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Quite like one tonight Race 4 no 10 Nowuseemesmile - i think it is the best horse in the race and in very good form

Tab.Com  $13 Win $2.80 - i think that is a terrific price on an E/W basis ( TABTouch true to form havent got their fixed odds up yet )

My only concern the  favourite  gate 6 might lead on its ear and it becomes a procession

One other comment  re that race - it is a feature series Westbred race - with an attractive 10k stake - bearing that in mind i have got no idea why the 1 and 2 are in that field - they have got a combined 3 wins between them - and their last wins - both of them were 4 years ago
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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    9,246 posts
    edited May 17
    Must confess had never heard of this horse before - you guy's would know more about it than me - I'd never heard the name ever!

    It's early quote is 33/1 tonight - so that's probably its chances - but am going to follow this one if runs reasonable tonight - thought run at Wagin when working like a Trojan in the breeze even though eventually beaten a fair way, fought on ok.

    He looks a one paced grinder - has the unusual name of Change Doon Now.
  • JayJayJayJay    5,190 posts
    Not the worst Riders, been around for a fair while, came from NZ about 5 years ago. Backed him one night and got nutted by Sangue Reale which would be odds on in this field. But could well be caught in the breeze with a couple to go forward off the gate.

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  • freodockersfreodockers    288 posts
    Going the roughie in the stand good beginner forget last run 2600 they will be going up and down in one spot with a bit of luck will be all over them at the finish maximum demand 100 to 1 fixed.
  • JayJayJayJay    5,190 posts
    $7.10 the place is very tidy Riders.
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    9,246 posts
    edited May 17
    He did quite well JJ thought for a moment was a winning chance up the straight, got out to $61 on fixed before firming back to $41. Good effort.
  • freodockersfreodockers    288 posts
    Just went to TAB had 50 straight out on max demand fixed at 101 to 1, not allowed had to cut it back to 25 to get it through. Walked out thought I will go back in and put 25 on another terminal, odds hadn't changed but was denied. How does this work I am lost.
  • Rocket_ReignRocket_Reign    252 posts
    Have said before and I’ll say again but Robbie Abercrombie shouldn’t be out there!

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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    9,246 posts
    Look no knock...but why would the fella on Jimmy from gate one trailing three back behind the dominant odds on fave/winner/ want to come off the pegs...fascinating stuff.

    Even the one paced ( mostly slow pace ) Highview Sadler took his place and ran the drum.
  • JayJayJayJay    5,190 posts
    At his 50th start, good ol Dwayne finally relinquishes his Tom Melbourne tag.

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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    1,394 posts
    JayJay said:

    At his 50th start, good ol Dwayne finally relinquishes his Tom Melbourne tag.

    Had a little e/w on Richie Reactor .....@$74 & $10 so was kinda hoping for another Tom Melbourne effort from Dwayne & JS. Ok result for a one bet Dan night though.

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  • ToepuntitToepuntit    173 posts
    As did I
    I took $101 & $13
    Shouldn’t have been those odds, the trial was quite good, coming into a field of non winners

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  • BetonmeBetonme    128 posts
    I actually backed it also, had shown some ability in trials and into a weak field first up.  
    I was surprised Sportsbets stood my bet, 50 EW at 200/1. 

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