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Pinjarra Monday 3rd June

Harness & Greyhounds
Race 1 was not a great look for juvenile trotters and the industry in general.
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  • MorganJamesMorganJames    134 posts
    Should of it been a False Start?

  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    1,758 posts
    It looked that way.
  • maybesomaybeso    8 posts
    Especially when the 1 horse ("qualified" beaten 80 metres in a trial at Bunbury in NTT) spent half the race pacing.

  • KTQKTQ    141 posts
    The finish was good!
  • ToepuntitToepuntit    170 posts
    The fav only got caught by the strand because junior hit it as it was released, driver error.
    I don’t mind the idea of these races, a little more education needed

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  • GilgameshGilgamesh    3,039 posts
    Why was that horse standing sideways and not against the fence?
  • AbbysAceAbbysAce    251 posts
    What about the leader pacing for a lap and a half?
    Shouldnt the driver get suspended like they do in Victoria?

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  • savethegamesavethegame    1,317 posts
    Don't think it would have looked any worse if the drivers were blindfolded, pretty hand bunch of drivers lewis ,hall jnr,turvey ,voak,;

    No problem with trotters, but same as the pacers if there isn't eight runners at acceptance time bar it;;, the race should be deleted...understand if its a classic race it has to be run ..

    Only race chicargo bulls race on fri, re turnover on tabtouch held its own with was the last a trot race with regards win place figures on local tab. chicargo bull w. 8,326,p.3.673, the trot race.. 7,719, p.4.240.these 5&6 horse fields are on the nose with punters, irrespective if the best horse is racing,,,,,,,,, a c2-c4 westbred would have had a bigger turnover, and it was for 25k.
  • ToepuntitToepuntit    170 posts
    Pool size was higher than all bar 1 race at Northam Saturday night,
  • savethegamesavethegame    1,317 posts
    Saturday nights don.t work re turnover, have posted before dual meetings on Friday with northam one week and pinjarra the next  midday starts  in conjuction with g.p.
  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    1,388 posts
    Toepuntit said:

    Pool size was higher than all bar 1 race at Northam Saturday night,

    Invalid comparison...one was a prime time Friday metro race and probably boosted interest wise because it included the horse that most consider the best FFAll pacer in Australia currently. The Northam meeting was held in what is increasingly the WA harness wagering graveyard... Saturday night...no matter where the meeting is held. That has been the case for decades now and will not change.
  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    1,388 posts
    edited June 4
    Found these pretty self explanatory...especially the clear cut PBD NR

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