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After trying to make sense of the Elitelopp, and failing miserably, some horses from down under appeared in the USA Results this week.

Good old Christen Me, now a 10 year and one of my favourite horses, just keeps winning over there but he is down in class winning an $18k race in a lazy 1.50.2 whilst Heaven Rocks ran a close 2nd to Fillibuster Hanover in the  $150k Commodore Cup going 1.48.2.

And in a rare coincidence, brothers Brookies Jet and Brookies Prince nearly bought up an international double....Brookies Jet winning in Northam WA in 1.58.1 and Brookies Prince 3rd in 1.52.1 in America, a long way away from their foaling paddock in North Island NZ.
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  • therealkramertherealkramer    6,930 posts
    1:50.2? Where exactly in the US was that?  @JayJay?
  • JayJayJayJay    5,181 posts
    Harrah's Casino in Philadelphia TRK...it is a 5/8 mile track attached to the Casino....they call it a "Racino" (only in America)....serious racing, 15 events on the card, a number of $150k features, some sire stakes races ($80k, one of the fillies races won by Australian owned Serene Stride) and high quality horses engaged for good money. Christen Me was on the "undercard", an $18k race and my mistake, he went 1.50.4. It is a very fast dance floor.

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  • JayJayJayJay    5,181 posts
    A few names pop up in this weeks USA results.....Heaven Rocks went 1.50 flat in winning a $30k race, Robbie Burns previously a prolific NZ winner in good company went 1.50.2 in running 3rd as did Nike Franco.
    Ex WA horses Soho Lennon, a horse punters ended up disliking....okay, maybe just me....WON going 1.52.1 and ex Prentice horse Abraxus Blues was 3rd in 1.52.2.

  • KTQKTQ    141 posts
    Shartin was also in. Came 5th after getting offstride
  • JayJayJayJay    5,181 posts
    Simply Susational wins in 1.53.4 last week in an $18k race.

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  • KTQKTQ    141 posts
    Shartin won the final of the Roses are Red in 1.49 and change

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  • JayJayJayJay    5,181 posts
    Both Ima Tragedy and Major Trick winners last week, (Our) Waikiki Beach 2nd, Runoneover and Soho Wallstreet 2nd and 3rd in the same race and Mister Daytona also 2nd.

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  • Master_Lavros1Master_Lavros1    10 posts
    Runone over was huge last night
  • JayJayJayJay    5,181 posts
    Heaven Rocks lowers his lifetime mark to 1.49.3 in winning his 30k Franklin Elim, nearly an international double for Springsteen as his 3yo US namesake was 2nd in 1.49.4 to go with the local GP win of Springsteen on Friday night....dual naming is a major headache when doing horse searches internationally. Mach Time won in 1.53.2 and American Boy also won, in 1.53.1.

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  • JayJayJayJay    5,181 posts
    Brookies Prince, a brother to Brookies Jet and the soon to arrive in WA Shadow Maker wins again in 1.54.1, Beach Goddess runs 2nd in 1.51, 8 year old Macon Georgia wins in 1.53.4, Run One Over 3rd in 1.51.2, American Boy 3rd in 1.50.4 and old Phoenix Warrior wins again in 1.50.2.
  • Kane_26Kane_26    81 posts
    I'm happy to be proven wrong but I think you'll find it's a different Beach Goddess.
  • JayJayJayJay    5,181 posts
    Yep, certainly is...a 4yo by Well Said (their's) v a 3yo by Somebeachsomewhere (ours).....thought it had grown a leg. As I said before, the perils of dual names and I didn't look closely enough. Cheers, be happy to be proven correct.
  • Kane_26Kane_26    81 posts
    Haha, normally I wouldn't of thought twice but I got told only a week ago that she had been bought local and I thought that must of been a massive turn around. I see both Dynamite Dude and Vanquished both won yesterday aswell.

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  • JayJayJayJay    5,181 posts
    Yes, I only do a quick scroll through, there are so many races over there...don't know if too many are interested but it may help to keep interest up in what is a quiet time and their handicap system (or a model thereof) is probably about to happen over here, so a bit of familiarity might not hurt. Seems to be opportunities for older horses to race on over there.
  • RexRex    326 posts
    VAPOUR N  was entered to race on 07/01/18 at Harrah's Philadelphia, Race #14.

