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Got a race winning  ( 4 wins and placed in 1.59.5, can run a 28 quarter) 5 yo mare for sale,race or breed, bred in the absolute purple (American Ideal x Party Baby), sister to 6 winners, 3 in sub 1.55, grand dam Bee Gees Dream, dam of Another Party etc. HWOE is $11,387, so still eligible for all races under the $12k limit plus mares concession.  She has $1250 in Epona breeding credits, had a positive test to Vincent but subsequently miscarried. She is in peak condition. I cant carry on with her, got way too many, so I advertise her at $2,000 which is basically a give away price. ....only phone calls have been from the Eastern States. Quite amazed that no one wants her.


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