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NBL 2018/19

PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
edited July 2018 Sport
The 2018/19 NBL schedule was released yesterday. 

Thu 11/10 - Breakers v Bullets, 36ers v Wildcats 
Fri 12/10 - Hawks v United 
Sat 13/10 - Kings v 36ers, Bullets v Taipans 
Sun 14/10 - United v Breakers, Wildcats v Hawks 
Fri 19/10 - 36ers v Kings 
Sat 20/10 - Wildcats v Bullets 
Sun 21/10 - Breakers v Kings, United v 36ers, Taipans v Hawks 
Thu 25/10 - Bullets v Wildcats 
Fri 26/10 - Taipans v 36ers 
Sat 27/10 - Hawks v Bullets, Wildcats v United 
Sun 28/10 - Breakers v 36ers, Kings v Taipans 
Mon 29/10 - United v Hawks 
Thu 1/11 - Bullets v 36ers 
Fri 2/11 - Kings v Hawks 
Sat 3/11 - Taipans v United, Wildcats v Breakers 
Sun 4/11 - 36ers v Bullets 
Mon 5/11 - United v Kings 
Thu 8/11 - Hawks v United 
Fri 9/11 - Breakers v Taipans, Wildcats v Bullets 
Sat 10/11 - 36ers v Kings 
Sun 11/11 - United v Taipans, Hawks v Wildcats, Bullets v Breakers 
Fri 16/11 - Breakers v United 
Sat 17/11 - 36ers v Hawks, Taipans v Wildcats 
Sun 18/11 - United v Bullets, Kings v Breakers 
Thu 22/11 - Bullets v Hawks 
Fri 23/11 - Breakers v Wildcats, 36ers v Taipans 
Sat 24/11 - United v Kings 
Sun 25/11 - Hawks v 36ers, Wildcats v Breakers 
Thu 6/12 - Kings v Wildcats 
Fri 7/12 - Taipans v Hawks 
Sat 8/12 - Bullets v United 
Sun 9/12 - Breakers v Kings, 36ers v Hawks, Wildcats v Taipans 
Mon 10/12 - United v Bullets 
Fri 14/12 - Wildcats v Kings 
Sat 15/12 - Bullets v 36ers 
Sun 16/12 - Hawks v Kings, Taipans v Breakers 
Mon 17/12 - United v Wildcats 
Thu 20/12 - Taipans v Kings 
Fri 21/12 - Breakers v Hawks, Bullets v Wildcats 
Sat 22/12 - 36ers v Taipans 
Sun 23/12 - Kings v United, Hawks v Wildcats 
Wed 26/12 - United v 36ers 
Sat 29/12 - Kings v Bullets 
Sun 30/12 - 36ers v Breakers 
Mon 31/12 - Hawks v Bullets, Taipans v Wildcats 
Thu 3/1 - Taipans v Bullets 
Fri 4/1 - 36ers v Breakers 
Sat 5/1 - Hawks v Kings 
Sun 6/1 - Breakers v Wildcats, Bullets v United 
Mon 7/1 - Taipans v Kings 
Thu 10/1 - Hawks v 36ers 
Fri 11/1 - Kings v Breakers, Wildcats v Taipans 
Sat 12/1 - 36ers v Bullets 
Sun 13/1 - Kings v Hawks, Taipans v United 
Thu 17/1 - 36ers v Wildcats 
Fri 18/1 - Hawks v Breakers 
Sat 19/1 - Kings v 36ers, Bullets v Taipans 
Sun 20/1 - Wildcats v United 
Mon 21/1 - Taipans v Breakers 
Wed 23/1 - United v Hawks 
Thu 24/1 - Breakers v Taipans 
Fri 25/1 - Bullets v Kings, Wildcats v 36ers 
Sat 26/1 - Hawks v Taipans 
Sun 27/1 - Breakers v Bullets, Kings v Wildcats 
Mon 28/1 - 36ers v United 
Fri 1/2 - Breakers v United, Bullets v Kings, Wildcats v Hawks 
Sat 2/2 - Taipans v 36ers 
Sun 3/2 - United v Breakers, Kings v Bullets 
Mon 4/2 - Hawks v Taipans 
Thu 7/2 - Breakers v 36ers, Bullets v Hawks 
Fri 8/2 - Kings v United 
Sat 9/2 - Hawks v Breakers, Taipans v Bullets 
Sun 10/2 - 36ers v United, Wildcats v Kings 
Thu 14/2 - United v Taipans, Breakers v Hawks 
Fri 15/2 - Wildcats v 36ers 
Sat 16/2 - Kings v Taipans, Bullets v Breakers 
Sun 17/2 - United v Wildcats 
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  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    Wildcats complete their roster for the upcoming season, signing Terrico White.


    Angus Brandt, Bryce Cotton, Greg Hire, Tom Jervis, Nicholas Kay, Damian Martin, Mitch Norton, Clint Steindl, Rhys Vague, Jesse Wagstaff, Terrico White.
  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    Nine have signed a three-year deal to show two games per round on FTA on 9GO!

  • TiversTivers    6,988 posts
    BBall is Back !
  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    edited September 2018
    South East Melbourne has been announced as being the 9th team for the 2019/20 season.