    Race Time:0:26.4 - 0:56.3 - 1:24.2 - 1:51.4
    Finishing Position: 1st
    Odds to $1: 0.80
    Driver: Berry, Patrick D Trainer: Berry, Traci L

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  • JayJayJayJay    5,181 posts
    He must have been over there for a while now Rex...and getting on in years....and he goes 1.51.4....one of Snrs as I recall but it must be 3 or 4 years since he raced here. Opens with a 26.4 and closes with a 27.2.
  • RexRex    326 posts
    JayJay said:

    He must have been over there for a while now Rex...and getting on in years....and he goes 1.51.4....one of Snrs as I recall but it must be 3 or 4 years since he raced here. Opens with a 26.4 and closes with a 27.2.

    Has been there a while and won a lot of races.

  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    1,758 posts
    14 yo Foiled Again has won his 100th race at Harrahs Raceway Philadelphia.

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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    1,388 posts
     The Man Who Sold Foiled Again
    By Bill Finley
     There's a forgotten part of the Foiled Again story, buried
    under the mountains of money he's made these last several
    years and the many big races he has won. It's the first few
    chapters of his career, a story that begins well before Ron
    Burke and Yannick Gingras arrived on the scene, well before
    Foiled Again got his first headline. And it's the story of
    maybe the most lopsided sale in harness racing history.
    Foiled Again began his career for owner Patrick Lacey and
    trainer Hermann
    Heitman. Following a
    June 29, 2008 race
    at Chester, his
    record stood at 8 for
    46 and his career
    earnings were less
    than $80,000. There
    wasn't any reason to
    believe the horse
    was going to amount
    to much, so Lacey
    sold him–for
    $62,500. For his new
    owners the 9-year-old son of Dragon Again has made more
    than $5.9 million.
    "I can't be happy about it," Lacey said matter-of-factly.
    Lacey and his trainer Hermann Heitmann had their eye on
    Foiled Again at the 2005 Harrisburg sale because they had
    campaigned his mother, In A Safe Place, and Foiled Again's
    grand dam, Sunshine Judy. They bought the then yearling
    for $20,000.
    Foiled Again won his first career start, a non-winners of
    two at Freehold. The purse was $3,400 and the driver was
    Jim Marshall III.
    It was a promising start but the son of Dragon Again
    looked like he was just another horse. He went 4 for 22 in
    2007 as a 3-year-old and was 1 for 19 the following year
    before the Burkes took over.
    Right around that time, Heitmann was preparing Foiled
    Again's full brother, Spoiled Again, for the races. They had
    bought him in 2007 at Lexington for $25,000.
    "We had the full brother and we thought he was going to
    turn out to be the better of the two," Heitmann said. "We
    only keep a limited number of horses in order to keep
    expenses down. We thought we would sell Foiled Again and
    keep his brother instead. Later on, (Spoiled Again) wasn’t
    doing well as we were training him down. We took him to the
    New Bolton Center and they found out he had multiple holes
    in the heart. If I trained him more he probably would have
    fallen down dead.."
    Spoiled Again never raced and remains at New Bolton
    where he is used to help train staff and future
    It was Dave Reid from Preferred Equine who picked out
    Foiled Again when he was 4 and he called the Burkes and
    suggested they buy him. Reid is involved in the selling of
    so many horses that he barely remembers the details of
    the Foiled Again sale. Ron Burke said they paid $62,500
    for him.
    "We thought he'd be a good $50,000 claimer for us,"
    Burke said. “Really, nothing more.”
    At the time, Lacey thought the move made perfect
    "The price seemed right at the time," he said. He was 4
    for 22 for us as a 3-year-old and he just wasn't racing that
    good. They offered me more than three times what we
    paid him for so we decided to sell."
    Foiled Again won his second start for the Burkes. With
    Mickey Burke then listed as the trainer the win came in a
    $15,000 conditioned race at Yonkers, and Jason Bartlett
    was the driver. Foiled Again got better after the Burkes
    took over, but he would not develop into a star until later
    "I told my owner he was going to be better as an aged
    HarnessRacingUpdate.com • 12/6/13 PAGE 2 of 9
    horse, that he would get better over the years," Heitmann
    said. "Obviously, I didn't think he be that good."
    But he is that good. He's won 71 races for the Burkes and
    at age 9 is still going so strong that it looks like there are
    many more wins to come. Considering he's averaged $1.33
    million per year in earnings over the last three years, it's not
    hard to imagine him adding a lot more to his bankroll before
    he's done.
    "You have to take your hat off to that guy, Burke," Lacey
    said. "He's done a really good job. He's good at what he
    Heitmann said he still watches all of Foiled Again's races
    and admires him from afar. He recently donated his original
    halter to a charity auction.
    "I don't have any regrets," the German born trainer said.
    "We made some money with him and we sold him . That's
    how the business works."
    Lacey said the decision to sell Foiled Again bothered him
    for a while but he's gotten over it. Born in 1937, he's been in
    the business for a long time and knows that harness racing
    is filled with ups and downs.
    "I have had a lot of success with horses and in life as well,”
    Lacey said. “At my age you have to look at the positives and
    not look back and worry about something like selling a
  • JayJayJayJay    5,181 posts
    I hate those "loser becomes winner" stories.....makes you want to hang onto every no hoper you have ever had in the hope that "one day",  they will turn it all around and start winning haha. Seriously, it is these sort of stories that keep us all optimistic....and we all need seriously big doses of optimism to keep to keep spirits up at times.....or is it serious doses of spirits to keep optimism up? Not sure, but either way, lets keep on punching.
  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    1,758 posts
    FOILED AGAIN won his (NW2) on 10/12/06 for a purse of $3,400 @RacewayFreehold w/ driver Jim Marshall III & trainer Hermann Heitmann in 2:01.0. LQ :30.0. He would finish his 2YO campaign with 3 W 2 PL 0 SH in 5 races for $7,525.00.

