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Steele Casey WTF!!

West Australian Racing
How does a trainer get 3 positive swabs and get away with no penalty because of apparent lack of experience? Did he not complete the normal criteria that is required to be granted a trainers licence? Considering he is from a racehorse training family with years of experience you would think that he would know the rules. To be let off with no penalty apart from having the races taken off him is deplorable. The way RWWA has dealt with this is a joke. The pine poles saga will never go away. I know an inexperienced new trainer that was hit with a $1000 fine for having swell down on a horse at Narrogin races and was subsequently scratched. It was her first starter. Can't believe the leniency granted in this case!
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  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    8,667 posts
    ? Lack of experience?

    If there is no more to this story then there is something really wrong with the judicial system here. How can there be any confidence toward the industry?

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  • RIORIO    14,368 posts
    RWWA...has got the best integrity department in the industry and are above questioning..You commentators should be castigated for your suggestions...Oh, hang on that's right...they only apply that rule in the same random manner they apply their rules.

    If the young man is not guilty due to lack of evidence, then all the winnings taken off of him should be returned......

    WHEN are they going to treat everyone the same??? I like the young fellow and am happy for him that he got off...But RWWA's inconsistency is incredibly hard to follow.

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  • thefalconthefalcon    17,549 posts
    there MUST be more to this than we know about.
    why have other (all) trainers not been up in arms...I know I would if I was a trainer.

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  • RIORIO    14,368 posts
    Went straight to the source, and have got a reasonable explanation of why there was no suspension. He has certainly got the BIG benefit of doubt, but when in doubt i suppose all these decisions should fall the way of less penalty than more.
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