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A while back, the honorary Track Curation Critics Society was out in force offering their sage advice, albeit from the comfort of their lounge chairs, to those associated with preparing winter tracks. Of course, having not attended a live race meet since King Tut was entombed, their commentary was most valued by those that toil away against adverse weather and provide a decent dance floor for the fraternity. I couldn't believe that the Northam meeting went ahead last night, never mind making it right through the 9 race card. I didn't make the trek up to Burwood Park last night given a shortage of spare tyres from my Friday night journey, and given what I was seeing both out the window (belting rain and debris flowing down the road) and the ominous blue, yellow and green hues from the BOM website radar sweeping towards Northam, I thought "no chance"  my horse will get to go around in race 8. Then I hear down the line that "they will be testing the traction for the mobile barrier before race 8" and I thought well, that's it, it's all over. But race they did, and on a pretty good looking surface as well given the heavy rain witnessed during the running of race 6. So, from one very grateful owner (and trainer and driver), a huge well done to the lads at Northam. My shout for a hot cup of soup at the next gathering.JJ
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