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Just like the great battles between Material Man and Pounamu its good to enjoy them whilst they last because all too soon it's over.
For the mare and the gelding it all began on Railway Stakes 2018 and culminated in style last Saturday.

Even though Galaxy Star has won the war of attrition 5 - 1 there was not too much between them.
Railway Stakes - Galaxy Star 1st - Gatting 2nd - margin 1.75 lengths.
Kingston Town - Galaxy Star 3rd - Gatting 4th - margin 1 length.
CB Cox Stakes - Galaxy Star 1st - Gatting 2nd - margin 1.5 lengths
Belmont Sprint - Galaxy Star 1st - Gatting 5th margin - 1.46 lengths.
Hyperion Stakes - Gatting 1st - Galaxy Star 2nd margin - 1.31 lengths.
Strickland Stakes - Galaxy Star 1st - Gatting 2nd - margin a nose.

In round figures and averaged out, about 4 lengths between the two consistent horses over 6 clashes.
Galaxy Star never missed a place in her eighteen starts - which also helps to show what a talented horse Gatting is.

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