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Ascot Preview 16/3/19 by TMP

West Australian Racing
It is a very even day overall I believe.
I have looked over the usual suspects and have come up with some surprises (even to myself).

R/1 This one has so many chances that made me look and think thaat I am going for an Instant Hit .
The breeding looks good and he has not been far away form the the leaders; so 50's is good E/W. The trainer and jockey aren't half bad also.

R/2 The fave haas blinkers on first time and WP up. But.... I just can''t tumble in; he just looks like one of those almost horses to me.
I excluded Henty Gal as I thought the price too long (the horse and trainer owe me).
Then I happenned on Megachino (same sire as Fabergino and trainer too); the change of trainer plus really good trial and lots of gear changes made me put this one in.
I looked at Liberty Magic (a fave sire here for me) and noted the trainer' successes at big prices; I had a tickle at 80's.
Finally I had to go maainly for Zetorio. He fits the old Dr Geoff Chapmaan routine of fantastic run first up at big odds; the fails 2nd up; then wins 3rd up. The jockey has stuck. Zetorio aalso fits the 'Takedown' system where a horse fails at 1400m which is unfavourable for it aand bounces back over 1200m. I took the 19's.

R/3 Again I am going wide. The Escort seems to be looking for further and the price is good.
Spiritual Eyes is v lightly raced anad from a top yard; may well be on the way up.
The 3rd one probaably needs further distance but who can resist a tickle at 40's?

R/4 At last some shorter priced really good horses.
There are only 2 here for me Saracino and Electric Light. The first one is my go after the great trial recently.
The trainer and the jockey on the faave means you cannot leave her out.
But I am risking Epic Grey; such aa lovely mare but sshe ddoesn't seem to me to haave come up this prep (so far).

R/5Khan has blinkers on first time in Wa at least; but the barrier puts me off.
I am all over Resistance; she is usuaally best over 1200m. I must be hoping that top rider on her has a super day.

R/6The top weight should be shorter but the barrier is worrying lots of people (including me).
So I have to put in the stablemate Dark Choice as a big chance; esp with the blinkers on.
Vintage Stock has Visors on and goes in.
I forgot today to have a good place bet on Winifer; the right trainer at the right price! The fave jockey (not) of some on the forum is on her; at least he saluted on Prim and Proper!

R/7 Regal Power won last start when it just looked that Freddie was all over him ( a bit of WP magic again).
He has to be on top.
The stablemate Strong Heart looks like he need longer. Final Hearing doesn''t seem to have the breeding for longer trips; but he seems to be wanting it. Blackwood River has had his supporters on the forum and looked so good last time.
Chepasco is by High Chapperal and bears looking at.

R/8 This is just wide open; so I am putting in my quad 3,4,6,10 and 14.
I left out the Tonka horse becos of the barrier. 
The shorter ones of Noir de Rue (goes on becos of his yard and his potential) and Turbo Power becos he did beat them last time and may be quickly on the way up.
The other 3 go in mainly becdos of old form.
Well, that is it and I await the musings of our expert who was just great last week; but please remember I gave Saxon Saxof aa big chance too!

All the Best

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  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    7,016 posts
    I think Chapasco is the bet of the day tomorrow.

    Can't believe it's $34+.
  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    7,016 posts
    And really like Downforce in the first. Trainer in very good form at the minute
  • pikerpiker    313 posts
    The meeting is looking wider and wider to me.
    All of the Peters camp horses are going in for me in the 3YO races.
    The last has seen a seemingly negative spin on Noir de Rue on the radio.
    See Me Sizzle has great old form plus Dark Royalty looked unlucky last start.
  • thefalconthefalcon    15,763 posts
    the falcons roughie of the day is.... :O) …...Dutch Spy....

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  • JellJell    906 posts
    H-BOMBER said:

    I think Chapasco is the bet of the day tomorrow.

    Can't believe it's $34+.

    I've taken a little each way. He certainly is a big price and worth a little wager.
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