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Melbourne Hoops Versus The Rest.

East Coast Racing
Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    8,402 posts
edited November 2018 East Coast Racing
The Victorian hoops a little on the back foot when looking at the winning jockeys so far over the three days of Cup week.
28 races down and the "rest of the world" going along ok.
Winning hoops for the three days, their trade born outside of the big V.

H.Bowman - NSW
T. Clark - NSW
T. Berry - NSW
C. Brown - NSW
Z. Purton - Queensland
D. Oliver - WA
M. Zahra - WA
M. Lane - WA
L. Meech - SA
M. Walker - NZ
J. McDonald - NZ
W. Buick - U.K.
W. Lordan - Ireland.
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