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The Rise and Fall of the leading Stallions (with several WA Stallions in the top 100)

DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,032 posts
As we are closing in on another breeding season, I thought I would just highlight several WA Stallions that are doing very well on the National stage as well as those that are industry benchmarks.

At #1 is of course Snitzel with this year 26 stakes winners including 4 Gr 1 winners. His stock has grossed an amazing $28.4M and counting and he retains his previous #1 ranking from 2017. I Am Invincible is at #2 up from #4 with 19 stakes winners 2 Gr 1 winners and $15M. Coming in third as he did in 2017 is Fastnet Rock with 17 stakes winners 4 Gr 1 winners and $14.9M in earnings.

West Australian Stallions on the national stage doing well include the now deceased Blackfriars at #25 within three spots of where he has finished the last two seasons, this year with 2 stakes winners and $5.1M. His heir apparent at Scenic Lodge, Snippetson, currently stands in #51 his prior seasons at #42 & #38 with just the one stakes winner and $3.8M, his WA bred stock hits the two year circuit next season.

All American comes in next at #57 up #71 last year with just one stakes winner but it was a Gr 1, earnings at $2.6M. War Chant is next at #66 with four stakes winners and $2.22M he previously was at #60 having been #105 two seasons ago. Oratorio is in at #76 with previous season at #83 he had two stakes winners and just hit $2M. Vital Equine is up from #149 to #123 to this year at #80 with one stakes winner and just over $2M in earnings. Trade Fair follows closely behind at #82 with one stakes winner and $1.9M. Demerit has come from the clouds in the last two seasons from #187 two years ago to this year #83 with one stakes winner and $1.9M in earnings.

Universal Ruler is just outside the national top 100 Stallions in #103 place with three stakes winners and $1.3M in prize money earned for connections.


  • TiversTivers    7,207 posts
    Our top half dozen or so are doing rather well.
    In my opinion - Representative of the good stakes money on offer in WA, and the lesser competition.

    With adjusting it for $ earned per runner :

    Blackfriars (Dec'd) - $22,809
    Snippetson - $15,746
    All American - $17,917
    War Chant - $28,465
    Oratorio - $24,341
    Vital Equine - $26,102
    Trade Fair (Dec'd) - $18,964
    Demerit - $26,779
    Universal Ruler - $30,215

    Mostly there on average every horse paying it's way.
    Remove every horse that probably shouldn't have started (eg 2yo's having one premature start etc) and across most of them they're pretty profitable (especially when considering the service fees outlayed).

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  • TiversTivers    7,207 posts
    National 2yo Sires table even more so............
    On that you've got :

    17th - Universal Ruler
    19th - Frost Giant (ex WA)
    28th - Demerit
    33rd - Blackfriars
    35th - Playing God
    40th - War Chant

    Those lofty standings I guess could support the opinion of those that 2yo stake money here is too high...............but it is what it is, and all sires are eligible to earn it.
  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,032 posts
    I'm getting bombarded from Eastern States based studs directly and indirectly regarding Stallions and them touting for business. Other than a couple of Racing Radio ads here, I can't say the same is happening with WA based Studs for the most part.
  • TiversTivers    7,207 posts
    I'm pretty sure any breeder of note, other than for a newly arrived bull could rattle off every one of the two dozen or so stallions here - their names, locations and price - and how they do (or don't) match up for their mare.

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  • TiversTivers    7,207 posts
    Final standings - with National Ranking

    WA Sires
    1 August 2018

    1. Blackfriars $5,638,713 - 23rd
    2. Snippetson $3,061,404 - 50th
    3. War Chant $2,384,144 - 67th
    4. Oratorio (Aus) $2,240,394 - 75th
    5. Vital Equine $2,201,729 - 78th
    6. Universal Ruler $2,106,830 - 81st
    7. Trade Fair $2,090,361 - 83rd
    8. Demerit $2,076,495 - 84th
    9. Danehill Express $1,571,039 - 121st

  • TiversTivers    7,207 posts
    WA 2YO Sires
    1 August 2018

    1. Universal Ruler $843,435 - 14th
    2. Frost Giant $591,857 - 24th
    3. Demerit $437,789 - 32nd
    4. Blackfriars $370,960 - 36th
    5. Playing God $363,289 - 38th
    6. Planet Five $330,090 - 40th
    7. War Chant $325,585 - 42nd
    8. Galah $238,668 - 60th
    9. Oratorio (Aus) $233,604 - 63rd
    10. Patronize $196,750 - 73rd
  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,032 posts
    edited August 2018

    I'm getting bombarded from Eastern States based studs directly and indirectly regarding Stallions and them touting for business. Other than a couple of Racing Radio ads here, I can't say the same is happening with WA based Studs for the most part.

    More Studs are advertising now and Owners Only have a bus tour sometime soon but I couldn't see a date in the email invitation to pass on.

    Universal Ruler has had a very good year. I'm hoping that can swing towards Snippetson next season, seeing how I signed for three of them this year, but UR's yearlings offered were nice enough stock but he had a 50% reduction in foals so reaching this seasons heights might be a stretch. Frost Giant is out of the equation and Demerit didn't produce a crop that year due to a paddock injury. Playing God had 25% less foals than his previous season and Planet Five dropped off significantly.  Snippetson had a large crop at 65 foals, almost identical to Blackfriars, so he is the obvious Stallion you would think with it all to do this coming season you would think.
  • TiversTivers    7,207 posts
    edited August 2018
    That's looking at one crop in isolation though.
    Expanding that to the prime earning years (3&4) plus 2yo seperately...........
    Of the top 6 local sires from last season - have the following number of live foals reported, at 4&3yo, plus 2yo's coming.

    Blackfriars - 169 (4&3) + 67 (2)
    Snippetson - 108 + 65
    War Chant - 101 + 38
    Oratorio - 73 + 34
    Vital Equine - 89 + 14
    Universal Ruler - 105 + 42

    Plus some mentioned above :
    Frost Giant - 95 + 0
    Demerit - 54 + 0
    Playing God - 37 + 29
    Planet Five - 96 + 18

    So anyway, yeah - Blackfriars and Snippetson remain strong / good numbers.............should still quinella.
  • RIORIO    14,124 posts
    its certainly a numbers game...and Scenic do the numbers very well
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