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2019 Magic Millions Perth Yearling Sale Bloodstock Agent Offer

DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,032 posts
Would you be interested in a prepackaged selection of yearlings or perhaps a package tailored to your requirements, for a single fee that included breeding analysis, conformation inspection and Veterinarian x-ray and soundness report ?

I will be offering this service for the 2019 Perth Yearling Sale for those clients who would like an independent opinion that they in turn can present to their respective syndicates members and Trainers for consideration. Individual recommendations will be tailored according to budget, Colts/Geldings or Fillies with the potential for breeding post racing careers.

What this service should provide will be an economy of scale with in most cases, more selections to choose from than is intended to purchase. As we all know, you can't buy all the ones you like. Both Day 1 stock and Day 2 stock will be packaged individually or as a mix, that's for you to decide.

If you are a Trainer, you may also wish to contact me prior to the sale for a similar service. Usually when I am approached by buyers for recommendations, I also ask if they have engaged a Trainer. You would be surprised on just how many either have not or are looking for a recommendation on a Trainer, as many see this as a commitment or obligation that they are not yet comfortable in making. For yearlings that I purchase, the Trainer has already been selected, as each year I am contacted about where my purchases are going. That is already known at the fall of the hammer as I prefer their participation in the process with the client.

This service will be charged prior to the sale commencing and no other fees will apply. The minimum package I envisage will be five Lots, all with comprehensive x-ray reports and individual health inspection from my retained Vet.  Prior to the Lot going into the sales ring, you will be able to talk directly to myself with my estimate of possible selling price. If you wish to have me act for you in that transaction, I will not charge you a fee if you settle the account with Magic Millions within their normal trading terms. Conditions do apply, so please ask.

I have already started the process of selection and inspection, I believe I have found what will be one of the sale topping Lots as well as at least two that will slip under the radar. But like I said, I can't buy them all.

See you at the sales.
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