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Darren Weir's stable raided by police

West Australian Racing
I hope it doesn't taint the win of Voodoo Lad in the Winterbottom.

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  • detonatordetonator    1,812 posts
    edited January 29
    Latest reports says it is about race fixing and betting syndicates and not doping.
    Also it is said the investigation was by federal police and not the racing integrity unit.
  • HotJulesHotJules    205 posts
    edited January 29
    Racing integrity unit involved the coppers. Weir has been arrested and cops found a gun and taser on site. Things are crook in Tobruk and this has been ongoing for months now. Will be interesting watching this drama unfold. Anyone think Weir will shut up shop in the interim? I wonder if his name came up in the tubing scandal which took down smerdon. Remember they said there were a couple of big names found in text messages.
  • jumjum    2,591 posts
    This is Fuckenn HUGE :-t  :-t
  • HotJulesHotJules    205 posts
    Absolutely Jum. In every paper...racing royalty comes a cropper.
  • detonatordetonator    1,812 posts
    Wonder if Dougie will be getting a call ?
  • thefalconthefalcon    15,975 posts
    I wonder if jarred mcclean is one of those arrested. at a guess...yes.
  • TiversTivers    7,173 posts
    detonator said:

    Latest reports says it is about race fixing and betting syndicates and not doping.
    Also it is said the investigation was by federal police and not the racing integrity unit.

    I'd suggest they have linked the two - ie doping being cheating (fixing the result of a race).......as I read it "activities likely to affect the outcome of a betting event".
  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    7,362 posts
    Oh @detonator that still looks horrible hahaha

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  • ManchildManchild    155 posts
    McLean was arrested along with Weir & 26yr old employee.
  • GepettoGepetto    97 posts
    edited January 30
    26 year old released, Weir and Mclean still being questioned.

    4 electrical devices (jiggers) found along with cocaine and unlicensed firearm.
  • thefalconthefalcon    15,975 posts
    bloody hell, looks like a lot of horses will be looking for new homes. what an ordeal that will be...
    how the mighty fall, eh?
    like that Tsvetnenko bloke...trying to pull a Skase...sick, depressed...bulls*it just sorry he got nabbed.

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  • paraleticparaletic    3,202 posts
    Got be charged and found guilty first but i feel for all the poor sods that ran 2nd to him, the prizemoney, the punt money etc etc, must be well in the tens of millions down the drain.

    Dont wanna know how many bets ive had when ive run second to DK Weir
  • RightOakAuntRightOakAunt    36 posts
    paraletic said:


    Dont wanna know how many bets ive had when ive run second to DK Weir

    or backed the wrong Weir runner

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  • TheDivaTheDiva    11,672 posts

    Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Paterson has called on anyone with footage relevant to the investigation regarding the raid of Darren Weir's stable on Wednesday to come forward.

    Paterson addressed the rumours that there is vision of jiggers being used, and called on anyone to submit potentially valid evidence to the authorities.

    "I have heard that there may be footage in the public arena, they may have footage of jiggers being used," Paterson said on Wednesday.

    "If that's the case, my call would be to anyone in the public arena, if they have such footage, that they come forward and provide it to Victoria Police for it to be assessed."

  • TheDivaTheDiva    11,672 posts

    After Wednesday morning's raids of Darren Weir's stables at Warrnambool and Ballarat, doubt remained whether any Weir acceptors would take their place in races in the near future.

    At a Victoria Police press conference, Racing Victoria's chief executive Giles Thompson clarified that Weir has the all-clear to continue training and accepting with horses in races, with that decision on whether his runners are to be barred or not left up to the stewards, who are led by chief stipe Robert Cram.

     "The competing of horses is a matter for stewards," Thompson said on Wednesday.

    "They'll determine whether the horses are able to run.

    "Certainly [in relation to] whether licensed people should also be stood down, that is a matter for the stewards.

    "At the moment there is no information or suggestion to the stewards that there should be any reason why these horses shouldn't be running, or anyone should be stood down at this point in time.

    "That's not to say that that may not change over time."

    He later added: "The determination at the moment, is that there is no action to be taken."

  • paraleticparaletic    3,202 posts
    edited January 30
    Why is this crazy stuff only happining in Vic? Are all the other states that far behind in their intel and surveilance or is it just a coincidence?
  • JiggersnJuiceJiggersnJuice    10 posts
    Drink beer steer clear . Prince of Penzance enough said !

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  • thefalconthefalcon    15,975 posts
    his operation is huge, para. I was laid up recently and watched a lot of channel 78. I also counted the number of rides dean yendall had over a 7 day period..it was 39...most/all were weirs horses and does not count the others jocks he uses.
    ps not a bad earner for dean...39 x $200 that's nearly 8 grand a week just in fees alone...and its not only 1 specific week its almost a weekly scenario...
  • thefalconthefalcon    15,975 posts
    I don't think Carey will be too upset..... ~:> (well its a type of bird)
    edited January 30
    If there is anything untoward then blame the fence posts  :-B

    Following up Paraletic's point I wonder why we never hear of any retrospective positive drug swabs from those swabs kept for many years.     :-??  They cannot all be negative.

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  • careycarey    6,162 posts
    TheDiva said:

    not as deep as his idiot foreman has.
    peas in a pod

  • careycarey    6,162 posts
    thefalcon said:

    I don't think Carey will be too upset..... ~:> (well its a type of bird)

    karma is a bitch

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  • darkshinesdarkshines    2,828 posts
    Lol at the 'does it only happen in Vic'. Here you just get the foreman to take the fall, and no deeper digging is done.
  • stropstrop    5 posts
    Is he guilty before being proved innivent?
  • The_BullThe_Bull    721 posts
    strop said:

    Is he guilty before being proved innivent?

    4 jiggers. Guilty. One word comes to mind, SYSTEMIC.

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  • ToepuntitToepuntit    157 posts
    Been done plenty of times before for tubing,

    Let's hope if he is proven guilty that he gets rubbed out for a very long time,

    For the time being not proven guilty so I guess his runners won't have that good little kick late in the race for a while

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  • DarrbsDarrbs    410 posts
    A fella in know told me 18 months ago weiry was getting some gear from the US that they couldn’t test for......
  • JiggersnJuiceJiggersnJuice    10 posts
    Why are all my hero’s so disappointing in racing ?


    Makes you feel like giving the punt up looking back I’m feeling miffed about my 500ew on Max Dynamite in the 2015 Melbourne Cup.now !

    No wonder the non racing people scoff about betting on horses. This shit gives racing such s bad name over it.

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