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Richie Bell GP Tonight

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Has anyone noticed Richie Bell has an issue with a certain driver at GP tonight in 2nd and 3rd race.


  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    1,758 posts
    Just mentioned it on another thread.
  • freodockersfreodockers    284 posts
    Pity the race caller has to do the stewards job.

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  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,067 posts
    Ijust watched replays of  those 2 races - and no problem with what Ritchie said

    The1st one - no problem with the drive - they only went 61.3 - 2nd last half of last mile - and he did try to restrain the horse

    The 2nd one was the problem one - didnt take cover from Clares Fool - and they went 58.5 way over top and dropped right out

    Theres a bloke near Wagga - Davey Druit - does the same thing - must keep the breeze and keep the pace on  etc - the caller Allen Hull has got a great line when that happens with Druit - " never known on this planet to hand up to man or beast "- maybe Ritchie needs to bring that line into his call
  • MorganJamesMorganJames    134 posts
    I wonder if Ritchie was on Falling Starzz at the long prices that were bet ..
    It seemed to be the only horse in the race before during and after the race ..

  • freodockersfreodockers    284 posts
    Looks like Richie Bell got his way.
    Inquiry adjourned race
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,067 posts
    I listened  to Ritchie Bells call of Vincenzo race  in the car on the way home - has there been a more unenthusiastic or shattered call at the start when Chiaroscuro crossed Vincenzo for the lead - it was like listening to Georgie G call an Old Easts goal against Souths

    Changing topic completely - something worth mentioning though - been watching that Irish Golf Open tonight - links course - right next to the sea - rugged coastline - rough weather too - and hells bells - they had a camera on the beach - and there is this beautiful big black horse -with a trotting sulky - with a young bloke in it - a - they were moving along - it was a great sight  with the waves crashing into the rocks . The commentator  didnt call it a trotter -  i didnt quite catch what he called it - a Stancer or something - it must be some special horse in Ireland

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  • VillageKidVillageKid    1,489 posts
    It wasn’t Meadowbranch DJ was it Marko?! ;))

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    edited July 5
    Race 8 Dicky Bell in running states It's going to be hard for those backmarkers prior to Lincs Tiger finishing from last to win.
  • JayJayJayJay    5,181 posts
    Nah VK, Marko described it as "moving along"......not a trait associated with Meadowbranch DJ.

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  • ciscocisco    700 posts

    If you get a chance have a look at a replay of a trotting race from Kaikoura in New Zealand. I went there a few years ago - amazing ocean scenery.

    Cheers cisco

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  • savethegamesavethegame    1,317 posts
    Village Kid & Jay Jay,,,so funny regards the branch..Best irish joke associated with harness.

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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon    1,388 posts
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    The Branch does have beach form ...Willy Flanagan is still pinching himself

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