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The Other Pinjarra Preview by TMP 12/1/19

West Australian Racing
I am still recovering from Action being beaten in the PC; esp after barking P Hall as the the most underrated jockey in Australia.
I hope the gentleman on the forum who gave Star Exhibit a big chance stuck with him at 40's ( I have dreams of seeing trainer and owner talking and myself shouting 'Thanks Adam for Star Exhibit. I won a new car).

Well, I am looking for the shorties despite my 'Bro's' thoughts.

R/1 I will be watching; partic interested if the Pearces can improve the Angel horse (gee I thought TS and and the odds on Angel filly both were v v tired at the end of that race last week).

R/2 And why not American Joy here if TBS was not so well last week.

R/3 I can only think that Excise Free can win this after the run and the ride last time!

R/4 OK, there is a doubt about Market Ruler, but I wish I could find 5's.
I have taken him in all ups.

R/5 there are 2 Stirlings in this race and ...yes ESP again; I was keen on both. But it is v open. I am still licking my wounds about Royalic from last time!

R/6 the main 2 here for me are Fair Sonari and Yeah Bravo; the former can lead and can can keep going, whilst the latter is v tough and races well up front. Truly Brave has let us down so often but of course is still a chance

R/7 I have already supported Wrinkly; he should give this a real shake; I took 9.5.

R/8 I just did not think Sariska quickened last time at the finish; still she might be fitter.
I was more interested in the  well bred Paddy horse esp with PH on her. Pray for luck.
Distant Trilogy must be in; he is well bred I think and has been v unlucky!

Speaking about Wrinkly, I have just started Squalene oil capsules derived from shark oil. One of the pluses is that sharks have v smooth skin; have you ever seen a shark with wrinkles?

All the Best; we just need a little luck (and some imagination, which is better than sliced bread).
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