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State Of Origin

hashhash    6,313 posts
edited June 2018 Sport

i'm a QLD supporter but I feel tonight will be the beginning of the Blues dominance for years to come

NSW win tonight, QLD square the ledger with the return of Billy and then the Blues take out the decider is how I see it unfortunately 

game total under 36.5 @ $1.80 is a lock - no game 1 out of the series has gone over 36 in the past 10 years or so, game 1 is always traditionally defensive and low scoring  
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  • SKIDSSKIDS    734 posts
    They've been replaying a State of Origin, WA v Vic at Subi.... must be mid 80's game. WA win by 3 points.

    I used to love going to those games!

    I know most are against it, but I'd love to see a return of State of Origin.
    Maybe an adventurous poster could put together a WA side for 2018?

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  • SKIDSSKIDS    734 posts
    There wouldn't be any Pies. Faz can't get on the park and Mayne.... well, enough said.

    Plenty of great players from WA been at the Pies though. Jimmy Clement the 1st who springs to mind. Leon Davis, Tarkyn Lockyer, Paul Medhurst, Stan Magro, Craig Starcevich, Wayne Richardson, Max Richardson, Mike Richardson, Ray Gabelich, Alan Toovey, Michael Christian, Brodie Holland, Kevin Worthington, Sharrod Wellingham, Rupert Betheras & Shane Woewodin to mention a few.

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