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Wyndham Missing

West Australian Racing
Wyndham no longer on cris…...have they been cancelled ????
Nominations looked OK for their meeting ….anything ????



  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    6,802 posts
    edited August 2018
    cancelled due to insufficient acceptors
  • VoodooVoodoo    859 posts
    cheers Damien....
    A shame. You would like to see meetings take place at these remote venues for the benefit of the locals and for the benefit of grass roots racing or in this case dirt base racing.
  • RIORIO    13,874 posts
    how do country/mobile trainers make enough money at the non metro meetings these days to finance the trips????? The reality due to stakes-money equalization they spend all year in Albany, Narrogin, Northam, York, etc running around for 2nd and 3rd prize money, s so many metro based horses and trainers head out to those meets as the prize money is nearly teh same as a midweek and the competition is generally weaker.

    And its too late to change it. The damage is done and RWWA aren't quick enough to respond and save these sort of meetings.Next to go will be the picnic meetings are Moora, Collie, Toodyay, etc
  • jumjum    2,457 posts
    edited August 2018

    I hope not Rio.

     I was on the committee of the Collie Race club a couple of years ago. We have programmed that meeting to be run just before the Bunbury season starts, hoping that some trainers look at Collie as a chance to pick up some prize money instead of trialling there horses. It has worked pretty well for us so far. The last few years Durrant and the Pearce Bros have bought horses down

  • luapluap    34 posts

    I lived in Wyndham yonks ago and the Cup meeting was always a great turnout which the locals put a lot of work into.

    I think in recent years the majority of starters came across from Darwin.
  • RIORIO    13,874 posts
    Me too Jum...you and the clubs i mentioned have worked hard to make your race days a social activity for the area....But the very thing you say is the one that makes it hard for the country trainers. Those boys going to a meeting with their second raters is great for the owners of those horses that aren't making it in the city... A day in the country and a good chance for a cheque. The same is happening at Moora and Toodyay...............SO that is good for racing, and helps keep th clubs going...ON the counter side is the country trainers, are now struggling to survive taking 3 or 4 horse to a meeting and racing their best horses for 2nd or 3rd prize-money against one of the city trainers second raters..

    If that happens fro too many meetings then the country trainers can only afford to nom and transport 1 or 2 horses, knowing if the race to there best potential they should break even. If they get lucky they may finish in front!!!......

    I hope no-one takes it the wrong way. Its a fine line and not easy to balance all aspects. But we cant loose sight of the need for horses to be going around so that everyone can survive The club is doing the right thing getting the better trainers down. The trainers are doing the right thing by trying to maximize the return for the owners. But at the bottom of the pile are the trainer/owners in the bush...they need those sort of meets so that they can put the money in the bank and keep on going round.

    But the last thing anyone wants is horses running around fully subsidised....There has t be a way around it...maybe 10%  bonus for any country trainer having a top 4 finish at country meets?!!?

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  • LooksLikeTroubleLooksLikeTrouble    41 posts
    meeting transferred to 8th sept

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