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2018 Stallion coverings

DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,041 posts

2018 and it’s
not an easy thing to nail down what happened to mares numbers, which Stallions connected
with Breeders and why some simply didn’t. But here are the numbers.

Ruler is rapidly moving towards the State’s best supported Stallion. He got 88
mares (now claimed to be 90) into the Studbook completely reversing last year’s
23 and bettering the two previous season’s 39 & 67. He also was highly
sought after in the sales ring for yearlings off the back of scant offerings
that will in the short term only get harder still to purchase, so expect to pay
even more. Just four are in the upcoming sale, three on day 1. He also excelled
on the racetrack and proved that he can drop quality offspring.

continued to hit home runs, this season covering 85 mares following on from his
78 & 70 in his recovery season from injury. He didn’t have stock last year
for sale and only 2 of his draft this year have made day 1 of the MM Sale, this
coupled with what you would regard as a mediocre year in performance and I
think he may find it tougher going from here.

accelerated off the back of one horse running like the wind on the track and
that seems to have done the trick in getting 71 mares this year, up from 49
& 9 & 21. So a massive turn around for the son of Encosta de Lago,
Trainers apparently have an opinion of them and that tends to drive many in
Stallion selection. Unfortunately, they all get one good one as a rule. Because
his second crop was so small, results may only trickle in over the next 12
months, but he is one to watch.

came back this year with a modicum of support to get 44 mares. He had fallen to
just 19 the previous season and 16 the year prior to that after getting 42 in
2015. He seemingly gets a type that is tough and better as they get a bit
older. But it’s hard to maintain momentum off just 35 mares in two seasons. Don’t
disregard his stock in the upcoming sale but all are on day 2.

got his numbers back close to his 2015 crop size but at 55 mares covered his opportunities
lie on the back of getting early results being from an Exceed and Excel line of
early types and many would hope for similar results. A couple return this
Saturday in the first two year old race of the calendar year, I personally
think opinions will be shaped by the upcoming weeks leading into the MM 2YO
race as to how they will sell at the yearling sale in February with half of his
draft almost on day 1. His numbers had declined but following a healthy result
at the 2018 Sale I think a few came back on board.

season Stallion, A Lot, picked up 41 mares from the loyal band of Mungrup
clients which is quite a respectable number in the scheme of things here in WA,
as anything over 50 and you have rock star status it would appear.

Of the
second season sires Vert de Grece went from 63 to 52, Lucky Street went from 40
to 34, Mahuta went from 46 to 44, Rommel from 56 to 31. Only the incredibly
well bred but poorly race performed Kings Troop (he was the unluckiest horse in
top company) improved substantially from 23 to 41.  I omit Awesome Rock as at the time of writing,
a Stallion return is yet to be lodged but he did get 64 mares last year and I
hope he got something similar as he was the best race performed Stallion going
to Stud last year here in WA and still is.

American served 45 mares, up from 28 but way down from 2016 where he covered
113. There are only three on day 1 of the sale of the 12 in the sale.

Galah had a
bit of a bounce back at Rangeview with 42 mares, up from 30 last season that
had followed 30 & 60 in previous years. He is just not supported in the sales
ring with two this year on day 1 and the remaining 10 on day 2. I actually have
one on my shortlist as luck would have it, but he needs a dramatic result on
the track to reverse the current trend.

had a mini revival getting back to 31 mares covered after falling to 21 the
year before. He had 33 and 55 the two years prior to that but not many
seemingly have been offered for sale, only three are in this year’s sale, just
one of those on day 1.

Equine did have an increase this year but only to a modest 27, still more than
any of his three prior seasons.

So those
that largely remained static in numbers were Oratorio at 48 (55/47/56) bloody
good Stallion but maybe his fertility worries Breeders, sells great and gets
winners, so it’s got me beat. Playing God at 56 (57/33/46) God Has Spoken at 63
(72/82/46) So Secret at 15 (14/15/18) Dash For Cash at 20 (24//15/11)
Gingerbread Man at 27 (32/55) Snippetson at 67 (73/78/85) My Admiration at 35
(40/42/56) Bradbury’s Luck at 24 (20/37/32) and War Chant at 41 (47/40/58).

Those in
real decline were Proart at 9 (16/20/19) Oquba at 10 (16/24/39) Rogano at 11

My watch
Stallion this year though is I’m All The Talk. He covered 71 mares in 2016, 25
of which have made this upcoming sale with 8 on day 1, statistically an
incredible result really. In 2017 he got 63, but this year those numbers fell
to just 25. It appears that in his third season, he has suffered from the
competition of a new stallion on his home stud who served 41 mares, but overall
Mungrup served exactly the same number of mares this season as they did last
season at 170 mares in total, so more of a shuffle than market forces. If he
sells well and is lucky enough to get an early runner or two next year, then
this trend could be arrested.

