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WA Trot Quaddie Jackpots - Where Do They Go ?

Harness & Greyhounds
Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    9,246 posts
edited June 14 Harness & Greyhounds
Once again from the previous Friday evening a 3.5k Jackpot from Gloucester Park has dissapeared into the abyss. Whether it be $5 or 20k, money mostly invested by WA punter's goes "missing".

On asking at the WA tab ( again ) told by them " Tabcorp over east control these Jackpots". Enquire with them...okey doke..onto Tabcorp...their reply.."um we allocate the jackpot's as we see fit".

They never see fit to add to another WA trot meeting within the week ? What a rort it is.

Money lost mostly by WA punters on Quaddies should be given the opportunity to recoup there investments asap and the money shouldn't be allocated down the track to who knows where.

Transparency please Tabcorp.
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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    9,246 posts
    edited June 14
    On another note, a story has just broken of Tabcorp refusing to pay a punter in Victoria $2100 on two seperate winning bets.

    Their reason not to pay out ?... "A system glitch". Please.

    $2100 - not even half a drop of water in the biggest ocean in the world.
    Bet put on - bet accepted - pay out.

    Fortunately Herald Sun taking up the punter's complaint and also he's taking further steps to recoup his rightful collect.

    As far as $2100 is concerned they'd spend more on 10 seconds of advertising.

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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    1,394 posts
    And this is the mob lining up for the WA TAB that successive governments are desperate to give away. .......you know.....like the cartoon with the bloke sawing the limb off the tree whilst sitting on the wrong side....
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,069 posts
    Interesting exercise with Tab.Com - last 3 weeks at least - With the Melton Sat night meeting - 10 or 11 race card - they have put up for every race a $2500 jackpot in the 1st 4 - and if you look at the pools - Sat night basically every race 20k -even the last couple of races ( late at night ) where pools normally  drop dramatically

    The previous Sat again all 20k pools and about 3-4 races - around the 26k mark . Ditto the previous week - and as everyone knows if theres a jackpot - one race no one won it - the next race there was 149k in the pool

    You contrast that to GP on Frid night - average 1st pool 10k - one race 40k - because there was a jackpot the previous race - and the last race only had 4k in the pool

    Do the WA Trotting association  look at doing these things - basically it costs you nothing - you double your pool size from 10k to 20k - and the 25% take out covers the $2500 jackpot your putting in per race . But most importantly you have got the possibility of growing turnover - because your attracting punters- possibly new punters  to a bet type

    Ritzy marketing and flash food doesnt increase turnover - Punters love jackpots - instead of spending or blowing money -  2 back to back $1mil interdominions - this is where they should put their valuable money

    Turnover is everything - and right at the present time WA Harness racing is going no where turnover wise

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  • savethegamesavethegame    1,321 posts
    Markovina----- turnover is everything--------never been truer words.....

    Doesn't matter what hcp system we use,the present hwoe may be way better then the ratings one,but in the market place  we are trying to sell the product,no doubt the ratings band will be a lot easier for the new and old punters to digest, but we can change what the punter has to deal. with. compared to in-house money bands.what trainers have to digest..

    Stop huge percentages of odds-on favourites would only come from stopping new Zealand imports,the purchases are coming from within the top 5% of running horses, in a country to run in a state. …..Like mike Tyson rocking up to any police boys club.in w.a. and jumping in the ring with your best boy, good luck.with that...……... no hcp. system will stop odds-on high priced kiwis on easy marks.

    At acceptance time delete any race that has less then 8 acceptances on Friday night...Keep trying for early starts on Friday..and protest regarding a jackpot c/over that has portion of tabtouch monies  invested on local harness, to be reallocated to the local product at the next meeting. even do what melton is doing. to stimulate

    The three codes on united front promote the favourite numbers game, approx. t/over is 7 millon a year as is....run a campaign australia wide to sign up new account holders  and issue  them 20 free pot luck tickets for first six weeks to stimulate interest and growth promoted right very attractive to old generations like a drawn out game of bingo, very surprised if the turnover wouldn't double in 12 months, with 25% takeout  of extra 7millon each code would receive 566k.If they can strike a deal in house.

    Don't forget this year the greatest harness freak Australia has ever seen Mount Eden its fifty years since he  had first start on sept 6th 1969.this year 6th sept. its a Friday hope that  whole night is based around him and his deeds.with footage  played during races on the big screen and the likes. get the crowd there..
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    9,246 posts
    edited June 18
    22.5% take out on first fours stg.
    20% Quaddie, Trifecta, Double, Exacta.
    17.5% Quinella.
    25% Favourite Numbers.

    All dividends including win and place rounded down to the nearest ten cents 8-|

    After rake taken - horse showing $1.89 - payout $1.80
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    9,246 posts
    edited June 18
    Despite the boom of online betting...unclaimed winning's at expiry time still running into hundreds of thousands...you'd think would be returned the punter's, ( in the form of jackpots etc.) it is their money isn't it ?

