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A Race Versus A Procession

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Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    9,236 posts
Not sure how many watched the Group One Queen Of Pacific for the mare's at Melton last Saturday night. Was very interesting to see live and to hear ace caller Dan Mieleki in exciting tones at the finish say the words "now that's a race".

The Group One was an exciting spectacle with terrific trainer Jane Davies having the two clear cut favourites in the race at 4/7 and 7/2, can recall in the run thinking, wow that's amazing the two stablemates at it hammer and tongs.

However all was not lost for the camp with her also training the eventual winner at 50/1.
Her five runners in the race: 4/7 unplaced, 7/2 unplaced, 9/1 unplaced, 100/1 unplaced and 50/1 first.

What the race did show was when enormous pressure is on up front - anything can happen.

The other was...yes it's an old one but a good one...and we know what that is.

On Dan Mielecki and "now that's a race".... yes despite all the "silly" drives that took place - overall give me a race to a procession any day.

For those that didn't see it - perhaps somebody could put it up on here. Or check the replay out - it's well worth seeing.


  • ToepuntitToepuntit    170 posts
    Riders I think you meant Emma Stewart, maybe 20 yrs ago it may have been Jayne Davies, back in the day her and Noel Alexander had a very good horses,

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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    9,236 posts
    edited May 23
    Haha can't believe I'm that silly but the proof of the pudding is above! Yes Emma Stewart is the lady trainer of the moment.

    One other thing should have mentioned - yes it was a wonderful race if no bet or had something on the 50/1 Emma Stewart trained winner - however if heavily invested on the stablemates at 4/7 or 7/2 or the third fave at 13/2 ( had a tough run too ) then perhaps another description would apply.

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  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,067 posts
    Hey Riders - seeing you are so clued up  on women harness racing trainers - i will give you a quiet tip ( dont go telling anyone else ) Race 7 at Ballarat tonight - just back Emmas runners - and i think there is a fair chance that you will jag the winner

    Thats all you have to do Riders -
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