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Sunday morning reflections (over a sticky bun or two Panda :D).....and recalling the commentary last year about the state of the Ascot/Belmont tracks when it rained.....and the subsequent well deserved accolades afforded Chris Nation and the job he has done.
But given the atrocious weather this month, the presentation of the harness tracks at Northam, Narrogin and last night at Bunbury, has been amazing. The ability of the mobile barrier to get traction and pull away from the field at release point is clearly critical and given the weather, the track staff deserve a huge shout out, as does the starter/driver. Driving to Bunbury yesterday afternoon as it was pelting down all the way through Bridgetown and Donnybrook, I thought this a forlorn mission. In years past, an errant dog peeing on a post caused a cancellation at Bunbury and the puddles in the car park on arrival didn't look great. But that track raced brilliantly. A downpour during race 4 during which you could hardly spot your horse and I thought that will be the end of proceedings but that track held up and the meeting was concluded. Ditto for Narrogin the night before after an inch of rain during the day and have mentioned Northam the previous week. Its a long way to go for nothing when a meeting gets called off and it is a win for everyone when racing goes ahead.
Narrogin however, gets the gong for coldest joint on the planet...yes, it was cold and wet  at Bunbury...but it was a different kind of cold at Narrogin, a bone chilling cold, offset by those patio gas heaters situated every where and which, unlike the mongrel of a thing I have at home, were easy to ignite. Pretty good effort from the DeCampos last night nailing half the program. Can also report that crops and pastures are looking good, the country side has been transformed with creeks running and dams filling...and that has to be a good thing.
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  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,069 posts
    Winter - and working standardbred horses

    When i was young  i use to help out a bloke who i had gone to school with - with his team - had 2 of my own with him - arrangement was - if i came out at 5am and helped him ( before my normal job ) then only charged feed costs - no training costs

    He had an old generator which provided power/lighting for stableboxes/yards - he had pinched that - stolen it - from an old church hall . Thy shall not steal - because how many times that generator failed - and we were  nearly in total darkness -  couple of kero lamps

    Some of the horses were trained out of one acre paddocks with a box - so you had to catch them  - wash off the caked on mud on their legs - put on their bell boots - and there was some other little leather thing - with a buckle - you would put on - on their lower legs

    And talk about cold - i think about 3 times i lost the feeling in my fingers and hand - that was hell - but it was equally hell - getting the feeling back - like getting home - and putting your hands in a basin of hot water - that wasnt painless - that was pure hell

    3pm in the afternoon at my normal job - i would literally hit the wall - another coffee please

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  • VillageKidVillageKid    1,495 posts
    It even looked Antarctic like freezing cold at Narrogin watching the Sky coverage at GP which itself was nice and chilly as well on Friday night JJ.
    Another encouraging win by the Tiger too down there.

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