    All unclaimed money goes into government coffers. One government promised to look into this ( if elected ) hahaha no change, what a surprise.
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    9,246 posts
    edited June 18
    The rounding down policy has dampened two bets especially.

    Affects all divies, but mostly backing odds on fave's for the win or odds on a place on the tote.
    $300 @ 1.79 = $537 - rounded up = $540.

    However dividend paid is $1.70
    Punter return $300 @ $1.70 = $510.

    Punter ripoff on $300 bet = $27.

    Rounding down - what a rort!

    By rounding down - takeout rate is increased substantially - is it any wonder strong tab punter's have left the tote behind to go to Betfair in droves ?

    They are not fools - and the new punter coming through - he is more odds savvy than ever.

    Wake up Tabcorp.
  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    1,760 posts
    Unclaimed dividends was $7.1m for the year ended 31st July 2018 and represented 0.35% of total wagering turnover.

    This money does not go to the Government but is retained by RWWA as Other Income and is used as part of the distribution to the codes.
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    9,246 posts
    edited June 18
    ...and belongs to the punter's. Where that money has gone Australia wide throughout the years has changed along the journey.

    Punter's money - return to punter's direct.

    Even more importantly - check your tickets!
    There are surprises out there.
  • savethegamesavethegame    1,321 posts
    Riders remember when there was a almighty push for the v75 Swedish product.....even 100k syndicate through g.p. was formed, even the inters was called v.75 inters of 2012 the tab take out was 35%.... can remember the tab campaigns to pump it up., Maybe v75 were the major sponsers of that inters?
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    9,246 posts
    Yes the good old V75 bet from Sweden with a takeout rate approaching lotto proportions.
  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    1,760 posts
    V75 is huge in Sweden and was promoted by GPHR and they were major sponsors of the  2004 Inter Dominion.
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    9,246 posts
    edited June 18
    Lotto and V75 both very huge...very difficult to win just the same.

    V75 - attracting big betting syndicates with there algorithm's and rebates...( it is a 35% takeout rate).

    If that's the punter they want to attract - good luck to them.

    Good write ups on the V75 on the net...official Swedish government enquiries..page after page..makes good reading.
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    9,246 posts
    edited June 18
    Play into transactions whereby they keep 35% of your money good luck!

    Of course take out rates don't matter though.

    The delicate balance between return to the industry and return to the punter is on a knifes edge.

    When betting on events litterally 7 days a week - under 2 minutes on average between races - from 7a.m in the morning until around 3 a.m - that's 20 hours a day...no excuse for high takeout rates and rounding down dividends.

    If you want punter's reinvesting on wall to wall racing - drop takeout rates, industry wins - punter wins.

    Don't be part of the problem...be part of the solution....

    National Tote Pool - Win Place Takeout 10%.
    All novelty bet's - 15%.
    No rounding down of dividends.
    Return all unclaimed dividends back to the punter in form of jackpots.

  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    9,246 posts
    edited June 18
    Just one last thing ( Columbo )...a reward of a $5 mystery bet....

    Can anybody answer unequivocally where that 3.5k Jackpot component of the Gloucester Park Quaddie has gone ?
  • savethegamesavethegame    1,321 posts

    Riders feel sorry for the people trying to lift harness of the canvass now,,

    Marko said there was no need for 1mil. inters back to back I agree, But the top decision makers must get ill informed..along the way..

    2010 don't know how many went from rwwa to the first round of heats at menagle  an article said they were going over to obtain ideas for when w.a held the  inters in 2012. which were the v75 inters.

    There was first round heats at menagle had 4,000people, on the same night Gloucester park
    Chinese new year night had over 7,000,,,,nsw had 7 million people ----wa had approx. 2 million,

    Surely that should have told the story in regards to tender for inters again..

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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    9,246 posts
    edited June 18
    Amount of winning Division One Winners in WA on V65 Bet when in operation - zero.

    As far as know not one winning ticket in WA on the big V65 - and not talking the minor division dividends which just like in lotto pay sweet nothing.

    WA Tab dropped it or Sweden dropped us - either way good decision.

    In relation to co-mingling - something baffles - with the daily exchange rate continually being different from one moment to the next - how the heck does it work ?

    Good article on one country and its co-mingling - they forgot to exchange to the right currency rate or something like that and cost them a fortune.

    If the exchange rate differs by the hour - how does co-mingling work ? Just curious on that one.
  • savethegamesavethegame    1,321 posts

    Don't forget this year the greatest harness freak Australia has ever seen Mount Eden its fifty years since he  had first start on sept 6th 1969.this year 6th sept. its a Friday hope that  whole night is based around him and his deeds.with footage  played during races on the big screen and the likes. get the crowd there..
    Same night should organize a proper send off, for another w.a. icon jockey, driver, danny miller,who was pony trot steward, over twenty years ,replays of his deeds. as well give him the sendoff, he thoroughly deserves, invite everyone from the three codes & anyone else on the track to form archway. to give him proper sendoff.. make a hour gap. between two races its more suitable for thoroughbred people trot night....think it would make huge difference to crowd size plus plenty time to organize. from now to sept.

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