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Matty Scott First Four GP Tomorrow

Harness & Greyhounds
JayJay been a bit quiet,,, I know why he will be like a cat on a hot tin roof.
Possibility of three winners from first four races for M Scott stable.
Neighlour best performed horse in the field and could breeze and win.
Clarendon Hustler down in class and leads all the way.
Arjay just needs some luck and will be right in it.
Good luck Matty and connections.
Horse to watch at good odds tomorrow night Luis Alberto enourmous run last week.
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  • GilgameshGilgamesh    3,655 posts
    R1: No2 Lot Twenty One. I was hopeful of getting an EW price prior to the 1 horse coming on but now drawn the pole I think he is still the best winning chance but is a non bet at the price. Kerrin Joseph has found a bit of gate speed of late and is likely to have a crack for the front. The one I think is massive overs is Jaxon Fella, if the 2 mentioned cook it driven Ice Cold Jaxon will be running on @100/1 there are far worse bets. FF:2,4/2,3,4,12/2,3,4,7,12/2,3,4,7,10,12. 100% costs $54. EQ:2,4,12.

    R2: No11 One For Sassy. Clarenden Hustler is the obvious leader and the obvious pick but I just worry about his ability to sprint a fast last quarter regardless of how soft he gets it so in the red I'm happy to have a small crack against him. One For Sassy has been finishing off just behind them in nice times its last couple, shouldn't be too far back so is worth a throw at the stumps. Luis is obviously flying but I'm wary of his ability to keep the 1s back. EQ:1,4,10,11.

    R3: No3 Runaway Three. This is my best of the night. I thought Kimani would lead, Runaway Three would get up outside him then get the 1,1 on Herrick and out sprint them late. Do we see a stable hand up to have the leader/leaders back and take everyone else out of it? I bloody hope not! FF:2,3/2,3,6/1,2,3,6,10/1,2,3,5,6,10,11,12. 100% costs $72. EQ:2,3,6.

    R4: No1 Talktomeyourmattjesty. Continuing along the value line. Happy to have a very small bet on the leader of this race but a host of chances. EQ:1,2,5,6,10,11. 100% costs $216.

    R5: No8 Major Trojan. We get a real guide on there the boys are at here. I like others was disappointed in Patricks win the other day. The price variation is just way too big so have had to be on Major Trojan on a bit of spec. QD: 1,8,9.

    R6: No3 Miss Sangrial. I think she is the leader. She is not one of my usuals but I like how she is going at the moment. Lady De La Renta was massive last week and sits up close so is the obvious danger. QD:2,3.

    R7: No5 Dracays. Picks itself. QD:5

    R8: No1 Mister Bushido. Had bit of luck this guy a few starts back, I think he is a great chance but the local price isn't generous. I might have something EW Beltane at the price, get across them early then maybe get the 1,1 on Dojo but if he doesn't come out Beltane can run well from the breeze. FF:1,4/1,4,6,10/1,4,6,10/1,2,4,5,6,10,11,12. 100% costs $60.

    R9: No5 Team Mascot. I have to have something small this guy again once again hopefully of seeing him have a shot with a trail.

    R10: No4 Double Expresso. Good to see her go around again.

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  • VillageKidVillageKid    1,957 posts
    edited March 2019
    GP- 22/3 Western Gateway 3yo Pace Night

    Race 1- Our Corelli
    Race 2- Just Bet On Black
    Race 3- Herrick Roosevelt
    Race 4- HandsAndWheels
    Race 5- PatrickThePiranha
    Race 6- Lady De La Renta
    Race 7- Dracarys
    Race 8- MisterSandman
    Race 9- Classy Colby
    Race 10- Double Expresso

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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,744 posts
    edited March 2019
    Full credit to the girls in race 2, Debra Lewis has a rejuvenated and genuine horse in Luis Alberto, but even more praise for the drive - to take the risk of angling off the fence from behind the favourite early, to be able to navigate a horse or two who were going roughly in front of her and then to obtain the one out one back, then the foresight to come out when she did to attack.

    Many parts of the drive could have gone wrong, took a risk or two and all paid off. That was a 10/10 drive if ever seen one from Jocelyn Young.

    Favourite was a good effort after a fast lead time and a perfect drive by Aiden De Campo on Smoldering Ashes to run third.

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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,744 posts
    edited March 2019
    Once again Eloquent Mach wins at amazing odds, a horse in impeccable form.
    Also again the much longer priced stablemate wins - an old one but a good one.

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  • therealkramertherealkramer    8,008 posts
    edited March 2019
    Dracarys(race 5) pays $1.00 on Unitab? So winning & being a late scratching are the same thing?  @-)
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,744 posts
    edited March 2019
    A major difference - you can't lose on a late scratching - you can lose on Dracarys.
  • savethegamesavethegame    2,101 posts
    hats off to who made the decision to run the 6&5 horse  fields as race 9&10 even being finals...prime time punters want decent field sizes, now for rwwa to inject 2 grand guaranteed as a carryover or call it top up  on the first fours to stimulate betting on last two races every Friday  g.p ,.speculate to accumulate.

    Yesterday at collie shows how much difference a small carryover component can alter pool sizes if punters think there getting something for nothing it makes a huge difference.

                                           FIRST FOURS    COLLIE
      RACE 1      POOLSIZE                   2,235,   CARRYOVER 1,469.60
      RACE 2      POOLSIZE  BECAME 13,500
      RACE 3      POOLSIZE                    862      CARRYOVER     862
      RACE 4      POOLSIZE  BECAME  11,200
      RACE 5      POOLSIZE                    2,152
      RACE 6      POOLSIZE                    2,156
      RACE 7      POOLSIZE                    1,121   CARRYOVER  486
      RACE 8      POOLSIZE BECAME    7,618               
       PERFECT EXAMPLE how small c/overs  make significant difference. that's if they want to get harness off the canvas.
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