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Meanwhile, in NSW.....

West Australian Racing

Racing NSW has announced it has purchased the 137 acre Princes Farm, located 1 hour from the Sydney CBD at Castlereagh on the banks of the Nepean River.

The property was formerly owned by legendary trainer Bart Cummings AM.

Racing NSW Chairman, Russell Balding AO welcomed the purchase which will provide great benefit to the NSW Thoroughbred Racing Industry.

“Naturally we sought to keep this historic property in the industry’s ownership. It has enormous opportunity for the NSW Thoroughbred Racing Industry including the establishment of a Racing Academy which will not only be used for the training of jockeys, trackwork riders, stablehands but for all racings workforce. In particular it will be used as an educational facility for Stewards. The property will also be used as the show piece for the Horse Rehabilitation Program and for a Quarantine Station” Mr Balding said.

Racing NSW Chief Executive, Peter V’landys AM said that “The property is a very valuable asset for now and into the future for the NSW Thoroughbred Racing Industry. Also, its most pleasing that the great Bart Cummings AM property will stay in the industry.

“The Board of Racing NSW will consider changing the name of the property to the Bart Cummings Farm, to further recognise the great man.”

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  • paraleticparaletic    2,916 posts
    edited August 6
    wow thats amazing. Hats off to them. they clearly are leaving everyone in their dust. 

    I believe its because they are ultra proactive and always trying new things. they dont sit around waiting for things to happen. And look at the results, they are flying! 

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  • DaggerVeeDaggerVee    35 posts
    V’landys is brilliant. 
  • sonnysonny    539 posts
    What do you mean by flying? if you mean prize money yes . but that's all that's flying...
  • TheDivaTheDiva    11,168 posts
    its pretty much a good indicator for the industy's health no? 
  • TiversTivers    6,790 posts
    Give us back our GST !

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  • therealkramertherealkramer    6,380 posts
    Tivers said:

    Give us back our GST !

    No dice =P~
  • paraleticparaletic    2,916 posts
    sonny said:

    What do you mean by flying? if you mean prize money yes . but that's all that's flying...

    they have the biggest races in Autumn (slipper, QE). Like it or not, they have the biggest race in the spring (Everest). Havent even heard about the Melb Cup yet, all the articles online are focusing on the Everest. Goes to show you how big its become just after one running.

    Prizemoney is sky high, and continues to rise.

    I think every other state would want to be in their shoes right about now.
  • therealkramertherealkramer    6,380 posts
    @paraletic....the other thing about The Everest is that it caters to Australian horses whereas the Cup is increasingly becoming easy pickings for overseas raiders

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  • paraleticparaletic    2,916 posts
    Good point Kramer
  • TiversTivers    6,790 posts
    Is the coverage the media picking it up themselves, or is it just RNSW promoting it ?
  • therealkramertherealkramer    6,380 posts
    edited August 8
    Tivers said:

    Is the coverage the media picking it up themselves, or is it just RNSW promoting it ?

    I'm pretty sure the Telegraph has a reputation for being a Racing NSW mouthpiece. My memory is a bit hazy and I don't read the tabloids but wasn't that one of the reasons Ken Callander jumped ship-because he dared to question/criticise them?

  • LuckyLongshotsLuckyLongshots    4,257 posts
    edited August 10
    Amazing property - could have a good future as a potential quarantine centre for international horses

    It only has a dirt track at the moment, but that could be changed (ala Werribee style) only an hour from the city!
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