It should
be noted that this upcoming sale in February, 96 yearlings are by Eastern
States based Stallions, that’s almost double from last year. Obviously that’s
none for Platinum Westspeed Bonus but still Westspeed eligible. In terms of
total crop bred here in WA, this year we have recorded to date, approx. 1250
coverings this season (provided Awesome Rock got the same as last year)
slightly down on approx. 1320 in 2017, 1360 in 2016. Purely by coincidence, the
drop off from 2016 to 2017 equates to the increase in Interstate yearlings
being offered at the 2019 sale over what was catalogued in 2018.

Any way you
look at these numbers, the market in WA is shrinking, which in itself is a
surprise given the roaring success of the 2018 yearling sale and what should
have been a shot in the arm for WA Breeders seemingly didn’t translate into
more mares going to Stud.




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  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,041 posts
    sorry the text didn't quite post correctly
  • OhsomodestOhsomodest    51 posts
    Interesting reading, thanks Damien.

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  • jumjum    2,622 posts

    Interesting reading, thanks Damien.

    Agree, Thanks for taking the time and giving us all your insight. Not many others do this. 

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  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,041 posts
    jum said:

    Interesting reading, thanks Damien.

    Agree, Thanks for taking the time and giving us all your insight. Not many others do this. 
    Thanks for saying so. I was pleased with the Safeguard result in the 2yo race being exactly what I had hoped it would be for the Stallion, a shot in the arm going into the selling period. It really is significant for First Season Stallions to get runs on the board, particularly more than just one horse, as then you can begin to think that he may have a future in the years going forward. There have been some huge changes in Stallion ranks in WA in the last 18 months due to several leading lights passing away and it is vital that we have one or two good enough to fill the void.

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  • MinesACoronaMinesACorona    148 posts
    Those that supported God Has Spoken will be worried, yet to see a 2yo that looks like anything. Meanwhile his full brother Playing God has gone great albeit a year ahead of GHS.

    Part of me can't help but think horses like GHS are part of the problem we face in WA.
  • TiversTivers    7,221 posts
    Would suspect the quality of mares that went to each was quite diverse.
  • ArloArlo    121 posts
    Last time I looked GHS has had 1 runner for two starts, and in one of those it was nearly forced over the fence. Would think it nis a bit early to make a judgement. Unless of course I have missed something?
  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,041 posts
    God Has Spoken is a season behind going to Stud. Playing God has not shown anywhere near the 2yo capability of say Safeguard, but has produced a stakes winner, Platoon. He has won just twice and those wins were both in this current 3yo season.

    Bearing that in mind, God Has Spoken may take just as long to produce, irrespective of the quality of mare either have covered. GHS has covered in his first two seasons enough mares to have around a dozen live foals more than his brother. So for a real comparison, give them two years more and then come back to it.

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  • MinesACoronaMinesACorona    148 posts
    GHS with another starter last week. Looks like Tarzan...Run's like Jane.
  • TiversTivers    7,221 posts
    To be fair - a $500 stallion isn't going to have covered the best of mares.
  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,041 posts
    Is it unfair to say that a cheap service fee sought by a Breeder is also a reflection of future cost cutting from the womb to the tomb ? Cheap food, cheap services, cheap training, cheap agistment, running in cheap races etc etc.
  • TiversTivers    7,221 posts
    You been reading my other posts ? :)
  • MinesACoronaMinesACorona    148 posts
    Would you agree that stallions like him and servicing mares at that fee is weakening WA?

    I don't know much about the people that stand him but it seems anything goes. The idea of free serves for their new stallion will be very interesting
    Tivers said:

    To be fair - a $500 stallion isn't going to have covered the best of mares.

  • MinesACoronaMinesACorona    148 posts
    Another claims the wooden spoon. There's trend here. :-\"
  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,041 posts

    Another claims the wooden spoon. There's trend here. :-\"

    I think your view is microscopic, the Stallion needs to be given an opportunity. I have opinions on several standing here, some would agree, others would shout the house down.
  • MinesACoronaMinesACorona    148 posts

    Another claims the wooden spoon. There's trend here. :-\"

    I think your view is microscopic, the Stallion needs to be given an opportunity. I have opinions on several standing here, some would agree, others would shout the house down.

    He won't get an opportunity look at the rubbish that has been sent to him, breeding mares like this to a stallion like this is weakening our industry in WA not improving it. And it seems there will be repeat with the new stallion the same mob have brought in although they have the Orbis Bloodstock to prop him up.
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