    Sold as above and has gone on to win over $7m.
  • JayJayJayJay    5,181 posts
    Phoenix Warrior (now an 8yo) salutes again in 1.50.1 at the Meadows, Bungalow Bill wins in 1.53.1, Macon Georgia 3rd in 1.51.2, great old champ Christen Me (now a 10 yo) runs 2nd in 1.52.0, Abraxas Blues wins in 1.52.1, Soho Jackman (9yo) 2nd in 1.51.0, Mister Daytona wins in 1.53.2 and old Macintosh 2nd in 1.53.2.

    The big story stateside this week is the banning of a driver...Brian Sears....from driving at Meadowlands....... by the track owner. His crime? Chose to drive at Yonkers in preference over a period of time. And the Meadowlands track owner banned him?????

    Privately owned tracks, the power of local bosses????.....I know our model isn't perfect but perish the day anyone suggests privatising tracks. Imagine (for example only) if the boss of Gloucester Park HRC chose to ban say Shannon Suvaljko or Aiden DeCampo or anyone else because they had a decent book of drives at a clashing Friday Night meeting at Wagin or Busselton. Drivers are being urged to boycott the Meadowlands track in support of Sears.

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  • JayJayJayJay    5,181 posts
    Covered N Diamonds wins in 1.53.0 and both Mister Daytona and donegal rundlescreek 2nd in 1.52.4 and 1.54.2 respectively. But the star of the week was Runoneover who scorched to record a 1.50.4 win, career best.

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  • JayJayJayJay    5,181 posts
    Delightful Offer 2nd in 1.54.4 and American Boy 2nd in 1.53.2....but the news of the week is LAZARUS....far from fully wound up, he worked solo at the Meadowlands (they call it "schooling" over there) in 1.51, home in 25 and change. Watched a video of it and he was striding out superbly the last 400m. will need to take 2 or 3 seconds off that but all observers very impressed. Huge wraps on him as the "Wonder from Downunder" and all that sort of bulldust but he did that work well within himself it seems, not even tapped up.
  • KTQKTQ    141 posts
    I noticed he had an undercheck and blinkerhood (?) on. He didnt race with those in nz did he?
  • JayJayJayJay    5,181 posts
    Lazarus qualified today in (depending upon which report you read) in either 1.48.6 or 1.48.3, last quarter in 25.8 beating the once only beaten 3yo Lather Up. Looked very comfortable.

  • JayJayJayJay    5,181 posts
    Confirm Lazarus 1.48.3, last quarter in 25.3. Other runners this last week include the 10 year old Polak 2nd in 1.52.2, Zach Maguire wins in 1.53.3, Foxy Dame 2nd in 1.54.4 and Blacknsweet Adda 3rd in 1.53.0.
  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    1,388 posts
    Think the US is an anachronism re times. They don't register their last numeral as a function of ten but rather a function of fifths. ie 1.48.3 in the US is represented as 1.48.6 here . At least that is what I recall being the case......just a little salesmanship sleight of hand used by those gringos   :^o
  • JayJayJayJay    5,181 posts
    Makes sense...must be compensated for when they produce stallion stats in Australia e.g He's Watching 1.46.8???
    At Bunbury last night winner of race 3 had the time on the big screen semaphore board as a mile rate of 1.60....guessing they meant 2.00.0

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  • savethegamesavethegame    1,317 posts
    Lazarus was getting set for races in early oct. the red mile, and  the  breeders crown at Pocono, oct 27..    was put in work in the first week of  june looks like the hands are coming of the clock way too fast for the stable they, intend to pay late entry fee to race on august 10..gee hope they don't bust him open rushing......

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