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Well done ,thanks young fella????????????????$$$$
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  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    8,015 posts
    Kirbs on the herbs tonight

    Hopefully not

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  • RIORIO    14,266 posts
    What a bunch of left wing, tree hugging, dumbfarks are there to dislike Bombers comment. It s a facetious comment about the young fella going out and celebrating for a great days work.

    He will have to wear that sort of 5hit until he earns his stripes again, and proves day in day out that he is not only back on track but staying on track. Cos if his past is swept under the carpet and not talked about, there is a lot more chance that the ugly side of society will try to jump up and bite him again.

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  • chocchoc    770 posts
    I disagree.
    Every single one of us have made mistakes. No ones immune.
    That doesn’t mean you should have them thrown back at you time after time. Tough for the individual to move on, if those around him can’t or wont.

    The above comment is no doubt innocent & made in jest, but the undertones could seem to cast a millstone around the poor blokes neck IMO. That’s all.

    It’s all up to the young bloke now.
    If he desires it badly enough, keeps his nose clean, works hard & gets results, then the talk around him will be on his ability - not his mistakes.
    Shaun O’Donnell is a live local example, no one brings up his past indiscretions anymore, because he’s turned it around (and is a fantastic person). Give this bloke the chance to do the same :\">

    And personally, I can be accused of many things,
    But being Left Wing is never going to be one of them :-&

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  • RIORIO    14,266 posts
    hahaha..left wing comment.

    Yep difference of opinion. I can accept that. I know my way works with the ones that i have and do work with.

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  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    8,015 posts
    Thanks Rio

    It was in jest, a play on words. Lighten up guys gee whiz.

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  • paraleticparaletic    3,497 posts
    edited May 2019
    If we dont want this stuff thrown up again and again the comment made initially should have been let go. Definite play on words, so who cares, move on. I laughed when i read it. Mountain out of an ant hill.

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  • thefalconthefalcon    16,585 posts
    ...mole hill, para...... :-B

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  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    8,015 posts
    Another treble to Kirby today, when you are hot you are white hot!

  • thefalconthefalcon    16,585 posts
    dion luciani will be rubbing his hands with glee singing "oh how the money rolls in.."
  • hashhash    6,852 posts
    H-BOMBER said:

    Another treble to Kirby today, when you are hot you are white hot!


    Now your promoting drink driving H-bomber!
    Terrible call, first the herbs and now the alcohol... what is this generation coming too
    if I could dislike your post more than once I would you should be ashamed of yourself....

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  • paraleticparaletic    3,497 posts
  • The_BullThe_Bull    790 posts
    This young bloke is a seriously good claiming apprentice. I believe he will progress into a seriously good senior jockey. He makes the right decisions at the right part of the race. And for anyone who thinks that his past indiscretion should hold him back? Recent inductee to the Australian racing hall of fame Hugh Bowman, yes the bloke that could retire on the back of Winx exploits, spent a stint on the sidelines as a young jock, when he was flying for a cocaine positive. If Brodie keeps focused he should dominate. Go get them young man.

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  • RIORIO    14,266 posts
    He was good before, he was good to come back and he's good now. I hope he continues to learn and makes less dramatic mistakes in the future...

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  • spinkingspinking    2,628 posts
    All of the above is the reason he ran of the rails. In his words not mine
  • hashhash    6,852 posts
    All of the above?
    You mean the actual comments by others or what they’ve said is the case?
  • spinkingspinking    2,628 posts
    In his story on cris Hash he says. The increased attention was the beginning of his eventual downfall. The more attention I got the more I felt the pressure come. Do you wonder why we do not hear from Tiges 2014 anymore I think that was what Brodies mum called herself.?

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  • RIORIO    14,266 posts
    spinking said:

     Do you wonder why we do not hear from Tiges 2014 anymore I think that was what Brodies mum called herself.?

    NO....I dont wonder about it one iota ;-)
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