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Protest Lordhelpmerun v TVK

West Australian Racing


  • RodentRodent    5,001 posts
    Correct decision imho.
  • chocchoc    763 posts
    Answered your own question B-)
  • TiversTivers    7,221 posts
    Having watched only on tv at home, and having no exposure to what went on RE the protest - I have no clue as to what the protest was about.
    (Ie there was nothing obvious or even apparent in the footage to suggest a protest pending).

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  • tonytony    1,836 posts
    Correct decision. Although TVK moved out and slightly impeded the runner up would have cost neck or so at the most and TVK was pulling away,

    When the steward announced the decision I thought he was spot on.
  • TiversTivers    7,221 posts
    In full disclosure I have now seen the font on, so I know why (the protest) at least.
    Nothing in it though, no.

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