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2019 Magic Millions Perth Yearling Sale



  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,041 posts
    Visiting three farms on Tuesday for an early look at yearlings, hope to see around 50

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  • WinsumlosesumWinsumlosesum    132 posts
    Can I ask which farms? And did you see any good ones?
  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,041 posts
    I went to Mogumber, Scenic and Gold Front. Saw two that I would like to at least bid on subject to Vet scoping and x-rays. Further six or seven that may improve sharply through their preparation so they are on my second list. Unfortunately that's it for inspections for me as I'm on the operating table on Monday

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  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,041 posts
    I went out to the new complex last Sunday whilst photographing another sporting event in the area. It looks great in design and layout, the stables are really flash. I think Vendors will be very happy with everything is coming along. Obviously year two will be better again as a permanent auditorium will be constructed by then, but you can easily see the direction that Magic Millions are moving in.

    I haven't seen any further stock but would be interested in the views of anyone who may have done the tours etc.
  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,041 posts
    Early average of the sale in the first two hours almost the same as last year.
  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,041 posts

    (2018 in brackets)

    Lots Catalogued: 155 (147)
    Lots Sold: 105 (130)
    Lots Passed In: 31 (8)
    Lots Withdrawn: 19 (9)
    Sale Gross: $6,823,000 ($8,353,500)
    Average Price: $64,981 ($64,258)
    Top Price: $260,000 ($210,000)
    Median Price: $55,000 ($50,000)
    Sold %: 77 (94)

    (2017 in brackets)

    Lots Catalogued: 155 (155)
    Lots Sold: 103 (122)
    Lots Withdrawn: 11 (14)
    Lots Passed In: 41 (19)
    Sale Gross: $2,319,500 ($3,205,500)
    Average Price: $22,519 ($26,150)
    Top Price: $60,000 ($100,000)
    Median Price: $20,000 ($20,000)
    Sold %: 72 (87)

  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,041 posts
    Stallion Averages 2 or more sold for the entire sale

    Al Maher 32,000 2 sold 2 passed in

    Alfred Nobel 14,666 3 sold 1 passed in

    All American 24,875 4 sold 6 passed in

    Blackfriars 40,107 14 sold 6 passed in

    Bradbury's Luck 30,909 11 sold 1 passed in

    Charge Forward 70,000 2 sold

    Deep Field 70,265 4 sold

    Demerit 20,583 12 sold 2 passed in

    Dundeel 125,000 2 sold

    Galah 15,750 8 sold 3 passed in

    Gingerbread Man 11,500 11 sold 5 passed in

    God Has Spoken 11,500 2 sold 1 passed in

    Headwater 50,000 2 sold

    I'm All The Talk 25,150 20 sold 1 passed in

    Magnus 73,000 8 sold 2 passed in

    My Admiration 30,000 2 sold 2 passed in

    Nicconi 71,265 4 sold 1 passed in

    Oratorio 60,642 7 sold 3 passed in

    Patronize 23,666 3 sold 1 passed in

    Playing God 51,000 3 sold 2 passed in

    Rubick 60,833 3 sold

    Safeguard 67,750 12 sold 4 passed in

    Sessions 28,666 3 sold

    Sizzling 49,166 3 sold

    Snippetson 29,958 12 sold 1 passed in

    Star Witness 51,166 3 sold

    Toronado 28,000 2 sold

    Trade Fair 29,250 4 sold 4 passed in

    Universal Ruler 45,833 3 sold 1 passed in

    War Chant 62,187 8 sold 5 passed in

    Written Tycoon 90,000 2 sold

  • jumjum    2,622 posts
    Solidly built colt you bought Damo.
    Loving the breeding too. Jevington, Serheed and Blackfriars.
  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,041 posts
    jum said:

    Solidly built colt you bought Damo.
    Loving the breeding too. Jevington, Serheed and Blackfriars.

    Thanks Jum, he is a nice boy. Apart from the horse I purchased, the remaining dozen on my list all sold for $100,000 or more. The other made $50,000. It certainly was keenly contested on selected Lots but sadly for some vendors, there was little interest in far too many.

