, float fee  subsidys should be afforded to owners..on top of unplaced monies after all they put the show on.

  • RIORIO    13,477 posts
    Every horse that ran today got a cheque...You cant get much more of a subsidy than that..RWWA with their Westspeed has been one of the biggest destroyers of the industry IMO....Helps out breeders wonderfully, destroys ownership...and i've explained that so many times i don't feel like doing it again, as i know i am in the minority
  • MuldoonMuldoon    134 posts
    I see Kalgoorlie, are now offering float subsidies to outside trainers. Interesting to see size of nominations this afternoon

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  • spinkingspinking    1,522 posts
    Little bit of track here with Kal . But can someone explain the last few weeks at Ascot fields have been terribly small . Then back to Belmont and bang full fields
  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    6,415 posts
    spinking said:

    Little bit of track here with Kal . But can someone explain the last few weeks at Ascot fields have been terribly small . Then back to Belmont and bang full fields

    Surface conditions ?

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  • spinkingspinking    1,522 posts
    Don't know if that's the case Damien seems to happen every year
  • GLAMOURGLAMOUR    262 posts
    Apparently the Ascot track was terrible,probably hasnt helped with the dry weather we have had,or maybe Ascot went 2 -3 wks to long instead of going back to Belmont at the beginning of May,cant blame curator for the dry spell of weather we have had.as was said massive fields at Belmont.
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    1,623 posts
    Fair likelihood of a slow track for the first day back too..If the forecast rain for thursday and friday eventuates..
  • psychopsycho    194 posts
    Whilst the nominations for Belmont on Saturday were good the acceptances are nothing special now. One race with 17 and one with 16 then 4 races with 11, one with 10 and the other with 6. On a personal level I feel 10 -14 is a good number to bet into so hopefully the track holds up ok as Chris Nation has said it would. Feel Chris had done a super job in his time here to this time  =D>
  • Jeb1980Jeb1980 Posts: 1
    Looks like the Kalgoorlie fields have improved following the float subsidy announcement. Good on those like Warwick, Smith and the Pearce brothers for supporting the KBRC. 60 horses across 6 races isn't a bad number! 

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  • (May 24 11:42PM )
    ChrisChris    3,997 posts
    Can barely get warm on 6 races!
  • (May 25 12:05AM )
    DamienWyerDamienWyer    6,415 posts
    Without a integrated plan between RWWA and the Club, thoroughbred racing in Kal could go the way of the trots if they are not careful.
  • (May 25 03:39AM )
    thefalconthefalcon    15,113 posts
    and who at RWWA could hatch an intergrated plan, damo?
  • (May 25 04:15AM )
    DotardDotard    12 posts
    thefalcon said:

    and who at RWWA could hatch an intergrated plan, damo?

    Makes sense that Tim Beaver would get behind it, former CEO of KBRC and now GM of Thoroughbred Racing.

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  • (May 25 04:28AM )
    savethegamesavethegame    703 posts
    Sinking when he was there, do you think he would turn it around from the outside? fortnight racing looks likely next  year?.. a weeks break over Leonora golden gift w/end so numbers will climb for the 3 weeks after the longweekend
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