    The last time they had a team (South East Melbourne Magic) was between 1992-98, winning two championships in 1992 and 1996, and making the finals in all seven seasons (finished all in the top three). They later merged with the North Melbourne Giants for the 1998/99 season to become the Victorian Titans (later changing to the Victorian Giants) before closing up at the end of the 2003/04 season.


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  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    edited September 2018
    Wildcats only down by 43 at H/T in their match against Utah Jazz, 77-34. The match is being shown on ESPN2.

    They'll also be playing the Denver Nuggets, Saturday morning (Perth time).

    The Adelaide 36ers v Utah Jazz game will be televised on FTA on 9Go! 9am Saturday morning (WST).
  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    edited September 2018
    PAUL said:

    Wildcats only down by 43 at H/T in their match against Utah Jazz, 77-34. The match is being shown on ESPN2.

    They played better in the second half.
    Utah Jazz won by 58, 130-72.
  • TiversTivers    6,988 posts
    They were terrrible.
    Would want to improve on that to make the playoffs this season.
  • TiversTivers    6,988 posts
    On this effort - Kings are going to romp in our season !
  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    PAUL said:

    They'll also be playing the Denver Nuggets, Saturday morning (Perth time).

    At 3/4 time, the Wildcats were only five points down against the Nuggets, 70-75.
  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    edited October 2018
    PAUL said:

    At 3/4 time, the Wildcats were only five points down against the Nuggets, 70-75.

    In the end, only lost by eight points, 88-96.
    Bryce Cotton finished with 33 points.
  • TiversTivers    6,988 posts
    Cotton can ball, when he wants to.
  • TiversTivers    6,988 posts
    Steindl shoots better from the NBA line than the NBL......
  • TiversTivers    6,988 posts
    All the water cooler talk in my office today.............. Season begins !

    For mine - Wildcats are in T Rubble.
    Top 3 spots are a lock (Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland).
    That leaves 5 teams battling for that 1 remaining playoffs position (and for Wildcats - to extend their unbroken run, now at 32? seasons)
  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    Wildcats start the seson with an eight-point win "on the road" against the 36ers, 99-91. The Bullets won the season-opener, beating the Breakers in NZ, 86-73.
  • TiversTivers    6,988 posts
    I couldn’t have been more wrong today.
    NZ get rolled by Brisbane !
    And then Cats win at Adelaide...
  • TiversTivers    6,988 posts
    And then Illawarra takes Melbourne to Double OT...
  • TiversTivers    6,988 posts
    Make that TRIPLE OT !!!
  • TiversTivers    6,988 posts
    4OT !!!!

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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    8,527 posts
    Melbourne 123
    Illawarra 122
    Just one point from five overtimes...seen everything!
  • bradybrady    1,288 posts
    That was the best game I have seen in a while
    Well done Melb

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  • TiversTivers    6,988 posts
    Sydney up 80 - 75 with 7 mins remaining.
    Went on to score only 3 more points for the rest of the match, and lose by 11.......!
  • TiversTivers    6,988 posts
    Cairns win at Brisbane tonight now means the first 5 games of the season have all gone to the away team......
  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    edited October 2018
    Wildcats are the only home team to win in R1, thrashing the Hawks 101-61 at Perth Arena this afternoon.

    Earlier today, United lost to the Breakers in Melbourne, 81-88. First time in NBL history that the first six games in a season were won by the away team.
  • SKIDSSKIDS    734 posts
    That was fun! My 1st time watching the Wildcats since 1982 at Perry Lakes, with a crowd of around 500.

    Going again next break, 27th v Melbourne I think.
    Got seats behind the hoop, the daughter wants to wave a 'head' around when the opposition are lining up a free throw.

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  • TiversTivers    6,988 posts
    Behind the basket if me fav angle (and where our seats are - stage end).
    Much better for watching bball (IMO) as it's as much a lateral game as up and down.
    Also viewing from that angle makes you feel more part of it (ie the view you'd have from on court) v's being just an observer.

    In saying all that................game v MEL should be a ripper.
    Nice week to have off !

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  • TiversTivers    6,988 posts
    Wow....................... Just Wow !
    Best performance I've seen in years (well, 2nd half was anyway).
  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    (1) Perth Wildcats v (4) Brisbane Bullets
    (2) Melbourne United v (3) Sydney Kings
  • TiversTivers    6,988 posts
    I’m at the Bendat centre yesterday...
    Look to my left - Perth Glory headquarters... top of the league.
    Look to my right - Perth Wildcats headquarters... top of the league.
    Wonderful stuff.
  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    edited February 28
    PAUL said:

    (1) Perth Wildcats v (4) Brisbane Bullets
    (2) Melbourne United v (3) Sydney Kings

    Easy wins in Game 1 of the Semi-Finals for Perth (89-59) and Melbourne (95-73) tonight.

    Brisbane equalled the NBL record for the lowest points scored in the 4th quarter of a game, 4 points. The other team to achieve this was the Canberra Cannons v South East Melbourne Magic, back in 1997.
  • PAULPAUL    2,427 posts
    edited March 2
    Perth have booked their spot in the Grand Final, clean sweeping the series 2-0, winning 84-79. It will be their 14th appearance in the Grand Final series.
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