    Day 2 was a nightmare for vendors, low prices and high pass in rates. There is something to be said for folks perhaps taking a more realistic approach to reserves and strongly considering their future breeding choices. Far too many on that list above, are no longer commercial.

    Perth almost could be a one day sale but starting at 10AM and selling through 250 Lots and everyone clears out on the midnight flights going East, because they are anyway and it's just 155 Lots from a 2PM start when everyone has been in town or able to be viewing yearlings for two full days. I saw plenty on Friday, almost everything on Saturday in Day 1 and then had plenty of time for final selections and viewings of Day 2 stock.

    The new complex is outstanding, a genuine showcase for our State. We now just need to get a sale that matches that high standard.

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  • TiversTivers    7,221 posts
    edited February 21
    Not a bad idea.
    Now they have the facility, would be good to see them make use of it (more regularly).
    Should be easy to do as a dedicated site (no set up, pack up etc), and surely the more often it's used the better for maintenance etc.

    For my part - I found it too far away to dedicate two days (back to back) to it.
    It's not like Belmont where you can pop in for a couple of hours - it's a whole day.

    So yes, Day 1 lots plus the best 50 - 100 from Day 2 in a one day sale (starting earlier) has merit.

    Then like to see a follow up (one day) sale say mid - late April (or whenever fits within the existing schedule Aust wide. More merit to those horses than hiding them away in June.

    Broods / Weaners mid - late June.

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  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,041 posts
    I live in Manning, so if I drive to Belmont it takes around 25 mins maybe a touch longer in morning traffic. When I went out to the new complex via Leech Hwy then Roe Hwy, it took 35 mins.

    I don't see the issue at all with the location. If anything, the guys driving the carriers would find it very direct and simple coming from either North based Studs or those from the Great Southern.
  • TiversTivers    7,221 posts
    25mins Manning to Belmont ???
    What are you driving, a toy car ?

    No issue with the location - just better as one day at a time, as you suggest.

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  • TiversTivers    7,221 posts
    I see they're doing just that (planning more regular sales).
    Entries up for March 31 "Autumn sale" now.
  • paraleticparaletic    3,232 posts
    Will there still be a winter sale too?
  • TheFunksterTheFunkster    3,829 posts
    I inspected 30+. Another 20 not worth even pulling out of ther box (midgets). About half of those inspected had conformation issues.
    Generally speaking, the Sizzling's, My Admirations and All American's stock looked good. Plus a few Snippetson's & Bradbury's Lucks.
    Was mainly looking at Westspeed Platinum eligible horses, so can't comment on the e/s stallions

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  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,041 posts
    30 + ? There were 155 on offer on Day 1 alone.
  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,041 posts
    Speaking with David Houston at a recent Trial, he said there was going to be a tweak of sorts to Day 1. I suggested that support of some stallions should be more directly linked to actual sales performance.

    The recent criticism of the small auditorium (was unaware it was small as it was a temporary tent) was baseless as the pad is going to be extended for the permanent building.

    The immediate focus seems to be on why the number of individual WA buyers were so much especially on Day 2.

    My suggestion of a one day sale but starting earlier and offering 250 Lots was declined out of hand. Financial overheads dictate that it has to be a two day event.

    On the same day I asked two major players in the WA Breeding Industry of their thoughts on a one day super sale and they agreed instantly. They both loved the new complex, as do I, and where it is headed.  I floated the idea that the WA Breeders Association was akin to a circular firing squad in it's usefulness.
  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,041 posts
    Here are some numbers that I have never tabulated before, but I think they make interesting reading.

    17 Interstate buyers at the 2019 MM Perth Yearling Sale purchased only yearlings bred by Interstate based Stallions. 8 Interstate buyers purchased only WA bred yearlings, and just one Interstate buyer bought both.

    40 individual WA buyers bought only WA bred yearlings. 14 WA buyers purchased only Interstate bred yearlings, and 15 individual WA buyers purchased yearlings bred both WA bred and Interstate bred.
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