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Almond Eye - 2018 Japan Cup

East Coast Racing
PCPC    1,520 posts
For those interested see below the 2018 Japan Cup. Good win by the 3 yr old filly. She also broke the track record (2400m) and ran a time of 2:20.6

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  • PCPC    1,520 posts
    The time that Almond Eye ran the 2,400 metres of the Japan Cup is a gobsmacking 2.20.6 - to put that in perspective when Secretariat won the 1973 Belmont Stakes won by 31 lengths the time was 2.24

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  • PCPC    1,520 posts
    Update: I have been told that Almond Sky's time of 2:20.6 in the Japan Cup is a WORLD RECORD for 2400m ☺
  • jumjum    2,615 posts
    It was super duper impressive  :-bd
  • tonytony    1,835 posts
    She is special
  • GepettoGepetto    99 posts

  • tonytony    1,835 posts
    Not today. Hopefully just too short for her.
  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    7,485 posts
    Found trouble at the start and couldn't get clear until late in the piece. It was a massive run, home in a blistering 32.40 apparently!
  • PCPC    1,520 posts
    Yep last 600m was 32.4
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