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2019 Australian Racing Hall of Fame Inductees

East Coast Racing
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2019 Australian Racing Hall of Fame Inductees:


• Balmerino

• Hall Mark

• So You Think

• Vo Rogue


• Brent Thomson

• Hugh Bowman


• Des McCormick

• John Meagher


• Lloyd Patrick (Pat) Lalor

• Sir Edward Williams and Sir Sydney Williams


    edited May 14
    Brent Thomson...Fond memories of a UK holiday many moons ago. While killing time I waltzed into a local bookie shop before a coach daytrip and had a multi all his rides (Nottingham I think) to win just for the heck of it. From memory he won 4 and I collected 5K. His last ride ran second at $7 so just missed a larger payout but the 5K came in handy for the holiday expenses.
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