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Who Am I? - Fly Under The Radar Series #22

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JayJayJayJay    5,190 posts
Inspired by Play The Boys today to rustle up number 22 after a long spell.

When top horses are talked about, this one very rarely rates a mention but he had an incredible career. He raced at 16 different tracks across 4 different Australian States (as well as both North and South Island in NZ) for 8 different trainers and 16 different drivers.
New Zealand bred, he had his first starts as a 2yo in Australia for his then NZ All Star connections, 4 starts for 4 wins including a major Sires stakes race with a $90k purse. He the returned to NZ for the NZ Sales races (worth an astounding $180k back then) but ran 2nd to a handy type called Christian Cullen, who along with Holmes DG, would prove to be very pesky opposition to him in his juvenile career.

As a 3yo, his record reads quite average with just a few minor wins but he was consistently rolled by CC and DG in the GN Derby, NZ Derby and the big sales races. After a change of ownership and stable, he racked up 4 successive wins at GP on his way through the classes before running 2nd in an August Cup. As a 5 yo at the Christmas Carnival, he won the first of what would be three Be Active $50k races over the years but failed in the Pacing Cup, as he did at the Interdominion Series over east 3 months later. Back from a spell as a 6yo, he rattled off wins in the Winter Cup, the Marathon Handicap over 3300m from 30m behind and the August Cup. Later that year, he won a strong $20k Kalgoorlie Cup, a FTC Sprint over 1609m, a Celebrity Mile and the Freo Cup before venturing east once again to annex the Hunter Cup, finally knocking over Holmes DG. He continued racing (everywhere) even running 2nd in a Tasmanian Easter Cup in Hobart and rounded out his career with victories in the Parliamentarians Cup and the Brennan Cup racing on as a 10 year old. He was a ripper and not given appropriate recognition amongst the great horses he raced against all over the Dominion.


  • VillageKidVillageKid    1,495 posts
    I reckon there might have been a decent party after his Hunter Cup victory JJ!!

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  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,069 posts
    Dont know who it is Jay Jay - but when you said it had 8 different trainers - the 1st thought that came into my head was Franco Ice - however Franco had more than 8

    Unbelievably at one point in its career that horse had eleven different trainers over a 12 month period

    However getting back on topic - after VK clue - i think i know who it is - if it is i can remember it was owned by a woman - and towards the end - she took the horse off the regular trainer over here and gave it to Tom Sheehy

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  • 2lifetimewinners2lifetimewinners    362 posts
    Try A Fluke?
  • JayJayJayJay    5,190 posts
    One year out with Try A Fluke, he won the Hunter Cup in 1998 for B. Hancock, VK has him.
  • GepettoGepetto    99 posts
    edited May 21
     Another Party

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  • 2lifetimewinners2lifetimewinners    362 posts
    Darn, close but no cigar. Story of my life lol
  • MoonrakerMoonraker    44 posts
    If not Another Party then would be Tricky Vic
  • Ivorytrunkey86Ivorytrunkey86    13 posts
    edited May 21
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