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R1: No12 American Brave. Bet:No10 Fizzing EW. EQ:5,9,10,12
Good overall record, nice win first up and jnr sticks. Want to see it go around again though. Originally had Bettor B Abeliever leading but now think Our Corelli will hold it, they are probably a level below. I’m having something EW on Fizzing just because I love how he is going but don’t like backing them without any sort of map of how it wins.
R2: No5 El Machine. Bet:No5 El Machine EW, small EW Raffaello. EQ:1,3,5,10,12.
He finds himself in a class of race that he can be driven positively in. I thought A Bit Ruthless was a 60% chance of crossing. El Machine goes forward and is followed by the stablemate, sits on it and zaps them. The other real player for me is Raffaello but he is a bit like Fizzing, others are going to have to make it happen for him.
R3: No8 El Jacko. No Bet EQ:5,6,7,8,10.
I don’t know. El Jacko racing well but not a win bet for me. Threw in the 5 because maybe it leads. On the night I might have something on Im Lisart, will love being on the pegs around the 2500m, can see it blowing them out.
R4: No6 Vampiro.Bet:No6 Vampiro EW. EQ:3,6,7,8,9. Spent way too much.
Love the marathon but I really don’t know other than I loved Vampiro’s last run, he has 10m on Motu Premier and is 3 times the price. Oliveri loves this style of race though. Another very interesting race that I probably shouldn’t be playing.
R5: No1 Mighty Mr Sharky.Bet:No1 Mighty Mr Sharky EW. QD:1,3,6,7,8.
A throw at the stumps. At somewhere between that 33-40/1 range I’m happy to see what the shark can do from the pole in this race. I thought he might lead but I’m really just punting on a bit of C Brown magic. A chance they over do this and Beaudiene Boaz is working into some form although its likely to be when has drawn well that he bobs up.
R6: No10 Robert The Bruce.Bet:No10 Robert The Bruce EW (expecting a price drift). QD:1,3,6,9,10.
I love Rob on the pegs. All things equal the 1 horse should hold up and run well but the driver change does concern me. Taking the 3 in case it finds the top. Soho Chelsea looks to get the breeze. Natural Disaster is a real risk I feel, can win but happy to bet around it.
R7:No10 Destined To Rule. Bet:No10 DTR EW. QD:1,8,9,10.
I like this one. Sitting leaders back, I expect Beaudiene Beaufighter to get up outside Star Armbro. Expect Brown will want to test it and get running early. Destined To Rule will get a chance to come off and finish it off, just needs to do it. I think the sprint from a long way out might make it hard for Living La Bamba but it is clearly flying. Like the novelties here throwing in My Entourage.
R8: No5 Tajies Girl. Bet:No5 Tajies Girl EW. QD:1,4,5.
I like this one as well. I thought Tajie could just follow over Soho Changeling and take up the running, then just win. Keeping it simple. If it doesn’t happen like that she is still a place chance. Don’t really like the 1 horse but taking it just in case it gets there to retake the lead.
R9: No1 Kasey Kahne. Bet:No1 Kasey Kahne EW.
I had something on this guy midweek and he had plenty left in the tank. A rise in grade but a move to the 1 helps, I’m guessing but I think he should be able to lead. That’s more than half the battle in this grade.
R10: Wowee 5/4 on Silenes Silhoutte and people will be betting. I don’t feel so bad backing Mighty Mr Sharky in a FFA now!


  • GilgameshGilgamesh    2,904 posts
    Had a great result last week getting a couple home at odds and a quad boosted by taking the div on both sets of totes.

    More hopeful that they win this week compered to expectant last week so accordingly playing very low spend.

    Gave too much back the last two "playing with there's" philosophy last week, lesson learned, maybe...
  • VillageKidVillageKid    1,289 posts
    Race 1- Speed Man
    Race 2- Responder
    Race 3- El Jacko
    Race 4- Vampiro
    Race 5- Galactic Star
    Race 6- Natural Disaster
    Race 7- Beaudiene Beaufighta
    Race 8- Catastrophic Event
    Race 9- Absolution
    Race 10- Delightful Shadow
  • rooster321rooster321    163 posts
    R1 fizzing
    R2 the spinster
    R8 auctioneers elsu
    R9 burning shadows
  • JayJayJayJay    4,800 posts
    Faves are getting lost but not helping me. My "value" bets so far haven't made it into the first 5 across 3 races. Searching for the nearest soup kitchen.
  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    1,552 posts
    The coverage of the Marathon by Sky Racing was terrible but we did give them some ammunition by starting a 3300m stand 1:38 late thus finishing nearly six minutes after the advertised starting time.
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